When Maddy awoke, she was wrapped in warmth. His soft wings brushed against her smooth arms and created the most delicious feeling. As she was becoming more aware of her surroundings, Maddy realized that he was at her back as they both snuggled on their side. He rumbled and shifted, the strong arm resting over her stomach shifted to cup the curves of her figure more.

"Oh, um," She still didn't know his name, "Please get up." She patted his hand that was gripping her hip. He shifted and let out a sigh of breath against her neck, sending a shiver up her spine. "Oh, please I need to go home." She whispered and he sat up, stretching his wings. She watched him grab some things off the walls and don them. Other than the pants he wore all the time, he was bare foot and now had a necklace of bones and teeth and another bicep band of ribs.

He twisted and pulled her to her feet, lifted her into his arms. "Where are we going?" She asked as he dropped out of the nest with her. The last time he did this, he bathed and blinded her. He was walking towards the lake and she tensed up. Was he going to bathe her again?

He strode passed this body of water and they came to an area of several pools with steam coming from it. But they weren't alone. Other Winged People, men, women and children bowed their heads to The Winged Man that held Maddy now. And they were all so beautiful, though nude as they cleaned themselves.

Her Winged Man took her to a small hot spring that was empty of other angels and pulled gently at her night shift. "Again?" Maddy sighed, she found herself not fearing him as much as she was fearing her father once he realized she wasn't in bed. He tugged again and she stood, pulling the cloth over her head. All she was in now was her sleeping underclothes.

He growled again and stood behind her, "Talok." He snapped one of her bra straps and she paled.

"I can't take this off." She mumbled, everyone was looking at her, even a group of other females were closing in on her. One of the women raised her copper colored wings and started talking to him. Maddy watched him seem to deflate and leave her as the females smiled, still dripping from their swims. One of the women, the one who talked with copper wings, looked older than the others as she wrapped her arms around Maddy's waist and another grabbed the straps of her bra and pulled them down.

"What, wait, stop." She begged, but one of them, she was unsure of which, danced her fingers over her stomach making Maddy laugh as they continued until they all slipped into the water as bare as they day they were born. She huffed and turned her back to them, trying to cover herself. One of the angels flapped her sapphire wings while she wrapped her arms around Maddy and shifted their weight so they were both dunked. When Maddy came up sputtering, the females started lathering liquids into her hair and scalp.

Soon she was red faced as her entire body was being gently washed by these women. And she had to remind herself that this was a different culture and society. How they treat each other was different, and at least they were showing affection to Maddy by washing her instead of hurting her.

She sighed when they let her go and laid a towel on a rock not far away. The copper winged elder pressed a wood cup into her hands Maddy found herself parched. As she swallowed, her eyes watered from the strong sting of it. Nausea swept over her, and she climbed onto the rock, her sight becoming blurry. All she could think was, of course this would happen.




When Maddy woke up her skin hurt. All over her chest, neck and arms. She looked down and cursed. All over her arms chest and most likely her neck from the feel of it, were markings. Tattoos. Sitting up, she let out a cry, her back hurt too. How much of her did they tattoo?

She sighed, still atop the rock and walked to the edge of a still spring where she gazed in and paled. It wasn't just black tattoos but blue and red, and very white tattoos that made it look like flowers on her skin. Oh no, How was she going to explain this to her parents?

Soft noises made her look up to see the women, now clothed in ankle length skirts and strips of cloth over their breasts, the older ones wore sashes of orange as well. They smiled and all held bowls as they approached her and gently guided her back to the rock. She sat still as the women spread a cooling salve over her entire body. Maddy sighed as the pain of the tattoos went away before the sapphire angel women started gently brushing her hair and pulling it into a braided high bun.

Maddy closed her eyes as they smoothed the oils, salves and creams over her, before hands cupped her face and she felt soft brushes. Were they putting make up on her?

They tugged at her hands and pulled her to her feet, they brought out soft brown and green silks, the softest and smoothest she ever felt. It was a long skirt like theirs and a strip of cloth over her breasts. All the smiling women stretched a single wing out each and pulled a feather out. As soon as they each provided a colored feather, it was placed in her hair, up right like a crown just before her bun. As they prettied her up, one passed a fruit to Maddy, who ate hungrily.

They put bracelets and necklaces of bone and wood and teeth, leaving her like a decked out bride. She sat on the rock, back straight as to not mess up everything they had done and waited. Surely her winged man would come for her.

And he did. As the sun set he collected her after laying flowers and other precious feathers at her feet. She was about to start walking towards his tree when he wrapped one arms around her waist and pulled her flush against him. Gasped as she felt his strong, warm stomach muscles against her soft flat stomach, she looked up into his eyes. His other hand cradled her head and he pressed his forehead to hers. She felt short of breath as he stared into her dark eyes. Why did his beautiful blues have to be so…amazing.

Taking her back to his tree and nest, she found that there were sheets of red and yellow and brown laid all over on the inside of the ball like birdhouse, at least it was something to protect against the sticks.

"I need to go home now." She whispered, but he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to lay down. "No," She sat up and crawled towards the opening. She felt his hands on her shoulders. "I have to go, this is all very-" She choked, god she was an IDIOT!

"Why have I been dressed like this?" She struggled to swallow through a tight throat. "Why is your nest decorated?" She knew he didn't understand, but he looked guilty all the same. "Why do I have the same tattoos on my skin as yours?"

He took her hand and tangled their fingers together, their lines of tattoos matching up so perfectly that it looked like a continuous line that didn't end at her but followed to him. "What?"

"Carthic," He pressed his lips to her knuckles as she fought off tears, how did she get herself into this. His hands smoothed over her arms and shoulders.

"Carthic doesn't mean heart, or female does it." She asked with a shaky voice. He leaned forward and braced his hands on either side of her closing the space between. "I really need to go- and you. No!" She pushed him away, her head turning as well. He sighed and lifted her up, extending his wings completely. She clutched his shoulder and felt her stomach drop.

They were rising into the air, the last rays of light over the miles and miles of tall trees. She felt breathless at the view.

When they came to Terra Nova it was dark and he placed her in the back yard where he took her from. She was put down and started for her house, pulling off the necklaces and bracelets, and draping them over her arm.

A strong arm wrapped around her stomach. She twisted to tell him to let go but he pressed his lips to hers, and they were so soft! They demanded entrance to her mouth from her, and she couldn't help it, she whimpered as she obeyed, letting out an approving sound at the taste of him, it must have been that fruit the females gave her, She would bet anything that he ate it too.

She felt his tongue slid against hers for a moment before he was suckling on her lower lip. His wings wrapped around small frame and pulled her flush against him.

Oh, no, she needed to stop, she needed to get out of…whatever this is!

"Maddy?" Oh, No!

"Mom, Dad." She stepped away from the angel and smiled sheepishly, "I can explain."

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