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Once in a Blue Moon

An Inuyasha Fanfic by Hika-chan

Chapter 17: Where Loyalties Lie

The note arrived at about four in the afternoon according to Kagome's watch. She had already gone with Yuki to the armory, where they caught the end of Juutsuma's victory over Umajin, and retrieved herself a bow and some arrows. She left them in her own room and sat with Sesshoumaru for a brief period before it arrived. "I need to go speak with my uncle," he said in his business like fashion. Something in his eyes, and what she knew from Yuki, told her that it was not the whole truth.

'He may still be going to see his uncle,' she thought, 'but that is not what the letter is about.'

"I also have a few other things to discuss with some council members. I will be a while." He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, "You should not wait for me all that time. Perhaps you could spend time with one of my siblings until I return."

"Sure," she said quietly, thinking 'If you return."

The corners of his mouth turned up just slightly, "Do not worry, it is just business." A light pressing of his lips to hers and he left.

Kagome watched him leave and turn around the corner. 'Why do you lie to me Sesshoumaru?' She could still feel the shadow of a kiss on her lips and wondered if that was all he had planned on leaving her with should he die. True, he said he had no worries of winning the battle, but if he truly believed that then he was dangerously overconfident. If he really believed it to be easy, however, then her welfare would not be an issue. She turned her eyes to the window as the cool breeze of the arriving autumn entered the room. 'Two or three hours until sunset…I should grab a snack. I need to keep my strength up.'

Quiet feet went down the steps to the basement, "Obaasan are you here?" she asked, wondering what concoction the old woman had come up with. A grin spread once again across her lips as she heard the crackle of the fire, her sense of smell obscured by the strong smell of herbs in the air.
"There you are!"

The hanyou turned at the enthusiastic call of his name. He was surprised somewhat to see Kagome jogging towards him with what appeared to be food in her hands. "What's all that for?" Inuyasha asked.

"Just some snacks," the miko said coming to a halt on the path next to him.

"Yeah, but what's it for?"

"Well," Kagome said a bit quieter, "If something happens I don't want an empty stomach to distract us."

Gold eyes widened slightly in surprise, "How did you know?"

Kagome smiled slightly, but it didn't quite reach her eyes, "Yuki told me. Just like she told me Sesshoumaru probably asked you to keep me out of it."

The hanyou snorted, "Figures."

"Yes well, we all know that isn't going to happen anyway."

Inuyasha's ears fell back a bit, "What do you mean?" he asked cautiously.

"I only have to say one word to keep you from stopping me, so you might as well just cooperate so you can come along."

The cat left shortly after arriving. A smelly greenish liquid was all over the floor, soaking between the cracks and into the floorboards. The old woman lay against the wall unconscious but otherwise unhurt. The attacker obviously wanted to make sure that should the plan fail that brownie points could be earned with Sesshoumaru.

Makumba would advise the others that she was in a bad mood and not to go down into the basement.

Jaken went to find the other servants of his Lord; they were all to meet him at the back wall of the garden within the hour. Unlike the hanyou and the wench err… miko they never bothered to ask questions. They just followed the orders of their betters like they were supposed to.

An hour before sunset Juutsuma, Umajin, and Youtei were joined by Sesshoumaru, Yuki and Jaken. Umajin looked around slightly confused, "Where is Makumba?"

"She's running an errand for me," Yuki said.

Youtei looked at the elder sibling when she spoke. Her voice did not seem as chipper or even as confidant as it usually did. She knew her master had an encounter of sorts with Yuki before. The hawk did not know the details all she knew was that though Kuroinu did not get what he wanted he also, for lack of a better word, broke the elder sister of Sesshoumaru.

"Someone is attempting to coerce me out of my position," Sesshoumaru said out of nowhere. "They wish to speak with me soon to discuss…an ultimatum," the last word had just a hint of a growl to it though his face remained perfectly calm. "They do not care if I come alone, so we will all go, hear this pathetic creature's attempt at blackmail then rip them to shreds for the offence."

"You do not believe them to be a threat, do you Sesshoumaru-sama?" The horse asked.

"I never assume, otherwise you all would not be joining me. However it is not common for an attempted coup to fail by such things. You are all armed?" His servants nodded. "Good then it is time to go."

"Sesshoumaru-sama, if I may ask, why are we leaving from back here?" Juutsuma asked.

"I do not want the miko nor the hanyou to become involved in youkai business," he answered simply.

'Geeze,' Yuki thought to herself, 'Laying it on a little thick aren't we Sesshou?'

"Are there any other questions?" The young lord asked in a tone that clearly commanded there not be any.

They took to the air and he noticed the unnerved looks of his sister. From what he could tell her energy seemed a little more… chaotic then normal, she was not guarding her aura as well as usual, that or she was purposely putting out the vibes she was to fool the others. The prince was unsure, however, as this would be the first time in decades that Yuki would see Kuroinu face to face. Was she really nervous? Could she do this or would she fail him at the last second?

Sesshoumaru mentally shook himself. He would trust her to do this, the conviction with which she said she would fight Kuroinu was too much for him to ignore. Despite this, Sesshoumaru knew he would doubt his sister's abilities again before the fight began.

"So you understand what to do?" Makumba asked the hanyou quietly

"Yeah," he said studying the ward he held in his hand, "When you make you make your move I go out the way you told me and remove all of these."

"Yes, but whatever you do don't tell your sister, she seems far too impulsive to wait."

Nataku grinned, "I think you have her confused with Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha. Kagome." The hanyou jumped slightly, he wasn't used to his sister's mental invasions. "You're going to need a bit of help if you're going to get here in time to help at all."

"What do you mean Yuki?" Kagome answered smoothly.

"We're flying over a few canyons, and the terrain is very rocky. I know Inu can make it but I have a quicker way for you."

"And what's that?" Inuyasha said, slightly put out.

"Go into my room, the trunk at the foot of my bed has something on the top that will help."

Kagome looked to her hanyou friend and shrugged, the two went into Yuki's room and opened the trunk, Inuyasha took the first few things out and threw them on the floor, not seeing anything as helpful, "What is she talking about? I don't see how any of this."

"Yuki-sama… is this?" Kagome started. Inuyasha looked at her a little confused; she was unrolling what appeared to be a rug with some foreign pattern on it.

"Is what dear? I can't see what you have."

"Is this a flying carpet?"

"Ah yes, that's what I was talking about, now I need to tell you how to use it."

"Are we ready?" Miroku asked, looking around at the others.

"I don't think that matters anymore houshi," Hikaru said from her perch, "They are coming."

Kirara and Sango joined Hikaru on the roof, "Where?" she asked, scanning the forest, "I don't see anything."

The half hawk narrowed her eyes slightly, "They think they are good. I can see them, however, some hair here, a rustle of bushes there."

"That's right," Sango suddenly realized, "Dog youkai have their smell, but you have your sight."

Hikaru looked to the exterminator, "We do not have long, and this is not likely to be a quick battle." With that the hanyou jumped off.

"Greetings Sesshoumaru, I'm so glad that you could make it."

"Dispense with the false pleasantries, Kuroinu, we all know what we are here for." They had landed at the bottom of a canyon, Sesshoumaru and Kuroinu stood before each other, a short distance between them. The black dog was flanked by two other inu youkai. Jaken stood to the front left of Sesshoumaru, while Yuki was behind her brother, almost hiding behind him. Juutsuma stood to his right and Umajin and Youtei flanked the others a step behind.

"Long time no see Yuki," the female refused to meet his gaze and the usurper grinned.

"You are here to speak to me, Kuroinu. So speak before I rip your deceitful tongue from your mouth."

"Alright then," he said, cocking his head to the side, "I want your throne Sesshoumaru, and if you don't give it to me all those in your home will be massacred tonight."

Sesshoumaru repressed a grin, "What makes you think my home will be so easy to infiltrate?"

"Because it already has been Sesshoumaru, even if they have prepared for battle they are not ready for betrayal."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes, a growl rumbling in his chest.

They stood before the front gate, waiting for the enemies to come forward from the tree line. "Any idea how many there are?" Miroku asked.

"Easily one hundred," Hikaru answered plainly, "probably more."

"Are the children secured?" Sango asked the old youkai.

He nodded, "Yes, they are as well protected as they can be at this point."

Behind them, Makumba drew her sword and narrowed her eyes at the back of her target.

Kagome was in control, and it made Inuyasha nervous. The school girl kept taking the carpet up and down. Admittedly it was not in a fashion too different from when he was leaping, but when they flew it was normally a straight line. "Kagome what are you doing?"

"Practicing," she said with a grin.

"What? Why are you doing that now?" the hanyou asked, gripping the carpet tighter as she made a sharp turn and another dive. "We need to get there now!"

"And I need to know how to use this baka!" she shouted over the wind, "I can avoid allot more attacks if I stay on this than on the ground." Bringing it out a climb Kagome got back on her feet, riding the carpet much like a surfboard. "Besides," she said grinning, "This is really fun!"

For some reason Inuyasha felt his life was already in danger…

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