He was the scourge of the nameless seas. Seasoned sailors and little boys in their jimjams alike feared the mention of his very name, ships surrendered as soon as they saw the curved blade that had come to replace his left hand. He was Captain Hook, and he was in his skivvies.

This didn't bother him, no, not when he compared it to the fact that he was also tied up, along with most of his men, those who weren't unconscious or dead already. It bothered him considerably more that a line of burly men were currently unloading the hard-won contents of his hold, gold and jewels and all the booty they'd worked to collect from other such ships over the last few months, and moving them onto the ship that was currently latched onto the side.

It was a bigger ship than Jones' own, but slower, with claw-like projections digging into the side of his ship in a way that pained him, and on the prow, scrawled in messy red paint, 'The Mangy Wolf'. The crew was loud and boisterous, and those who were guarding him and his men taunted and insulted them while their crewmates took all their valuables. Some of his men responded, but Killian was more interested in the one member of the crew who stood out from the rest…the captain.

She was so little compared to her men, and yet there was a strength about her that was hard to deny. She gave authoritative commands and her men obeyed, showing exactly the kind of loyalty he'd learned to expect from his own crew. And she was beautiful, dark curls bouncing when she moved, lush curves wrapped up in leather and silk and lace and distracting every member of his crew. He watched her instead of the goods she was currently taking from him, and apparently, his gaze didn't go unnoticed, as she caught his eye, and a smirk lifted the corners of her crimson lips, and she sauntered over to him.

His eyes followed the swing of her hips, but flickered up to her face when she stopped just in front of him, looking up to meet his gaze. "So, you're the infamous Captain Hook." She breathed, and he found her eyes, lined with black and yet so bright, vibrant. He grinned charismatically.

"So you've heard of me." He answered with more confidence than he had any right to feel, considering he was nearly naked and tied up. But he was still Captain Hook, it would take a lot more than near-nudity and a corset to rattle his composure. "Killian Jones, milady."

Red laughed, straightening up, the gold chains looping her throat jingling merrily as they bounced against her chest. "I'm no lady, Captain." She put her hands on her hips and gazed down on him imperiously.

"Oh, but you are a queen." He contradicted her, his gaze lingering pointedly on her curves. "Queen of the seas, the queen of pirates." She laughed again.

"Wrong on both counts, I'm afraid. Having a bit of an off day?" She asked with mocking concern, the laughter still gleaming in her eyes. "I'm no pirate, either. I'm a privateer, although I am working for a Queen. I'm not doing anything wrong." She bragged, making no effort to hide her self-assurance, bordering on cocky. His ship had been bound for the wicked Queen Regina's kingdom, and she had been hired to make sure it didn't get there…at least, not with anything that could profit that kingdom.

"Queen of the seas then." He persisted flirtatiously, never one to give up.

"You can just remember me as Red…the woman who bested you." It wouldn't be difficult, considering that was the color of her lovely, form-fitting dress. "But, however will I remember you?" She tapped her chin with a finger innocently, looking up into the air and fluttering her long, dark lashes as she considered her options, or at least pretended to. Then she turned on her heel, and Killian was too busy admiring her as she walked away that he didn't pay attention to where she was going, especially when she bent down to retrieve something from the deck, grinning wolfishly. Several of his men whistled appreciatively at the view, and he only chuckled darkly.

Red was supremely unperturbed when she rose and turned back towards him, and it was only as she strode back towards him with dark leather over her arm that he realized that she had found his discarded clothing, and his smile faded as she slipped his long, black coat around her slender shoulders. It was big on her, but the sight caused a craving deep in Killian's gut that he knew would not be easily quelled. "What do you think?" She asked with a devious smirk, twirling around to model it for him, still undisturbed by the hoots and hollers of his crew, although he heard a few dull thuds and yelps of pain that led to believe a few of them were being punished by her crew, unappreciative of their disrespect for their captain where she was apathetic.

"You can't even leave a man his clothes?" He asked, his tone less amused and more hungry. She raised her eyebrows at him, and pressed her lips together thoughtfully.

"I suppose…I could offer you some…small compensation, for such a fetching coat." She stepped towards him, so close he could feel the heat of her body as it painstakingly almost touched his, she leaned up and pressed her perfect crimson lips against the corner of his mouth, and his breath caught at the softness of her skin, the way her eyelashes tickled his cheek, the alluring scent of her. His hand clenched, straining against the ropes to reach out and take her, but all too soon she was pulling away from him, a playful smile on those tantalizing lips of hers, and he watched her with a dangerous glint in his steely eyes. "I think that ought to cover it."

"Not nearly," he responded, his voice deep with desire. "That coat has great sentimental value."

"Then I guess I got a bargain." She winked playfully before she walked away, and he watched her go with a bittersweet almost-smile as the rest of her men finished taking his valuables and followed it. It wasn't until one of the men who had been knocked unconscious came to that he and his men were able to escape their bonds, but by then, her ship had disappeared over the horizon, and neither he nor his ship were in any condition to attempt to confront them right now. But Captain Hook had never been a man who gave up on the things he wanted.