Chapter 17: Sorry

About two hours later, at ten o'clock, when most of Gryffindor was asleep, Lily crept downstairs once again with her guitar. And James followed, this time completely covered in his Invisibility Cloak. She had her pajamas on, the tank top and baggy P.J pants she'd worn at Sirius's house.

She looked a little more somber than usual, but she nevertheless plucked up a chord on her instrument.

"This is the place in my heart

This is the place where I'm falling apart

Isn't this just where we met?

And is this the last chance that I'll ever get?

I wish I was lonely

Instead of just only

Crystal and see-through

And not enough to you

Cause you don't see me

And you don't need me

And you don't love me

The way I wish you would

Cause you don't see me

And you don't need me

And you don't love me

The way I wish you would

The way I know you could. . ."

James winced, listening to this song. It was the song she always worked on when she was mad at him. . .well, duh she'd be working on it now! "Done," Lily muttered to herself. "I've finally finished the song."

"Lily," James said, a voice coming from no where. But it didn't surprise her. . . she'd suspected him there anyway. She looked up and saw James appearing out of no where, dragging the Invisibility Cloak behind him. Lily stood up and walked a few paces in front.

"Hey. How's Taylor?" Lily asked, unable to stop herself from that vicious comment.

James scowled at her. "You don't believe I meant what I said, do you?"

Lily looked down. "No."

James stepped close enough to her so she could feel his warm and comforting breath on her bare shoulder.

"Then. . .if you don't think I meant all the bad stuff I said. . .why're you mad at me?" James wondered aloud.

Lily stared at him sadly. Her eyes were shinning with tears as she tried hard not to cry again. Slowly, she backed away, eventually plopping down on the red velvet couch behind her. She sighed. "What happened - exactly?"

James shrugged gradually. "Well. . .after my hour of opposite-ness was up. . .Taylor told me that she'd found a potion to make me say everything opposite that I thought of someone. . .and she added one of your hairs, to make me say bad stuff to YOU, specifically. It only lasted for an hour, though. Well -first she took some Polyjuice Potion (at least, I think it was Polyjuice. . .) and she disguised herself as you. 'YOU' supposedly, told me you'd come back as a Christmas surprise. Then on the day the real you came back, Taylor, still looking like you, gave me the potion -"

"Why'd you accept it?" Lily asked.

James grinned weakly. "She offered me a 7 UP. I guess the potion was in there. . .you know I can't resist your Muggle drinks." Lily also half- smiled.

"Then you came. . .and it got ugly. I'm sorry for all the stuff I said before," James added darkly.

"It's ok, I forgive you. . ." Lily started saying, but James rushed in.

"Good, cuz I thought I'd seriously lost you there!" he said, relived. He was surprised to see that Lily didn't share the same excitement. "What's wrong?"

Lily was still gazing at him in an extremely sad way. . .almost like she was trying to remember something about him. "Lil?" James said. Lily glanced down and then looked back up, and James was startled to find tears in her eyes.

"James -I can't see you anymore."

"What?" James yelped, blanching.

"Look, you're my friend, and you always will be, but I'm not sure if you're cut out to be more than my friend. For some reason, I just can't trust you like I used to. . .it's like all the things that've happened to us-weather it was your fault or not-won't go away. If I can't trust you, we don't have anything. Before, you lied, you were framed into cheating on me, you left me out, and again - got framed into playing me! And all the stuff's that happened. . .it hurts. It really hurt me, James!" she cried out. "I can't take anymore of this. And I know it's not your fault. . .but I just. . .I think we need to put this whole thing on pause for a while," Lily finished.

James a gazing at her with a lot of mixed emotions in his eyes. "So, we're just friends?" he said tonelessly.

"Yeah. I just want to start over."

James, however disappointed, understood. He nodded. "So we start from scratch?"


"Ok, then," he said. He held out his hand to her and said "I'm James Potter, 6th year Gryffindor at Hogwarts, Prefect, and Gryffindor Quidditch Captain."

Lily grinned, although she was very depressed at the moment. "I'm Lily Evans, also a 6th year Gryffindor at Hogwarts and also a Prefect. Nice to meet you James."

"Nice to meet you, Miss Evans."

The shook hands and smiled.


(A/N: Ok, ok, please don't flame me, I KNOW that was a lame *understatement of the century* ending to my fic. . .I'm just trying to write another sequel to this one cuz this fic is getting too long for my compu to hold. But I still have to write their 7th year at Hogwarts and about their future. . .ooh, this should be fun. For now, this ends as them just friends, though. Stay tuned for my next fic please! I promise it won't end as crappily as this! *NEXT FIC COMING SOON!*)