I was reading CoronaIgnis's Spirited away and he brought up a good point, almost all DP & HP crossover's are Danny ending up at Hogwarts abandoning his town. So I looked through some fics to try and find what hasn't been down so I could create a challenge for it.

The challenge will be an Immortal and Ghost King Danny. He beat Pariah Dark and gained the ghost king title and abilities(free reign when it comes to those Ghost powers) and his ghost half prevented dying. As he got more powerful he learned to control his age like clockwork does. He will have made friends with the ghosts that previously attacked him and have contact with them in secret throughout Hogwarts . He will absorb some magic after hanging out in Britain for a while and he decides to go to clockwork for advice(not interference) and learns about the magical world and after changing into an 10-11 year old goes to Hogwarts at the same time as Harry. As Danny learns to control his magic he sees the problems Harry faces and can't help to help him because of his hero complex. But HOW will Danny help him, he can't fight his battles for him and he can't do nothing so he becomes friends with harry to push him in the right direction and encourages him to train on his own, to better prepare himself. But because Danny his so powerful he has developed vices to help him cope with the loss of his friends and family and even Vlad died eventually so what does Danny do to cope, does he drink, get laid, get high, throw himself into harms way, pranks(Twins Cough Cough) or any combination off. Decide on his vices and how the school reacts to them but who also copies them

In response to the Hogwarts side of things have ginny be a side character NOT a love interest, she seems fine has a character but her relationship with harry in the books seemed forced( does he even know her favorite food?). With Snape he will be a bastard still regardless of a couple of memories he could have tampered with. Draco will not have a sudden change off heart and become best friends with harry, his entire life has been based around the dark dumbass being right and him being better than everyone. Dumbledore is someone I don't know what to do with, he can be an old man who made mistakes or he can be a manipulative bastard. He plays both roles so easily that I don't know what to do with him so I will let you decide.

Please review this and tell me your opinions on this challenge and leave a review or private message me if you take this challenge. I want to read the stories you guys made.