"Can't let you go, sorry." The cane pressed harder into Maddy's throat as Andrew had a twinge of a smile on his face. He wrapped a hand around her elbow and pulled her up right to drag her with more force to where he was going to inevitably kill Maddy.

"Please, please don't do this." How could this be happening? How could she already have done something in the new world that warrants her death?

"Looks like your angels aren't watching-" A large rock was brought down on Andrew's head and blood exploded everywhere as a scream was lodged in Maddy's throat. What just happened?

A creature dropped in front of her, not a creature. A man. But he had huge dark wings. They looked soft, but at the moment her eyes were focused on the blood dripping off his shoulder, chest and chin.

Twisting around, she took off, she needed away from this….monster. A large, strong arm wrapped around her throat and squeezed. She tried to yell, tried to call for help, but all that came out were strangled grunts as tears dripped from her eyes.

Everything was becoming dark as she felt limp and finally, after the short agony, she unconscious and thrown over his shoulder.




Maddy woke up to a thousand tiny pricks attacking her back. What the-

Sitting up, she found herself in a giant nest, some feathers were strewn around as her eyes looked for the monster that took her. A loud thwacking had her head snapping to the opening to the ball like bird house. The monster crawled in, blood still on him, and grabbed her arm.

She screamed and tugged, but he pulled her out with ease and threw her over his shoulder again. Her cheeks brushed his soft feathers as he dropped from his nest and walked her to the lake. When he put her down she was standing in a foot of water, her boots ruined.

Maddy watched him, terrified as he washed his body of the blood and his wings, they looked so soft. And they were! He was tense as she sifted her fingers through the dark feathers. But they weren't black, they were a dark green, and the gloss was lovely and shaded.

If he wasn't such a monster she was sure she would love this. He shifted to look at her and she found him handsome. Smooth tan skin, a strong jaw, and silky blue eyes. His hair was dark brown almost black, but she honestly couldn't stop looking at his eyes.

"Durah," He groaned, his eyes closing. "Tu avoite?" Standing, he tugged at the hem of her shirt. She slapped his hands away, but he growled.

Both his hands were at her neck line and ripped open her shirt. She screamed, but he kept ripping at her clothes. The hell was he doing? Heart racing, she pulled her fisted hand back and let it sling shot forward.

His head snapped to the side and she took this moment to run, fighting to get out of the water. She made it to the first tree, shirtless and her pants unbuckled. Hands wrapped around her neck and pressed just under her chin, her sight becoming dark as pain shot through her.

She was blind, but conscious, in less than a minute and being carried back to the water. She laid on her back as he slowly pulled off her boots and pants. She thanked the universe that he left her in her bra and underwear as he moved her more into the water.

Trembling, he gently smoothed his hands over her body, but mostly where she had had blood on her. Soon his fingers were playing with her hair and rubbing her scalp.

When he carried her out, he placed her on a rock and pushed her back. She laid there, waiting for her sight to come back slowly. It started blurry, but at least she could see colors and light now.

The softest slikes she ever felt was being slipped over her arms and tied at the front. A skirt was being pulled over her legs and she learned from feel that the shirt was short, showing her belly, and the skirt hung around her ankles. Finally she felt something else, a sash hung over one shoulder.

Strong arms wrapped around her back and under her knees before she felt her stomach drop from flight. They were in the air, and Maddy wished she could see, wished she could see a bird's eye view of the land.

When her feet touched the ground, he gently placed her on something solid and smooth. A PORCH!

She felt a softness on her lips before a swoosh blew her hair back and she heard her parents calling her.




Nobody believed that Maddy Shannon was taken by a winged man, but it was all she could say, after all they never had cameras that told them what really happened.

All she could do was go on with her life like it never happened, like a faker never tried to kill her on a winged man never terrified and fascinated her. He never seemed intent on hurting her, but he did knock her unconscious and blind her.

She was home alone one day, it was rather cold outside, but she still wore a dress since she was staying inside the house. Something began tapping on the window and she opened it….only for the winged man to climb in. She was prepared to run, to scream, but he clapped the window closed.

He came to stand before her and gently placed his big hand on her chest, where her bones jumped with her rapid heartbeat. Taking her hand, he placed her small palm on his strong chest and she took the moment to note the delicate tattoos on his neck and shoulders.

"Carthic." He said and patted her chest. Her other hand rose and tangled in his soft green feathers.

"Carthic?" Maddy repeated and he nodded, sitting on her bed and pulling her into his lap. If only she knew that carthic roughly translated to 'mate'

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