A/N: This is my first Warriors Fanfiction so- Well, I suppose it is worth trying, correct? The setting is the lake, far after Bluestar and Firestar's time. The main Clan will most likely be Shadowclan, though I will definitely touch upon the other Clans. I'm also going to try and do this for a majority of NaNoWriMo. I hope I can do this! A few of these characters I have made biographies for and are currently roleplaying them. The Warriors series is not mine! Anyways. I should get on with the Prologue.

All that could be seen at first was the round, sparkling pool. A reflective starlight-lit surface could leave any cat or Twoleg breathless; the power that radiated from the waters was filled with the strength of the ancestors. There were a few scents that clung to the stone and air around the star-encrusted space as a single tomcat stepped out from behind a jagged boulder, black and white fur flattened against his sides. He took a couple glances around the cavern before heading toward the pool, stopping right beside it, emerald eyes shining brightly.

"Heronstar." A single, yet strong, voice sounded in his ears, making the tom flinch. It was in the form of a hiss, he noticed, and appeared quite familiar. He whipped his head around toward the source of the words, the intruder that he skipped when scenting the mouth of the cave, all before he entered. His posture softened once he recognized the contrasting ginger and black fur of the molly, a fellow leader of his.

"Emberstar. Fancy seeing you here, doll. How is Shadowclan, if their leader happens to be here tonight?" he mused, a hint of a purr in his words. The molly growled in return, replying in a hushed tone, "Fancy seeing you, too, Riverclan. Any other leader supposed to appear tonight?"

The Riverclan leader- Heronstar, as he was called- was taken aback by her harshness, which was quite unusual. He decided to let that slide, though; there was no reason to get worked up by her unease. "Not that I know of, dollface. Yet, you know how Thornstar and Gorsestar are- well, not so much Gorsestar, considering how he's so new and all. But you do know that they wouldn't miss a party for anything in the forest." he replied, lowering his mew, suddenly suspicious of his surroundings. He wanted Emberstar to leave, to be honest; Riverclan and Shadowclan were not on great terms since both became leader in the same moon, due to Froststar and Stonestar dying the same day in battle. The tortoiseshell had something else in mind, however.

"Right. Party-goers." She stated plainly under her breath, turning her head back up at the black and white tom, amber eyes flashing. "So, how is Riverclan? I overheard that Fogheart and-"

"So, you both received our messages. Wonderful." A third voice sounded, both leaders turning their heads toward the side. This cat was a dark gray tabby tom, light copper eyes staring dangerously at the living cats. The stars in his pelt swirled, signalling his rank as a Starclan cat- though, Heronstar knew this cat far more than just a Starclan cat. Another cat came up behind him, a light, solid gray tom with blind blue eyes that pierced through the tortoiseshell's own orbs.

"Stonestar. Froststar." The two living leaders were barely breathing as is, bowing before the deceased leaders of their Clans. They nodded at their names being mentioned, glancing at each other before turning their attention on the current rulers of their Clans. "Of course, we would have loved to have the other leaders here with us, but that's a tad unfortunate that Thornstar and Gorsestar disregarded our invitation. Oh well, it involves them, but more-so for you two and your Clans." Froststar muttered, gaze turned toward the ground. Heronstar and Emberstar exchanged glances of confusion before turning attention back to the Starclan cats.

"We brought you two here because of a prophecy. One that affects the four Clans of the forest, yet it concerns Riverclan and Shadowclan most of all. It was just revealed, this prophecy, and you both must hear it." Stonestar continued where his collegue left off, nudging Froststar with a paw for him to take off from there. The blind tom gave a ragged sigh, lifting his head from the ground toward the two current leaders.

"An angel will arrive on swift wings to assist the Clans. A lark's voice will sound in the dead of night, warning of the storm that will strike the rowan's branch, leaving the sparrow to burn by the flame of the spark. History will repeat itself if the Clans of the storm and lark join together. The angel shows the light, and prevents the devil from taking control."

When the tom finished, identical chills ran up and down Heronstar's and Emberstar's spine. Confusion clouded the air, and it was Emberstar that spoke first. "What on earth does that mean?"

Stonestar sighed heavily, responding in a blunt tone. "It's a Twoleg event in history that happened. There's some sort of outside force that's going to drive it all into action. Your Clans are going to be the main target of this, but I do not know why. Just prepare and find the angel!" he finished in a hiss, ushering Froststar to follow after him. The two Starclan leaders disappeared into the night, leaving the tom and molly breathless. It took a moment, but, they turned toward each other, eyes narrowed.

"I shall find this angel first!" they shouted, Heronstar turning to leave the cavern first, quickly followed by Emberstar before heading their separate ways. All that stuck to their minds was how in the name of Starclan were they supposed to find this so-called angel, and what on earth it meant.