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It took Hanson a moment to realize that the phone really was ringing and it wasn't his imagination. He leaped out of bed and stumbled over to the phone just outside his bedroom door. "Hello?" He grumbled, still half asleep. "Hello, this is Candace Walker calling from Los Angeles Child Protective Services, I need to speak to a Mr. Thomas Hanson." The woman on the phone sounded almost cheerful. "This is Hanson, How can I help you?" Hanson ran his hand through his hair which was falling in his eyes, he wondered why Social Services would be calling him.

"Hello Mr. Hanson, as I said before my name is Candace. I need to have a meeting with you sir as soon as possible, it is very important that you come in now." Hanson's brain was still half asleep as he was trying to comprehend what the woman was saying "Can we talk about it over the phone right now?" Tom asked. "I am sorry Mr. Hanson, I know this is such short notice but we need to see you right away and cannot discuss this over the telephone." The woman was getting bossy with him. "Um, okay can I have a few minutes to have a shower and get ready? I just woke up." He asked still confused as to why this woman was calling him. "Yes of course, again I am sorry about the call so early in the morning and the short notice for the meeting. I hope to see you soon. I am located at the Family Services building in the Los Angeles General hospital. Thanks again Mr. Hanson." She hung up before Tom could say anything else. Tom sighed and put the phone onto the receiver as he rubbed his eye with his other hand.

He picked up the receiver and dialed the jump street chapel to let Fuller know he would be late for work. Fuller told him not to rush and that he had no cases for Hanson right now anyways and he was only doing paperwork today. Hanson stepped in the shower he thought that maybe one of the kids from a case needed his help or something but he didn't want to waste his time thinking about something he did not know, he knew he would find out when he got there. Hanson jumped into his mustang and turned the key, the engine roared to life as he sped down the street.

As Hanson walked into the building, a woman in her late twenties jumped up from a chair in the waiting room and rushed over to him "Mr. Hanson?" She asked. "Umm yes, how did you know?" he asked back to her. "I just had a hunch, and no one else has anything to do here this early in the morning. Most appointments don't start until nine AM. Anyways, I'm Candace, the one who called you." She started walking down a hallway and Hanson assumed he was supposed to follow her, so he did.

They didn't speak at all as they walked past many doors down a long hallway. She finally stopped and opened a door, motioned him in and closed it behind him. Hanson observed the room he was in, it was quite large. Candace sat behind a very large desk that had papers all over it, along with a half-eaten bagel and coffee on top of the mess. "So what am I here for?" Hanson asked. "Well Mr. Hanson -"

"Tom, call me Tom" He interrupted. "Okay then, Tom." She spoke calmly. "Well I have some news for you and I need you to listen to me very closely right now." He just nodded. "You dated a woman seven months ago, her name was Jillian. She never told you this, Tom, but she was pregnant-with your baby. After you two broke up she found out and was too upset to contact you and let you know, she just thought she would raise the baby alone." Tom sat dumbfounded, he couldn't make sense of what this woman was saying, he was a dad? "But," He stammered "We always made sure we were safe, she was on birth control. She couldn't have become pregnant." Tom felt his knees start shaking. "I am sure you did Mr.- uh, Tom but you can't always be one hundred percent safe." She preached.

"So what now, she realized she can't afford the kid and want child support or something?" Tom said mockingly. "No Tom, she died yesterday due to issues with child birth. She knew she was ill and might not make it through natural child birth, but she refused a C-Section. They made her sign a will stating if she were to pass the baby would be given to whoever she chose as the next of kin. She wrote a small note explaining why you didn't know and if anything were to go wrong she wanted you to be asked first."

"Asked what?" Tom replied stupidly. "Tom, we need to know if you want your baby." She threw this right into his face, her words wrapped around his throat and he couldn't breathe, he squeezed his hands thinking to himself this was a dream. "How do I know this is even my kid?" He blurted out. "Well Tom, I'm no expert, but she has your nose." She let out a kind of laugh. "She...?" He felt so weak. "Yes, She. If you would like we can do a DNA test, but once you see her you will know she is yours." She smiled.

Tom couldn't take this in, he was so scared. "This is not real." He kept telling himself. "What if I don't want to see her?" The words slipped out before he could think about what he was saying. "What if am not ready for this?" He spoke with panic now. "It's okay, this is not the first time I have dealt with a situation like this. Just meet her Tom. She IS your daughter, Jillian put you on the list and now I have to ask you." She was becoming stern.

"Tom?" She tried to look him in the eyes but he was looking down. "Do you want to meet your daughter?" Tom felt like he was spinning to the floor. He was trying to think about what was happening. He had a daughter and there was nothing he could do about that now, it's too late to turn back. He lifted his head and looked her in the eyes. "Yes." He croaked, his voice sounding as if he might cry "I would love to meet my daughter."

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