Kelly Marie Snyder stared out the window of her parents' car, sighing. Today was the big day; the day they settled into their new home in Astoria, Oregon. She's only been in the car for a couple hours and was already missing Washington. She slumped in her seat, but only to be ratted out by her mother, who she swears has eyes in the back of her head.

"Vincent, your daughter in slouching again." She says, peering in the mirror. Kelly crossed her arms.

"Don't do that, sweetheart. You don't want a hunch, right?"

Kelly groaned. "Yes, Dad." She sat up straight, and looked at her older brother sitting next to her. "Scott, want to play a game?"

He rolled his eyes. "What am I, five?"

"What are you implying? I'm childish?" Kelly smirked. She kind of was, but she didn't like to admit it. "We can play I Spy!"

Scott looked out the window. "I spy something green."

"A tree."

"Looks like you guessed right! Now the game's over."

Kelly gave a deadpan look at her brother. "You always do this."

Scott was no longer paying attention to her, and instead was trying to fall asleep. Kelly was desperate, and tried to talk to her parents.

"So, anything new, Mom?"

"Not really sweetie, but thanks for asking." And then there was nothing. Kelly sighed and looked out the window again. Why is her family so boring, she thought. This car ride is going to be the death of her.


"We're here!" Mrs. Snyder yelled. Kelly, who had fallen asleep, and her brother woke up immediantly. The both looked out their respective windows. It was a cute town, Kelly thought. The only thing she found odd about it was that most of these houses looked… not in their best condition. They all appeared to be on the verge of being foreclosed. Scott frowned, hopefully this wasn't because of their uncle's doing.

The drove to their house, where their uncle, Mr. Perkins and their cousin Troy were already expecting them. They parked in the driveway and filed out of their car. Scott and Kelly's mother and father were welcomed instantly.

"Vincent! It's so nice to see you." He shakes his hand, then gestures to their mom. "And Diane, sister, you look great."

While they made small talk, Troy walked over to Scott and Kelly. His hands were shoved in his jacket pockets, and he didn't look pleased to see them. Neither were they ecstatic about seeing him.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the Snyders."

"Nice to see you too, Perkins." Scott said coldly.

"Can we wrap this up?" Kelly asked. She didn't understand this cousin rivalry, mainly because Scott was fighting with Troy before she was even born. She never bother to asked what happened, but she was afraid to ask anyway. She just went with it.

"I wish I could but I'm actually forced to like you guys."

"Actually, you forgot something." Kelly said, gesturing to herself. "It's guy and girl."

Troy rolled his eyes. "I don't think I forgot anything."

Scott scowled. "Don't you ever talk like that to her."

Thankfully, they were interrupted by Mr. Perkins. "Troy, we have to leave. I have business to attend to, and you have something going on today with that Andy girl."

Troy turns around. "See ya later, dweebs."

"Bye, Perkins." Scott spat.

Kelly shook her head. "Who says dweeb anymore?" They headed inside, and moved all their stuff in.


The next day, they received a call from Mrs. Walsh, one of their neighbors. She and her boys were going to come over give them a "warm welcome". After her parents told her, Kelly went up to her room straight away to fix her hair and make-up. Scott didn't care, and sat their expectantly. At about noon, the doorbell rang.

"Diane, could you get that?" Mr. Snyder said adjusting his tie.

Mrs. Snyder opened the door and smiled. "Hello Mrs. Walsh and…" She frowned. "company." Instead of only two boys, there were five.

Mrs. Walsh mouthed 'sorry'. They walked inside. "I couldn't get them to leave…"

"Oh, it's no problem. The more the merrier!" Mrs. Snyder said enthusiastically.

The oldest of the boys sat in a chair next to Scott. "So, you must be the older sibling?"

Scott nodded. "Unfortunatly."

"Do you deal with that kind of insanity everyday?"

"Yeah, I feel your pain. I'm Scott."


While they talked, the other boys sat around the TV. Didn't they have a younger kid, they thought.

"Boys, our youngest is upstairs getting ready."

The guys walked upstairs, groaning.

"Finally, now we don't have to stand around and wait for him to come downstairs!" Mouth exclaimed.

"It was actually supposed to be only me, guys. You could have actually left when my mom told you too instead of protesting." Mikey said.

"Yeah, but there would be free food here. And we can't pass up the good stuff." Chunk said.

When they reached Kelly's door, or his door as they thought, they knocked. Nothing. Mouth leaned his ear up against the door. He could make out a girl singing.

"He's got some company in there, guys." He said, smirking.

Data and Chunk pressed their ears up too, nodding in agreement. Mikey was shocked. "We can't invade his privacy!"

"Mikey, shut up and listen."

He sighed. "Fine." He leaned up against the door too. "Yeah, it's a girl singing."

But then the singing stopped, and the boys were left confused. Then the door swung open, making the boys fall to the ground. They were in trouble.