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I wake up with a headache. Not really a bad one though, because I didn't have WAY to much to drink. I do remember pounding that little slut though. I grin at the thought. Nobody touches my Peeta. Did I just think that? Uhg. I need to be straightened out. Where's the old Katniss?

I get out of bed and stretch, and quickly shower. I throw on a sports bra and sweatpants, and walk downstairs braiding my wet hair.

I see two men in my house.

I scream and almost fall down the stairs, when I realize its just Peeta and Finnick.

Wearing nothing but matching bunny boxers.

"Dammit you two, how the hell do you get in my house? I lock the doors!"

"You don't lock the windows." Finnick mumbles with a grin.

"Don't you have your own damn house to watch TV in?"

"Yes, but how would I make breakfast for my beautiful girlfriend if I was in my own house?" I hear Peeta's voice, and his arms wrap around me from behind. I get chills at the feeling of his big warm hands on my bare stomach. I sigh in content. Suddenly, I hear the phone ring. I quickly pick it up.


"Katniss, guess who's taking you shopping today!" I hear Annie squeal in a sing song voice. I groan.

"I don't wanna go shopping!" I groan, and Peeta chuckles. I can almost see Annie rolling her eyes.

"Too bad! The are planning a masquerade theme as the annual Capitol University Ball! It's a huge thing! And lets not forget the Afterparty." Annie says excitedly.

"But I don't wanna go to the ball!" I moan, sounding like a child. She's right, they are a huge deal. That's why I never go to them. I have never been to one before, and I don't plan to. Plus, the Afterparty is absolutely crazy. I always thought it was horrible. The Capitol encourages teenagers to drink and do wrong things, and its sick. I think they even have rooms where kids can go make out and do...stuff. Half of the kids only go to the ball so they can go to the Afterparty. Plus, dances were never my thing.

"Oh Katniss, come on. Everyone is going, you would feel so left out. Think of what Peeta would say if he saw you in a gorgeous gown! It will be fun!" Annie says.

"Do I have a choice?"


I groan.

"We'll pick you up in an hour!" And she hangs up. I make a face at the phone and Peeta laughs.

"I don't know Kat, I think you'd look sexy in a gown." Finnick says suggestively. I throw an apple at his head.

"No! This is my date." Peeta whines, giving me a bear hug and burying his face in my hair.

"Oh dear God, you're gonna kill me!" I pant.

"Sorry." Peeta blushes and eases his grip. He doesn't let go though, and I roll my eyes. The phone rings again. I sigh and Peeta lets go so I can answer it. I immediately miss his arms. I pick up the phone, again.

"Hello?" I say, trying to sound pleasant but failing miserably. Peeta rolls his eyes and I scowl at him.

"Hello, Miss Everdeen. This is the Protective Custody Society. It has come to our attention that young Primrose has been with us for about 2 months now. She is doing quite well. We have discussed your situation for as long as she has been here, and knowing you are innocent, we are going to have Primrose released and back in your custody by next Tuesday. We-"

"You, you mean I get her back?" I say with a shaky voice, a huge smile breaking out on my face.

"Yes." The woman says, sounding unpleased that I interrupted her.

"Oh my God, thank you so much!" I say giddily. I can barely contain myself.

"Of course. Please have her picked up at the courthouse next Tuesday at two o clock sharp. See you then." The lady hangs up. I drop the phone.

Oh my God.

She's coming home.

She's coming home.

"SHE'S COMING HOME!" I scream and begin laughing with joy.

"You get her back?" Peeta says, a wide smile growing on his face.

"YES!" I shriek and leap in his arms. Tears of joy are now streaming down my face, my legs tightly wrapped around Peeta's torso.

"She's coming home." I whisper, squeezing him tighter. I burry my face in his neck and smile.

"I'm so happy for you, Katniss!" Peeta laughs and spins me around. I laugh along with him.

"Woahh, sorry to burst the bubble of giddiness, but who the hell is coming home?" Finnick says, rasing an eyebrow.

"My Prim!" I say giddily and climb down from Peeta.


"No! A baby sister!" I laugh. Finnick sighs in relief.

"May I remind you I know nothing about what has been going on? Who's Prim? Why was she taken from you? Why did you have those burns?" Finnick says. I sigh and look at Peeta sadly. I'm still afraid to tell.

"I'll be here. Always." Peeta says softly. I know I can trust these two.

So I tell him.


Maybe some of it Peeta didn't even know. About Gale, but I don't use his name, all the scars and things he did to me, about my parents dying, about the court session, drugs, why Prim was taken away, everything. By the end of it, Finnick is crying. Hard. Sobbing. Worse than Peeta was.

"It's, uh, it's okay, Finnick. I'm fine. She's fine. You're fine." I say and roll my eyes at the end. I give him an awkward hug, and he returns it tightly.

"I'm so sorry, Kitty Kat." he whispers. I think its the first serious, genuine thing I have heard him say to me, and I appreciate it. The hug turns from awkward to sincere.

"It's okay." I say quietly. It's kind of a relief I have a few people who care about me now. I'm used to being so lonely. I guess when one door slams on you in the face, another one unexpectantly opens up. I pull away from Finnick's hug.

"Uhg, I have to go shopping today. When is this stupid Ball anyway?" I grumble.

"A couple of weeks. Uhg, that means we have to go shopping too, doesn't it?" Peeta says. Finnick groans.

"I have to get ready. Go put something on to cover up those awful bunny boxers." I say with a smirk. Finnick and Peeta exchange glances before I turn around and walk up the stairs.

"I thought they were pretty cool." I hear Finnick mumble. I snort.

I throw on a green crew cut hoodie, not so skinny jeans, and my hunting boots, and my mockingjay necklace before jogging down the stairs once more. At that moment, I hear a car horn. Peeta gives me a chaste kiss before lightly pushing me out the door.

"May I remind you this is my house?" I say and roll my eyes. Peeta laughs.

"I know. Just wanted to get you out there before you run away from shopping." Peeta gives me a smirk. I scowl at him and he grins before kissing my forehead.

"That's the Katniss I know. Now go!" he says with a smile. I give him a last glare before turning around and walking to the car, but we both know its not real.

We get to the mall, Annie and Johanna babbling like wild parrots. I try to tune them out but fail miserably, so I decide to text Peeta.

(italics is Katniss, Bold is Peeta)

Kill me now.

No. I would miss you too much.

Well this is pretty much getting stabbed in the eyes over and over again.

Oh, I'm sure its not that bad.

it is.

Don't worry, Ms. Trinket isn't a cup of tea either.

Shit, I had class today!

Peeta, I had class!

That's ok, you're sick. ;)

And that's why you're my favorite.

I am? :D

I roll my eyes.

Don't make me change my mind.

Someones grouchy today.

Yeah, well I'm shopping.

I'm sorry. Well I'll make you a beautiful dinner when you get back. ;)


It's Annie, love. Of course it will.

Love? That's new. It feels odd, but I think I sort of like it. Love. It's better than baby or Kitty Kat. I could get used to it.

"KATNISS!" Annie shrieks.

"What?" I snap harsher than I intended. Oh well.

"I have been trying to get your attention for like five minutes! Come on!" she scolds. I grumble but let her take my arm and pull me along.

Have to go. Annie is almost as bad as Effie Trinket. I text him with a snort.

Alright, I'll miss you. Be strong. ;) I roll my eyes and put my phone in my pocket.

We enter a huge, and I mean huge department in the mall, full of beautiful and elegant dresses, much to my dismay. Dresses of all kinds. Rack after racks of dresses with sequins, frills, sparkles, and any color you can imagine. Definitely not a place for a girl like me. I take a picture of it.

I hate you. I text Peeta with the picture attached. I don't wait for his reply and shove my phone in my pocket with a scowl.

"Relax, Everdeen. It's just a few dresses." Johanna says with a smirk.

"A few? It's enough to give me four heart attacks. This is disgusting." I say, gesturing to a dress covered in sparkles. Of course Annie squeals when I point out the dress, and checks to see the price and what size it is. Johanna cackles.

"Let's get started!" Annie cries with joy. I groan and both girls roll their eyes.

"Now. It's a masquerade dance, so you can basically wear whatever dress you want, but you have to wear a mask part of the time-"

"I am not wearing a mask." I state firmly and cross my arms across my chest.

"Whatever you say, Sparky. Now try on this dress before I call the Swat team to put you in it." Johanna says with an amused smile. I scowl at her and snatch the dress grumpily. This is going to be a long day.

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