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Peeta POV

I wake up at the crack of morning, sunlight streaming in through the tainted curtains of Katniss's bedroom. I look down at the stunning girl in my arms, fast asleep, her soft breaths tickling my face. I kiss the dusting of freckles over her nose and creep out of bed, knowing that I won't find sleep again until tonight, being a baker and naturally getting up so early.

I tiptoe down the stairs and open all the curtains, the pinkish sunrise sky lighting up the whole room. I pull out some pots and pans, preparing to make breakfast, when I hear the familiar wiggling of the latch on the ceiling. As suspected, Finnick's head pops down, his green eyes piercing on my face. I snort at how ridiculous he looks.

"Morning, Peet!"

"Hey, Finn." I laugh, and he does a little flip from the ceiling down to the floor.

"You think she will ever figure out that she has a hidden trap door on her ceiling?" His eyes laugh.

I chuckle. "Maybe she already knew. She just hasn't put two and two together that we get in her house through it every morning." A small, comfortable silence falls over until Finnick eyes me with a smirk.


"I didn't hear you come home last night." he purrs, casually popping a grape in his mouth.

"That doesn't mean we did anything, Finnick." I say, pouring batter into a pan. He can tell when I'm acting off, and my cheeks heat up. Dammit.

"Funny, because the open box of condoms on the coffee table over there begs to differ." he says, raising his eyebrows with a smirk. "Come on, Peeta." He leans over the counter. "Fess up."

I stay silent.

The shit-eating grin that slowly grows on my face without warning confirms his suspicions. My face heats up, and the reality of what happened last night finally dawns on me. Her soft moans as I caressed her, the look on her hot, pleasured face as she came over and over again...my grin grows wider, and I have to resist the urge to let out a ridiculous giddy laugh. I kick my feet under the counter, trying to contain myself. Finnick's eyes widen.

"Peeta, you dog!" He lets out a loud laugh and throws his arm around my back and ruffles my hair up. "I have been waiting for this to happen forever!"

Another grin breaks out on my face. I made love last night with the girl of my dreams!

Finnick begins to ask a bunch of gross questions that I try to avoid, asking details of 'did you take her from behind' and 'who came first' and a bunch of other nasty shit. I look to the stairs with disheveled hope, wishing Katniss would walk down the stairs to get Finnick to stop putting me through this torture. Through the awkward questions though, I feel my eyes go a little agleam. She trusts me. She trusts me enough to let me be with her in every single way. A soft smile lights up my face. She really does love me.

"What?" Finnick says suspiciously. I look over at him, and he sees the look. The look that means Peeta Mellark truly is happy. The look that doesn't happen very often, because my memories of my mother crash in like a wave behind it. Finnick studies my rare expression, and a small smile grows on his face, too.

"I'm happy for you, Peeta."

I smile at him. "Thanks Finn."

Katniss POV

My eyes flutter open and I wake with a little hum, stretching across the bed like a cat in the sunlight. A pleasurable soreness strikes me down below, and I let out a little gasp as the reality of what happened last night sinks in slowly like an anchor in the sea.

I made love with Peeta Mellark last night.

My eyes widen and I wait for panic to settle in, I wait for myself to hyperventilate, freak out and run away. But that doesn't come. Instead, a slow, lazy smile creeps onto my face.

I made love with Peeta Mellark last night.

I flush as my mind retells the heated memories. His flushed face as his head fell back in pleasure, his blonde locks sticking to his forehead and curling at the nape of his neck in little wisps. I shudder at the memory of feeling him inside me for the first time, both of us awkwardly shifting around and moaning as we tried to get a steady rhythm. My mind continues to replay all of the pleasurable events, and I don't even realize that the man that I shared these events with is missing. I finally look around and see that his clothes from last night are folded neatly and placed on my chair, and I smell something delicious cooking from downstairs. Of course.

I stretch once more and step out of bed, and the soreness between my legs hurts a little more, but it really doesn't seem to bother me.

It's actually kind of...hot.

I shake my head and blush, and decide to clear my mind with a hot shower. That doesn't work, of course, and the whole time I have the urge to touch myself. Stop it. I think to myself. You are like a pathetic love-sick teenager. I scowl and step out of the shower, re-braiding my damp hair and putting on a sports bra and a pair of sweatpants. I try to avoid the irony that I really am just a love sick teenager. I timidly walk down the stairs, suddenly feeling a little shy.

I am greeted by a smug grin from Finnick.

I instantly turn to Peeta, about to scowl at him for telling Finnick, but I see his cheeks are cherry red and he avoids all eyes as he stirs some sort of batter. That sense of shyness instantly picks up again, and I avert my eyes, my face flushing. Finnick guffaws.

"You two are like little kids!" he laughs. "So, you fucked last night. Be adults and face eachother." he says with a smirk.

I timidly look up to meet Peeta's eyes, and I see he is doing the same. Our eyes meet for a few moments before both of us flutter them to look at something else with a growing blush. That only makes Finnick laugh harder. "Well, I've gotta take a shit. I'll give you two some time alone." and with that, he tromps over to the restroom and slams the door.

Dead silence.

"You know, he sort of is right." Peeta finally breaks the growing awkwardness in the air, and I look up to see a small smile on his face with his eyes shining. I feel my insides melt.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, we love eachother, and just because we had sex doesn't mean we need to act like we don't know eachother." he pauses, and a grin begins to form on his face. "In fact, I'd say we know eachother pretty damn well after-"

"Peeta!" I slap his arm, and he laughs. I can't help the small smile that grows on my face. His expression then becomes one that is more serious. He takes my hands, a habit he developed when he is going to tell me something important.

"You don't regret it, do you?" His sapphire eyes are soft but determined, and his voice is laced with worry. I look him hard in the eyes.

"Not one single thing." I reassure him, my voice steady and true. He smiles.

"I'm glad." I reach up for a kiss, and that's when a door opens loudly and the most foul stench I have ever inhaled in my life fills the room.

"God, Finnick, that is fucking nasty!" Peeta gags, and covers his nose. I instantly recoil in disgust and put my hand over my mouth and nose. Finnick let's out a breath.

"Whew! Might not wanna go in there." He says, stretching out before plopping on the couch. Peeta and I exchange disgusted looks.

"So," Finnick starts, popping a sugar cube that was in his pocket in his mouth. "I want the details. How many positions? How many times did you go at it? Did you need oils?"

"Finnick!" Peeta and I exclaim, and I slap my hand over my forehead. Finnick scoffs.

"Whatever. At least tell me where you did it. Bed? Counter?" I am silent for a moment and blush deeply, the place where we shared the moment for the first time on the very couch that Finnick lays upon. I look up at Peeta to see he is wearing the same expression.

After many moments of silence, Finnick looks back to see why we are so quiet. He studies our expressions for a moment, before his eyes widen and he leaps off the couch.

"FUCK! Oh, that's repulsive." He recoils in disgust, staring at the couch in abhorrence. "I think I'm gonna be sick." He returns to the bathroom again.

I bite my lip and look at Peeta slowly and sheepishly, to see a large, shit-eating grin on his face. I instantly scowl, but we can both tell it is pretty light hearted.

Suddenly we both burst out laughing.

We laugh so hard it hurts, and when Finnick walks out of the bathroom and greets us with a scowl, we laugh even harder.

"Y'all are nasty." Finnick scoffs, and then plops on the couch. Again. I snort. Idiot.

Peeta and I look at eachother, waiting for it to sink in for Finnick, and a few seconds later he springs off the couch.

"Goddammit, just get a new fucking couch!" he snarls, before sitting on the kitchen counter. "Oh wait, don't tell me, you did it here, too?" he says sarcastically.

"Yes." Peeta says in a monotone voice. "In fact, we did it on the roof, too. And on the hood of your car."

I cackle, and Peeta grins at me. I love that grin. Finnick just scowls.

"I hope you guys accidently use superglue for lube next time." he frowns and scrunches his nose.

"Like that will happen." Peeta snorts.

"Anyway, Katpiss, Annie and Johanna are determined to take you dress shopping today. So have fun with that. Oh, and by the way, how the hell did you have sex with that thing on your leg?" he says, pointing to my boot that was replaced from my cast a couple of days ago. I shrug.

"I didn't even notice that. I guess Peeta was just really careful." I smile at Peeta, which he blushes. "Plus my leg didn't really hurt that day. I don't even remember using crutches. I usually only use the crutches the days it really hurts, now that I think about it." I say, frowning and holding my braid.

"The days it hurts, huh?" Finnick smirks. "I'm surprised you don't need them today from all that hot, hard fuckng last-"

"Dammit Finnick, you don't know when to stop, do you?" Peeta laughs, interrupting him, though his cheeks are red. I snort. Is there a moment when he isn't blushing?

"Yeah, yeah, okay. Peeta, we have got to go, there is football practice today.

"What?! But its Sunday!"

"May I remind you that the big game is tomorrow? Plus coach told us like 20 times last week." he stops and grins. "All that sex probably brainwashed-"

"Stop!" I slap his arm, starting to get annoyed.

"Yeah, okay Katniss. Give Primmy a kiss for me. Have fun dress shopping."


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