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"No Gale, I can't today. I...I,m sorry." I cringe and hold the phone away from my ear when he begins to scream nasty things at me. He calls me a Seam Slut, And a shitty excuse for a person. A poor whore who only got to college for an archery scholarship. I guess that's true...

"You are making a mistake you nasty Seam slut. I guess you don't want to protect yourself or little Primmy. You better have them to me by tomorrow or I will destroy Prim and everything that's good in your life.

"Prim is the only good thing in my life." I want to say. Instead I just say, "Ok" and hang up the phone. Tears silently run down my face. I wipe them away quickly. No. I can't cry. There will never be anyone to comfort me. My life is miserable. As long as Prim is safe, that is ok with me.

I go to Capitol University college, which is a very nice college. Most of the kids there have lots of money, but I only got there for my archery scholarship. I live in an apartment across the street from the college, because I have to take care of my one year old baby sister, Prim. Our father died in a mine explosion a few weeks after our mother found out she was pregnant with after she gave birth to Prim, she died. The doctors said they have no idea how. I am certain she died of a broken heart. That left Prim with one person.


That all happened one year ago. My best friend Gale, well, was my best friend, his dad died in the same explosion mine did. He changed. In a terrible way. He got addicted to illegal drugs when some person the street sold it to him. Well they caught the person, and Gale began to become crazy. He came to me. He said if I don't get the drugs to him at least twice a month, he was going to hurt Prim. I can't let that happen. Ever. I had to agree, Prim is the only thing I have left, so here I am.

Katniss Everdeen, in her Junior year of college.

Katniss Everdeen, who has been lonely her whole life.

Katniss Everdeen, who will probably be lonely forever.

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