The sequel to "Life's Like This." This is called "Life's Still Complicated."

Disclaimer: I LOVE the Harry Potter series and I'd do anything to own all the stuff.the plot, the characters, the world. But I respect JK and I won't take it away from her! In Ron's words, she's BLOODY BRILLIANT to have thought of all this!!!!!! I only own Ali, Bree, Ashlee, Sierra and Taylor!!

AND NOOOO, this isn't a songfic to Complicated again! It's just called this cuz I can't think of a better title!

The REAL Summary: Now that Lily and James are together and Sirius and Remus are paying close attention to girls again, everybody should be happy, right? Wrong. James doesn't want his buds to think a girl could change him. Pretty soon, he's too busy with the Marauders to even think about Lily. Trouble. . . Plus there's a popular chick that's after James, and with Lily feeling left out and unimportant, she wouldn't mind giving James up. Remus is falling for Sirius's sister, Sierra, and Sirius is trying to be a good big bro and a good boyfriend to Lily's best friend, Ali. What next?

*~*~*~ Chapter 1: A Black summer! (hehehee)*~*~*

'Twas the summer of 6th year. (A/N: "'Twas," hehehe I know!!!)

Lily Evans felt the warm sun melting into her skin as morning came. The 16- year-old rolled over in her sleeping bag on the floor of her friend's house. She slowly opened her eyes and let the sun peek in through the window while she gradually woke up. She started getting hot inside the fluffy sleeping bag, so she sat up, feeling a lot better in her cute P.J tank top and baggy P.J pants. She checked the clock - 7:43 am. She glanced over her shoulder and saw her boyfriend sleeping peacefully in another sleeping bag next to hers.

Next to James, she gazed at his best friend, Sirius, sleeping on his own bed, but lying above the covers. Lily gaped at the sight above her - lying gently on top of Sirius, in a green sleeping bag was Ali, Lily's best friend. It was cute; Ali's head resting on Sirius's chest and his arms draped around her waist while they both slept on.

And then of course, Remus was lying about 1 foot away from Lily, also sound asleep. Lily smiled to herself. She was very pleased to be at Sirius's house for the rest of the summer, and even more pleased that her parents had decided to treat themselves to a vacation in Spain. Mr. and Mrs. Evans weren't the happiest people in the world, finding out that James Potter -the boy they'd known since he was born at the hospital, and they're best friends' son -had stolen their baby's heart. And friend of the family or not, James had to deal with Mr. Evans's "talk." Of course, James hadn't minded - as long as he could see Lily, it was ok with him.

So after being reassured thousands of times by her daughter about James, Mrs. Evans talked Mr. Evans into going to Spain with her. Lily would have stayed with James's family, but the Potters' were feeling just as the Evans' were, so it was decided that the new teenage couple should give their families time to get used to this. And it just so happened that Sirius's family had invited some of their other friends to stay with them, too. So it was perfect.

Lily's thoughts were suddenly stopped when she felt a pair of arms sliding around her waist and a chin resting on her shoulder. She gasped, taken by surprise, but knowing it was James. She turned and kissed him good morning. James broke his girlfriend's kiss, smiling sweetly, and motioned for them to go into the hallway. Silently, the two walked from the room, ditching their sleeping friends. Lily giggled when they were out of the room.

"G'morning," she murmured happily.

"Good morning to you, Miss Evans," James answered back. Lily grinned.

"Did you see Sirius and Ali?"

"Duh," James said, laughing quietly. "They're kind of hard to miss, don't you think?"

"I think it great that Sirius's found someone. I mean, it'll leave more time for us," Lily whispered mischievously. They both grinned face-to- face, and James dipped Lily down while she wrapped her arms around his neck. James leaned in to kiss her, as did Lily to him, when they heard a noise coming from they room they'd just left. They both tilted their heads and saw their three friends emerging from the bedroom. Remus was rubbing is eyes sleepily and yawning.

"It's too early," he moaned. Then noticing the position his friends were frozen in, he smirked and said "But it's never to early to start snogging, right?"

"Shut up," James and Lily said together, blushing slightly and letting each other stand up straight. Sirius and Ali joined in laughing with Remus.

"Yeah, what a way to start the day." Ali muttered, smiling. Lily rounded on her best friend.

"Oh? And what about you and Sirius? Sleeping in the same on him? Can't keep away from each other for one second can you?" Lily said snidely.

"It's not our fault we fell asleep on each other!" Ali said loudly.

"Uh-huh, why were you guys even in the position to begin with?" James insisted.

"We just - " Sirius began, but he was cut off by another girl walking into the room. The girl patted down her long dark brown hair and walked to where the others were.

"Siri, shut it," she growled.

"Sorry, Sierra," Sirius grinned. Sierra was Sirius's sister, and she was in 5th year. Only one year younger, she and her brother got along relatively well, but Sierra wasn't a morning person. Sierra yawned loudly.

"So, how'd you lot sleep?" she asked politely.

"Well," Remus said, smiling good-naturedly at her.

"Ok," James said.

"Great," Lily answered.

"Very comfy," Ali said. At this everyone burst out laughing. "What? It WAS comfy!" Ali exclaimed.

"Yeah," Lily choked out "Sleeping on SIRIUS was comfy!"

Sierra's eyebrows shot up and she started giggling. "Just how comfy did you get with your dear friend Ali last night, huh, Sirius?"

Sirius was blushing and glaring at all his friends. "Shut up," was all he said. ~