He was silent and still as he waited for the other occupant of the small bedroom to fall into a deep sleep. When he had waited for what felt like an eternity (which the clock told him had in fact only been fifteen minutes), the soft sounds of snoring began to fill the room. Deciding this was his cue, he very quietly inched himself out of his bed and softly padded to the door. Nervously settling his hand on the doorknob, he waited a few moments longer to be sure his impending escape hadn't been noticed. Hearing the same quiet snores, he gently pulled the door open (which didn't squeak due to him oiling it hours before) and stepped out into the moonlit hallway.

After eyeing the floorboards with great trepidation, he began to make his way to the stairs, carefully stepping over the boards that would creak and give him away. 'You're doing the right thing. This is worth it.' he kept chanting in his mind. It was this mantra that got him down the stairs and into the living area. It was as he reached the ground level however, that a shadow crept up to him, nearly startling him enough to yell. A moment later, a beam of moonlight revealed his assailant as the cat. 'Don't be so nervous, this is the right thing. Remain focused.' he chided himself silently. And with that, he crept on.

Before long, he found himself in the tiny kitchen and began to have second thoughts about his choice. However, all doubt vanished when he spotted something small and silver just beyond the light of the back door. The length of time he spent staring, he didn't know, but he couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from the glinting object. Finally, he began to step toward it, nearly tripping over the cat again, as it had decided to accompany him on his task. Upon reaching his destination, he lightly fondled the silver to assure himself it was real and not rigged with some form of trap. With only a moments hesitation, he quickly snatched the contents of the object and greedily shoved them into his mouth.

It was as the explosion of cinnamon-sugar flavor took him over in a wave of ecstasy, that he heard it. A disapproving sigh that he'd had the misfortune of hearing many times over the years, signaled that he'd been caught by the worst possible person: George. "Harry Potter, I really don't know what I'm supposed to do with you. Sneaking out of the room to devour cookies like a secret agent, and you don't even leave a single one for me. How utterly thoughtless." Meanwhile, Harry tried to quickly come up with an excuse, alibi.. anything. But after a solid minute of awkwardly staring at a cross-armed George, he had nothing.

However, inspiration struck as he made to lick the last of the delicious sugary dusting off his lips. With child-like determination, he trotted over to the very upset man and soundly kissed him. A few moments later, they parted and Harry grinned. "Snickerdoodle kisses are almost as good as the cookies, right George?!"

George just shook his head in amusement as he pulled Harry back in. "Almost."