They walked out the same door Hanson had passed through what seemed like ages ago. The Social Services were in the same hospital his daughter was born in. All he could think about was the fact that he had a daughter, part of him, living and breathing at this moment. The sound of an elevator ding brought Hanson back from the back of his mind. The doors opened and he and Candace stepped onto the Labour and Delivery ward.

"The nursery is this way." Candace lightly tugged his arm to the hallway on the right. "This is my favorite part of my job you know, seeing parents meet their child for the first time. I just find it so beautiful." Candace seemed very happy about this situation but Tom on the other hand was so scared he didn't know what to do.

He heard them before he saw them, the babies in their clear plastic bassinets, some sleeping, some feeding, and some were crying. Tom looked through the window at the tiny human beings, scared knowing one was his. Hanson had stopped to look through the glass while Candace walked to the door and talk to one of the nurses. The nurse nodded then smiled at Tom, he didn't notice though because his brain was focusing on all the baby girls, he was looking for his nose. Candace walked over and interrupted Tom. "Are you ready?" she asked him.

"No" he coughed out. The two of them walked over to the door of the nursery and Tom peered in. The nurse that Candace had talked to went to fill out a chart near the door and then started making her way through the rows of babies. Tom watched her every move, waiting for her to stop and reach into a bassinet and pull out his nose. She stopped at the farthest row from Tom and looked down and smiled. She reached down and picked a very small infant who was crying softly. She cradled the crying baby and started to walk towards Tom. To Tom it seemed like slow motion. The pink blanket she was wrapped in covered her face but he could see her arms waving in the air and could hear her cries. Before he knew it the nurse was right in front of him.

"She's lonely." the nurse said, smiling at the baby. She looked up at Tom and could see he was freaking out. "Maybe we should get daddy to sit down first." She talked babiesh to the bundle. "Here dear," The nurse motioned with her eyes to where Tom could sit. It was a wooden rocking chair with a patterned cushion. Hanson sat down and looked up at the nurse with lost eyes. "Here you go daddy!" The nurse cheerfully said as she lowered the baby to Hanson.

At first his arms wouldn't move but he forced them to reach for the crying pink bundle. As soon as she was fully in his arms the nurse stepped back to give them space. Tom looked down at the baby, his baby, he took his free hand and pulled back the soft pink blanket. The first thing he noticed was her nose, it was his nose and now it was hers. He felt faint and feared he would drop her. He stroked her cheek, she squinted her eyes and tried to look at him. Tom hadn't realized until now that the baby had stopped crying. He just sat there looking down at the baby, he couldn't feel anything. Then out of nowhere the baby started to wail.

"I hurt her!" Hanson half yelled at the nurse. "She's is so small, I didn't mean it, oh god!" Hanson was practically screaming at the nurse as she rushed over and took the baby from his arms. The baby was now screaming and Hanson believed he had hurt her because she was so small and fragile looking. "I'm so sorry." he whispered while he wiped sweat from his forehead. "Calm down she is okay Daddy. You didn't hurt her. She is just hungry." The nurse looked up and smiled at him. Tom let out a big sigh. "Here, sit back down. We are gonna feed this baby." the nurse motioned him back into the chair.

He sat down and felt his chest get tight. "This is just a terrible dream" He told himself while trying his hardest to wake up from this nightmare. The nurse placed the crying baby back into his arms and left. Tom tried to follow her with his eyes but she went behind him where he couldn't see her. After what felt like an eternity, the nurse came with a small baby bottle. "Okay, cradle her with one arm. Like this." The nurse helped him cradle the sobbing baby. "Okay now take this and feed it to her." The nurse laughed. Tom grabbed the bottle with a shaky hand and tilted it upside down while motioning it towards the crying baby's mouth. As soon as the baby felt the nipple of the bottle, she instantly started to suck from it, moaning as she huffed and puffed from the exhaustion of crying. "Now tilt the bottle and make sure there is always milk in the nipple. Otherwise she will suck up air and get painfully gassy." The nurse smiled and walked away. He looked over the baby girls features, he could see jillian and he could definitely make out some of his features. She had his chin, his nose and she just felt like she was his, he could feel it. Hanson couldn't believe this baby was his, and then the thought hit him: how can he be an undercover police officer and take care of a new born baby?