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Pairings: Ramses/Moses

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Warnings: Gay marriage :/ Don't like? Get lost.

Summary: The day of Rameses and Moses' wedding was a happy one, especially when the entire kingdom was waiting for it to happen!

Rameses remembered the day like it was yesterday. The day his baby brother was found in a basket and brought to live with them. Slowly, they grew up. They never left eachothers sides and always tried to take the others punishments upon themselves. The day that his 'brother' Aaron and his 'sister' Miriam told Moses the truth. He was happy that Moses tried to deny it, but he was upset and rather angry that they actually told him. They stopped hanging out a lot after that.

It had been five years until they had actually seen eachother again. Moses was like a different person from when he left them. At first he was depressed, angry, and sad, depressed for his family had been lying, and they were not his actual family. Angry that no one had told him, after he had trusted them for many moons and many suns. And sad, sad because he found out the wrong way. Sad that he had to leave them.

But when Rameses saw him again, he was like a new person, someone else. Someone strange. He was happy, excited, and confused. Rameses was shocked to have announced to the kingdom that his best friend, and brother for many years, had lost his memory.

It took many, many, many years to both help him regain his memory, and fill in the blanks for the spots that just would not come back. Due to all the time they had spent together, Rameses and Moses had fallen in love with eachother. They had gotten married a few monthes after.

The kingdom had been waiting, and had hidden the decorations and all their planning from the two lovers. When they had finally announced that they were actually getting married, the kingdom rejoiced! They finally could see both of their kings happy, reunited, and most of all, in love. Rameses had been filled with such hate and anger after Moses left him, now he was how he used to be.

The streamers and hand made decorations hung in every possible spot throughout Egypt, homemade paintings lingering in every available spot that was not already covered. Pictures of golden bands entwined, both of the kings names' on them. Everyone had cried during the vows, for it was the most cutest and happiest thing they had heard, when both proclaimed their love for eachother!

Just seeing them afterwards was like a dream of its own, finally taking off and becoming something. They had worn white for many years later, standing in place for their kings. Until Cleopatra took reign, but that isn't until later, so let's leave and let everyone enjoy their good times, yes?

Sorry that it's like this. I've never really read another fanfiction with Rameses/Moses. I don't even think I spelled Rameses right...I wanted to make it better, like with a dialogue, but I couldn't think of one. Instead I just told you about what had happened, and stuff...

It's a one-shot by the way...

Thanks for reading, even though I don't think it turned out right...

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