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Once in a Blue Moon
An Inu Yasha Fanfic By Hika-chan
Chapter 1:New "Friends"

Kagome sighed as she gazed at her reflection pulling on her bangs to examine their blue roots. It had been a month since her possession, and it did not look like any of her demonic attributes gained in that time were going away soon. She had to dye her bangs and azure streaks black as it was not allowed at school. Then she had to make sure that she concealed the deep blue moon on her forehead, which no longer had the sword through it, with make up and hair. Though why they had changed to blue and not just dissapeared had eluded her. At least she was able to file her nails down.. even though it took forever. Kagome thanked her lucky stars that her ears had not pointed, kami knew how she would have explained that one! So many strange things resulted from those few days with Tsukinoshi in her body.

Like those dreams...

She had yet to see her dream companion's face, but every other night he was there. And when she was there she was happy, and when she woke she felt warm and safe. She wanted to know who he was, but at the same time she knew it may very well ruin what they had.

What they had? What they hell was she thinking? He was probably just some figment of her imagination! And here she was thinking of him as someone who was real, tangible. Ohh but he felt so real when he held her... He made her feel warm and safe an-....Dammit Kagome stop it! she scolded herself. Having some silly crush over a dream guy, literally.

At least it was summer now, which lessened her stress greatly. She had not told Inu Yasha that she was no longer in school though. If she had he would never let her go home until summer was over. Despite that though she did still study some, afterall if this shard business wasn't done and over with by the end of summer she had best get a head start on things. She sighed looking at herself one last time before taking a quick look at some of her books.


Sesshoumaru all but growled in frustration upon awakening, that damn woman in his dreams again and she still refused to show him her face! While he had not this anger in the dreams, being denied consistenly for nearly every other night for the past month of such a simple gesture was beginning to piss him off. Despite the frustration it caused him (though not every time he woke from such a dream) he found himself going to bed in hopes of seeing her that night, even when he could have easily stayed up several nights in a row to aviod the frustration afterwards. Who will you be when I meet you awake? he wondered to himself.

While it was annoying, it seemed to be his only release of the busy schedule his life had adopted. The changing of leadership over the Western Lands was lengthy and full of dull ceremonies and tests and questions, making sure he was ready for the job. He was back at his own castle now, awaiting word from the council. One of the first things he was sure to do as Lord of the Western Lands would be to make this process go much quicker. A good portion of ceremonies were frivolous and a waste of time. On his way to the gardens Jaken aproached him. "Sesshoumaru-sama you have a visitor!"

"If they are not from the council I do not care."

"B..b..but Sesshoumaru-sama."

"Would you dare disobey me Jaken?"

"But it's Yuki-sama."

Sesshoumaru froze in his tracks. "Yuki?"

"H..hai Sesshoumaru-sama. Do you still wish me to send her away?"

The youkai prince sighed deeply. "You know what to do Jaken." Turning the woman away only ever proved to make her more annoying, not that she wasn't bad enough already...

"Hai Sesshoumaru-sama." With that the toad scurried away. The prince continued on to the garden, it would likely not belong before Yuki found him but while quiet was still attainable he thought he should enjoy it.

"HHEEEELLOOOOO!! Where are you Sesshie!?!" Sesshoumaru winced as the voice echoed throughout his castle. Why did she have to visit now? Hell why did she have to visit ever!? "Ahh! There you are!" She lept from the hall to the center of the garden where he sat a bright smile on her pale face. "And how have you been doing Sesshie? It's been so long!"

Not long enough, he thought as he looked up at her. Her skin was deathly pale, almost as white as her hair and tail. Her eyes were a pale lilac color matching the slashes on her cheeks. In striking contrast to the rest of her features the mark on her forhead was a deep purple, the mark was a third eye, verticle, with a few delicate markings on either side. He had been told she was born during a snow storm half the reason for her name, the other half being her incredibly pale features so white that she almost glowed in bright light. "What brings you here Yuki?"

She pouted slightly, "Why do I need a reason to come visit you Sesshie?"

"This is the first time you visited me in sixty years. I'm sure there is a reason, and would you stop calling me that?"

"Sure thing Sess-chan. Anyway you're right I'm here to wish you luck and support you as the new Lord of the Western Lands."

He raised a brow, "Then where were you a month ago?"

She laughed, "Oh I said I'd support you! Not be with you through that long, dull, and very boring process!"

"At least we agree on something. But intuition tells me you still want something else."

She grinned sitting beside him on the boulder, "Of course I do! To be right there with you Sess-chan." Sesshoumaru inwardly shuddered, he hated the names she called him! He stared at her, brow raised. She laughed again, "Alright you got me Sesshie, you know I've always wanted be in the court as more than just a noble, I want to be involved in the whole thing. And you know my abilities would be of great assistance to you in an advisory capacity."

He gave her a deadpan glare, "And...?"

"Oh you silly!" She whapped him in the back nearly causing him to fall off their perch. "You can put me on the court when you become lord of course!"

Of course he knew that's what she meant, but he had seriously hopped it wasn't. "You are aware that I will not simply appoint you as anything just because of our... relationship aren't you?"

"Oh you are ever the serious one! Of course I knew that, I'm just asking for consideration!"

I know I will regret this. "I will remember to consider you Yuki..."

"You promise!?"

"promise..." he muttered.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!!" The two dog youkai looked up as the child ran towards them.

"Oh how CUTE!" Yuki squealed as she jumped to intercept Rin. Sesshoumaru covered one of his ears, how a grown dog demon could make that noise and not hurt their own ears was beyond him. "What's your name cutie?"

"Rin!" She smiled happily.

"Oh Sesshie she is so cute I could just eat her up!" Rin thought it was just a figure of speach, Sesshoumaru however got the joke.

He was not amused.


Yuki had been here barely a day and already she was on the verge of driving him insane, he needed to find someway to distract her. "Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"Yes Rin?"

"How long is Yuki-sama staying? Can she stay a long time?"

"I don't know and no."

"Why not?" she pouted.

"She irritates me."

"Did Kagome-neechan irr- irritate you? Is that why she left?"

"No she left of her own choice." He sighed and looked down at the parchment before him, how to busy Yuki indeed... true Rin did take up some of her time, but unlike Kagome Sesshoumaru wasn't sure whether or not Yuki would actually go and eat her or something. Hmm... come to think of it it had been around the last time Inu Yasha and his little band were here that the dreams started... Wait a second... That was it! He grinned, what better way to get Yuki off his back! And he had the perfect excuse to bring them here. "Rin would you like to see Kagome and the fox again?"



Kagome was somewhat thankful for her partial youkai-ness, it meant that she tired less easily. She was also a bit stronger and faster though she didn't think she could conciously control it... In a few life threatening instances she had moved almost as fast as Inu Yasha. Her smelling and hearing were also better, though she suspected it was no where near the hanyou's, it was at least twice that of her former senses. And she wasn't absolutely sure but she thought she could see better in the dark.

Suddenly she stopped in her tracks. "What is it Kagome?"

"I sense a shard approaching."

The hanyou looked around, as did the monk and huntress. "Where from?"

"That way," Kagome pointed, "It's off the ground, below the treetops."

Inu Yasha grinned a bit, "Flyer huh? you guys hide I'll get it!" That said, the hanyou jumped into the trees then further up into the higher branches, to lie in wait for the approaching youkai. It wasn't long the red tipped black wings came into view.

The light rustle of leaves was the youkai's only warning, but her youkai blood allowed her to react quickly. Turning herself to face up while drawing one of her wakazashi she met the red robed youkai head on. Slashing his clawed hands through the air, cutting off the ends of her red sashes and part of her skirt. She reached up one taloned hand, wrapping her fingers around his throat before stabbing forward with her blade.

Inu Yasha backed off slightly dodging the blade, landing himself on a branch. Not far below him his opponent did the same. "Hand over the shard!" Inu Yasha demanded.

She grinned her red eyes sparkling slightly under the red and black feathers that mimicked bangs. "Not going to happen I'm afraid," with that she reached up behind her, drawing another blade, that was, until she drew it, invisible. Inu Yasha studied her for a moment realizing how similar she looked to Tsukinoshi in color. But the smell was not the same so he knew he need not worry of her ressurection. Her "hair" as it was, was thin black and red feathers, her eyes were red outlined in black with feathered curves coming off of the outer corners. Her outfit was mostly white with red trimming. Her top was a midrif, tied at the bottom by the red sash he had damaged, her sleeves were sheer and red. The white part of her skirt was long in the back and spilt up the front. Just under that was a red pice of cloth that hung down to her knees, before he had cut it with his near miss it probably almost hung down to her feet. The bottom of her feet were bare but red leggings covered her lower legs.

"Kagome where's the shard?"

"On her necklace!"

Inu Yasha narrowed his eyes at the object while the youkai appeared shocked at Kagome's ability. It was a silver snake, more like a choker, at the tip of the tale hung a tear shaped ruby and in the center of it's forehead he saw the sparkling shard. He launched himself at her claws bared, "Sankontetsuo!" The red youkai jumped back as Inu Yasha's claws instead cut through the branch she had previously occupied. Inu Yasha cursed under his breath as he had to change his momentum to land on another branch.

The second his feet touched the wood he lept off again as the swords came in at him. Not long after Inu Yasha soon realized he would have to bring this battle to the ground, he was obviously at a disadvantage up here. Drawing the Tetsusaiga he slashed over her head, forcing his winged opponent down towards the ground.

Kagome watched the fight when she suddenly noticed something. Ducking behind a rock she concentrated harder. While this woman had the shard... she wasn't accessing it's power. Why? "Inu Yasha Stop!"

"Are you crazy!?" Kagome notched an arrow then shot it between the two combatants, forcing the two apart. She notched another and held it on the red and white youkai.

"Why aren't you using the shikon's power?"

The youkai before them raised an amused brow, "I am, just not the one you think."

"What the hell are you talking about!?" Inu Yasha asked already imapatient, his adrenaline still pumping from the short battle.

She grinned at him, "I use it to draw in other youkai, so that I may fight them, that is how I become stronger."

"What an ingenius way to use it," Miroku mused as he came out from where he had been concealed.

The youkai raised her head and huffed slightly, "You can tell the woman with the cat and cub to come out as well." Her hawk-like sight had seen the figures hiding below her, she had originally assumed that they were hiding from her, not plotting an ambush.

Inu Yasha's nose twitched slightly as he finally let his mind register something in her scent. "You're a hanyou..."

"-hmph- give dog boy a prize," she said flatly. "I can see I'm not the only one either," she muttered reguarding Inu Yasha. Then she turned her crimson orbs to Kagome, her bow still drawn. Her brow creased slightly and nodded her head at the young miko, "What are you? Quarter youkai?"

Kagome was slightly taken aback by the assessment. Wanting to avoid the issue somewhat she put away her weapons, "I'm Kagome."

The red hanyou raised a brow at the sudden civilty this girl was exhibiting. "Hikaru." she said plainly, replacing her weapons.

"Nice to meet you this is Inu Yasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Myouga and Kirara."

Hikaru narrowed her eyes as the flea jumped onto her hand and squashed him before he could suck her blood. "None of that from you bug."

"So what brings you through here?" Kagome asked, all but ignoring the events involving Myouga.

Hikaru stared at her, "What makes it any business of yours?" Kagome opened her mouth to say she was just trying to make conversation when a dust cloud descended upon them, putting human, youkai and all in between into breif coughing fits. Hikaru flapped her wings clearing the air, when that was done there was one more amoung the group.

Makumba grinned at them, a scroll in hand. All but Hikaru recognized the cheetah youkai as Sesshoumaru's servant. "What the hell are YOU doing here!?!"

She cast a side glance at Inu Yasha then turned to Kagome. "I have a message for you."

Kagome took the scroll and opened it, she was barely able to read the poorly written letter but smiled all the same. Inu Yasha did not like the fact that she was smiling at a note from Sesshoumaru. "What does he want and why are you smiling about it?"

"They want us to visit."


Kagome laughed at her companion's expression, before he snatched the note from her. "HEY! Give it!"

"What's it-"

"SIT!" WHAM! "-hmph- As I was going to say, it's from Rin, she wants me and Shippo to go visit her again."

"You are NOT going there!"

"Why not?"

"Because it's dangerous!"

"I don't think he'll hurt us Inu Yasha. Rin wouldn't let him."

"And how is she supposed to stop him?"

Kagome grinned, "What's the easiest way to stop you Inu Yasha?"

"You say sit?"

Kagome shook her head, "Nope, crying, emotional blackmail."

"That's my point he doesn't have any emotions!"

"Yes he does," Kagome retorted as though it were common knowledge.

"Does not."

"Does too."

"Does not!"

"Does too."

"Does NOT!"

"Does too." The others simply watched, some bored, the strangers almost fascinated. They watched like a tennis match, turning to each one as they spoke.

"If you'll pardon me," Makumba cut in, "Sesshoumaru-sama has said that, though he would dispise it so, he would be willing to accomidate Inu Yasha-sama and the others if Kagome and Shippo cannot come otherwise." For once though, this could hardly be farther from the truth. Sesshoumaru actually wanted Inu Yasha to come and had invited Kagome knowing that Inu Yasha would not let her come alone.

"Excuse me did you just say 'Sesshoumaru'?"

Makumba turned to the winged hanyou, "Yes. Why?"

"No reason." Great now I am going to have to go the same place as these humans! I knew I should have asked father to sent Nataku instead...

"So how many must we prepare for?" Makumba asked.

"Well if it'll piss him off tell him we're all coming." Inu Yasha grinned.

"Her included?" Makumba asked gesturing to Hikaru.

"No." Inu Yasha answered.

"Yes." Hikaru retorted.

"Which is it?"

"Actually, you already should have recieved word of my arrival. I am Hikaru, daughter of Akahuu."

Makumba took a moment to think before nodding, "yes I believe so... well now that I have a number I should be seeing you all tomorrow then." Without another word the cheetah turned on her heel and ran off.

Kagome turned to Sango, "Could we make it by tomorrow?"

Sango shook her head, "Not on foot, if we rode Kirara and if Tanuki-san were he here we could." They all knew that Kirara would not be able to carry all of them.

"Miroku -sama is Tanuki nearby do you know?"

Miroku grinned, "It just so happens I have a method of calling him should I need his services. Shall I?"

Kagome grinned, "Oh please do."

"-hmph- well you all take your time," Hikaru huffed, "I'm going." With that she jumped into the trees, out of the canopy and began to take flight.

"HEY! Get back here!! Shit! She's got a shard!"

"Calm down Inu Yasha, we know exactly where she's going anyway. Don't worry about it."


Ohhh tons o' fun today huh? Yeah I know their first encounter with Hikaru kinda sux with the shard thing and all but... I had already draw this pic of Inu Yasha attacking her and I just wanted to get that image in there!

Stuff to ponder: So Why did Kagome "change color"? Who is this Yuki chick? What is her "relationship" with Sesshoumaru? And what is up with that Hikaru hanyou girl?

Some of these questions to be answered next chapter! For other answers...well you'll have to wait :)