Of Warm Milk and Brotherly Chats

Author's Note: Hello there! I've been in a writing mood today…but nothing of real substance came out of it, as you can tell. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying my unusual dose of fluffy nothing. :P

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"Hey, Kurt?"

"What do you want, Finn?"

"Um…can we talk? Like, brother to brother?"

"Sure. Just wait for a bit, though; I need to finish my Calculus homework."

"Okay. I'll just sit here and wait."

"Finn! Watch out, I have designs on my bed, don't crush them!"

"Oh, sorry."

"I guess I'll finish my homework later, because you obviously can't handle—…is that warm milk?"


"And you made it?"


"Without burning it?"

"…This is the second batch."

"Well, thanks."

"No problem."

"Okay, out with it. You look like a baby that has to poop. What do you want to talk about?"

"Um, you and Blaine are cool, right? You were acting all weird and distant for a while, but you seem better now. You are, right?"

"Yes, Finn. Blaine and I are fine. More than fine."

"Do you want to talk about…what happened? Like, why you fought?"

"Not really."

"Oh. Okay."

"What about you?"


"Do you want to talk about what happened with Rachel?"


"Yes, you do. I can tell. Out with it, Finn."

"Well, when it started getting close to the West Side Story production, she started coming on to me and she hinted that she wanted us to…you know…"

"Have sex?"

"Yeah. Dude, I thought you weren't comfortable with that stuff. You literally cover your ears and sing."

"Things change."


"Get on with your story, Finn."

"Okay. So, I invited her over to the house when you guys were gone, made her dinner, that kind of thing…though, I kind of forgot that she was vegan when I made the meal…"

"You fed her meat?"


"That's a great start to the evening."

"It got worse. So, we started…you know. It was by the fire, very romantic, I read up on it so that I knew what girls wanted out of an evening like this, candles and rose petals and stuff, but then she told me why she really wanted to sleep with me."

"Wait, she had an ulterior motive?"

"Yeah…if that means what I think it means…"

"What was her reason, Finn?"

"She only wanted to sleep with me so that the experience would help her acting on West Side Story."

"What? I knew that girl was dedicated to performing, but that's a bitch move."


"Finn, I'm sorry. That mustn't have been nice for you to hear."

"It wasn't. But…we're okay now."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. When we made up, we even…you know…"

"Had sex."

"Yeah. Dude, seriously? Since when are you so chill about this? Did you and Blaine…?"





"Yes. After our fight which involved a drunken misunderstanding, we're totally okay."

"Was it…good?"


"Come on, dude! You're my brother. We can talk about this stuff. Don't get all red-faced, it's cool."

"I don't really want to talk about it, thank you."

"I mean, I don't want details, but…was he good to you? Was it good for your first time?"

"Yeah, Finn. It was good."

"'Kay, that's all I need to know… Well, I'd better let you finish your homework. Sorry about, you know, sitting on your drawings."

"That's fine… Um, Finn?"


"Thanks for the milk. And, the talk. It was nice."

"Goodnight, bro."

"'Night, Finn."

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