Chapter 2

Some explaining is in order

Sorry for the long wait but I've been busy with school. Yep grade 9 chemistry is pretty easy but ya know...anyway on with the show!

"Wh-what happened?" Hareta asked himself. He looked around and realized he was in a very roomy tent. He also saw his clothes neatly folded and put beside him, bandages covered his torso, he quickly made out of the tent and stretched his arms

"Looks like someone's up" a voice said

Hareta nearly jumped out of his skin. He turned his head to notice a boy around the age of 15 stirring a large pot with a croagunk by his side "My name's Brock" the name bounced around in his head. He had heard the name before and the holder kinda resembled the Brock he knew but the ages were too far apart so he shrugged it off

"My names Hareta, How did I get here?"

Brock pointed over to an arguing Ash and Dawn "He found you in the woods, you had a lot of cuts and bruises on you. What happened to you?"

Visions flashed inside his mind of the two who attempted to capture him "I don't remember" he lied

"Well that's fine. Are your wounds any better?"

He felt around his body. He was pretty sure they were sealed up but they could reopen if he moved around too much "They feel fine right now"

He brought out some berries and herbs and placed them on the cutting board "You think you can help me make breakfast?"

He became wide-eyed "Sure!"

"Great, I'm making pancakes" Brock handed him a dull but sharp enough knife "Can you cut these pecha berries please?" Hareta gladly took the knife and began to cut the pink heart shaped fruit

He occasionally glanced over to the two bickering trainers "umm Brock?"


"Are those two alright?"

He chuckled to himself "Oh Ash and Dawn? They're like that sometimes, Ash opened Dawn's tent while she was trying to get rid of her bed head. The arguments they have block them out from the rest of the world but I'm surprised they haven't noticed you yet"

He put the knife aside and scraped the pecha berries into a small bowl "I can talk to them if you want, I'm an expert at calming people down where I come from" he said with a confident smile

Brock shrugged "Go ahead"

Dawn pushed Ash to the ground "Give me my brush back Ash!"

"Why don't ya make me!" Ash said clearly teasing her

Dawn lunged onto Ash like the hair brush was treasure. Both bodies fought over the object flattening the grass. Hareta stared at the two and observed for a bit, once he thought it was safe he walked over and pulled the two apart without a problem, Dawn in his left arm and Ash in the right "Where's Dawn's brush?" He asked Ash, he stayed silent for a moment before complying and handing Dawn her brush "What do you say to Ash?" Dawn pouted for a few seconds but then figured that keeping this up was pointless "I'm sorry I tackled you over the brush" she said

He dropped the two of them "My name is Hareta"

"Nice to meet ya! I'm Ash Ketchum"

"And my name's Dawn Berliz"

"Breakfast is ready you guys!" Brock shouted

All of them sat down at the table Brock prepared. In the middle of the table was a large stack of pancakes, on each side of the table was chairs, plates, forks and knifes

"What are you looking for Ash?" Dawn asked as she sat down across from Hareta

He shrugged and sat down "I was searching for Pikachu but he's over there" He said pointing a couple of meters away with the other pokemon eating pokemon food

Brock sat down and they all prepared to eat after saying a quick prayer(*1). Dawn as usual started the conversations "So Hareta? Where did you come from? How did you get here anyway"

"I came from Pallet Town"

Ash nearly jumped out from his seat "Your from Pallet Town?! Me too"

"But Pallet Town is far away from Sinnoh region. Are you a trainer?" Brock asked

Hareta nearly choked on his pancakes "What?! This is the Sinnoh region?! B-but that's not possible!" He got up from his seat and began to pace back and forth

Ash stood up and approached him "C'mon Hareta just calm down" he said trying to reassure him

"How can I be calm when I'm so far away from home?!"

Brock brought himself into the talk "Everyone just calm down. Ash?"


"How did you find Hareta anyway?"

"Well when I went to get the pecha berries with Pikachu like you said. A when a big, blue light appeared and after that Hareta appeared"

Brock crossed his arms and thought for a moment "Hareta" he called

"Yea? What is it?" He asked

"What date is it today?"

Hareta thought for a moment but then he knew the answer "its July 2033" The three of them gasped(*2)

Dawn walked up to Hareta and put her hand on his shoulder "Hareta...this may be hard for you to hear but...the year is 2012"

Hareta shook his head "Stop messing with me! If this is just some sick joke just stop, its not funny anymore!" He looked at the wristwatch like object on his wrist and clicked through some buttons. Holograms came from it showing the exact date and time of the area they were in. He froze "...y-your right..."

Just then a small group of people in strange uniforms burst through the trees on Z.Z flyers. The Z.Z flyer shot small red beams around the campsite causing large explosions and covering the group in smoke "Staraptor!use gust!" Ash commanded! It flew up high and flapped its wings and cleared the landscape

"What's going on here?!" Ash shouted

A girl with shoulder length pink hair made herself visible. She wore an army green t-shirt, a mini skirt, knee long boots and red beret on her head "We haven't properly met but I know who all of you are. Especially the one cowering on the ground over there" she said making direct eye contact with Hareta who was cowering on the ground. She leaped off her Z.Z flyer and charged for Hareta

"Piplup use bubble beam!" Dawn commanded

"Pikachu use thunderbolt!" Ash commanded

Both attacks landed straight at her causing a small cloud of smoke to appear. When the dust cleared they all gasped in horror as she was unharmed and began to walk towards them

"You see the thing is that Hareta has a very special ability" she snapped her fingers, a blue aura coated the group and they found themselves suspended in the air "A rare 7% of the entire Earth's population has the ability to-" before she could finish her sentence a large Meowth air balloon crashed into the group of agents including the unnamed girl. Familiar voices could be heard from the inside of the balloon

Ash and the others fell to the ground "what just happened?" Dawn asked

"She probably lost concentration when the balloon came in. We should leave now while we have the chance" Brock said and with that they made their escape

"Hareta needs to stay with us" Brock said as they ran

"Brock's right" Dawn said "We have to find out what really happened to Hareta. Those injuries weren't an accident"

"So what do we do?" Ash asked

Dawn checked her poketch "their should be a pokemon center close by"

"What exactly am I?" Hareta questioned as he started to tear up

Well that's the end of this chapter! Also the team rocket balloon crashing into team X was supposed to be for comic relief plus I plan on making this fanfic a lot darker. Review please

*1 - Usually the Japanese(or at least in Japan) clap their hands together twice and say a quick prayer. I've noticed this in both anime and on TV.

*2 - Just to let you know Ash in the future is 32 and Dawn is 31. I made it work because in the anime Ash is 11(or 12) since he's had a birthday earlier around the kanto or johto series.