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Fang laid in his cell, looking up at the ceiling. He'd been in a juvenile detention center, he'd been in this horrible place for nearly a year. He didn't deserve to be here, but that douche bag deserved the beating he'd gotten. Fang had beaten one of his classmates at his school, Dylan Devote. The smug football jock had picked a fight with him for no absolute reason, Fang had done nothing to be fought with. He grumbled to himself, his dark eyes darted to the cell door as it clanked. Two officers came in, Fang sat up on his cell bed, and glared at them.

"What is it?" He asked laying back down, crossing his arms behind his head.

"You're being bailed out." The officer replied.

"By who?" He asked looking over at him.

"You'll see, let's go." He said gesturing to the door.

The other officer came up and placed a pair of handcuffs around Fang's wrist, it was usual routine when Fang would leave his cell. He despised other people touching him, he hated people in general. He'd always remained in the shadows, always been a loner. People had called him an outcast, an emo, some even called him a demon. He didn't care, let them say what they want. He wasn't going to stoop to their pathetic level, he was more clever than they were. He was better than everyone else, he was Fang and Fang alone. No one could take that from him.

Max ran the brush through her blond hair, she hummed along to a song she had stuck in her head. "Max sweetie, let's go you're going to be late for school!" Her mother called from downstairs. Max dropped her brush and rushed out of her room, she grabbed her brown jacket and zipped it as she headed down the stairs. Her mother stood in the kitchen, her dark hair in a wavy ponytail, her face slightly wrinkled from age, though she didn't look a day over twenty, her brown eyes warm and loving, her fair skin slightly more pale than usual due to exhaustion.

"Mom are you alright, you don't look so well?" Max asked upon entering the kitchen.

"I'm fine dear, now where's your sister?" Her mother, Valencia, wondered.

"Ella come on!" Max yelled.

"Coming, give me a minute!" She called back.

Ella came charging down the stairs, she had on a pair of rolled up jeans, and a tank top with black and white stripes. She was trying to put on her sandals as she walked, she looked like a hopping frog as she came into the kitchen. Ella was the spitting image of her mother, Max however only had her mother's eyes. Max looked more like her father, Jeb, she hadn't seen him in years. Though it didn't bother Max much, she was never really close with her father. He had walked out on them when she was only seven, she didn't know what was going on at the time. He had said he was going to work, but he never came home that day. Her mother cried, knowing he'd abandoned her, abandoned them. Since that day she'd vowed to protect her family, no matter what the cost. Ella was twelve, Max was fourteen, and her mother was in her mid-thirties.

Her mother had to work two jobs in order to keep the house up and feed everyone in it, so she was gone most of the week. She'd come home late at night, her exhaustion level would be so high that Max would come down stairs in the middle of the night and see her mother lying there. Max knew the responsibility to protect her family was necessary, she had to keep her mother from overexerting herself with work, and she had to keep Ella out of trouble. Ella had once been stopped by a group of boys from their school, her shoulder had gotten bruised from one of them pushing her to the ground. Max had come in and saved her, she kicked one of them in the face so hard he flew over a fence and into a man's yard. The others had been to chicken to face her, being undefeated she took her younger sister home.

"Max have you fed Ari?" Her mother asked.

"Yep, he ate and drank this morning." She replied.

"Where is he, I haven't heard him bark this morning." Her mother commented.

"He's in the backyard, you want me to go and check on him?" She asked.

"Sure but make it fast." He mother answered shuffling her youngest daughter into the car.

Max nodded and ran to the backyard, she scanned the yard with her eyes. Suddenly she heard snarling, she saw a nearby bush rustle. Out of nowhere a large reddish brown dog leaped at her, she laughed and pushed the dog away from her. "Ari down boy." She laughed. The dog obeyed and leaped off of her, she stood and dusted off her blue skinny jeans. Her dog stood in the grass with his head tilted to the left, his tongue hanging out, and his tail wagging like there was no tomorrow. "Gotta go to school boy, I'll see you when I get back." She said when she heard the dog whine. The dog went over and laid in his dog house, resting his head on his paws. Max hurried out the door and into the garage, she got into the car and went to school.

Fang sat in the back of the cop car, looking down at his cuffed wrist. One of the cops looked back at him, then turned his gaze back to the road. "You seem extra quiet today Fang, why is that?" One of the officers asked. Fang didn't say anything, as usual. He rarely ever spoke, even before he had been put into the juvenile center. The officer sighed, Fang didn't know why he had asked him such a redundant question. Fang averted his eyes to the window, he gazed out into the world outside the car. The world he hated, it caused him nothing but anger and frustration. The car stopped at a red light, a car pulled up next to the police car. Fang looked across into the car, he saw a girl leaned against the window. Her head was down as she scrolled through some list on her phone, she had headphones in her ears so he assumed it was a music list. He continued to gaze at the girl, she had blond hair that from what he could tell came to her shoulders, her eyes were chocolate brown, and her skin was slightly pale.

The car drove off, the police car turned the corner. Fang wondered just where these people where taking him, he clenched his hands into fist. He wanted desperately to break out of the car and escape, escape to some world more understanding than this one. He wanted to live in a world he could be peaceful in, a world he could be alone in. That way no one would bother him, no one would crawl under his skin trying to annoy the crap out of him until he lost it. The car came to a stop, they were outside a school. Why were they bringing him here, they had told him he was going to be bailed out. What person at a school could have bailed him out, just what the hell was going on?

Fang was escorted down the halls of the school, they stopped at one of its brown wooden doors. The lead cop opened the door and walked inside, both cops held Fang by the bicep. Restraining him in case he would be thrown off by one of the students, if he fought with another person it would be back to juvie. Fang caught sight of the girl from the car, she was in the back of the room working on a school assignment. Fang leaned against the white board while the officer talked with the teacher, he let out a frustrated sigh.

Max looked up from her school assignment when the door opened, in walked a boy about her age, he had long jet black hair, olive tone skin, and eyes that seemed to match his hair color. She noticed the boy was followed by two police officers, just who was this kid anyway? The officers talked to the teacher while the dark boy stood near them. A frustrated sigh escaped his throat, his eyes opened when he felt her eyes on him. Quickly she looked back down at her paper, avoiding his somewhat murderous gaze. She still watched him though, something about him intrigued her. She didn't know what it was, but something drew her to him. Max gazed out of the window next to her seat, she tried to escape into her imaginary world.

She heard something clank near her, she looked over and saw the new kid sitting in the desk in the back corner of the room. One desk away from hers, she didn't care though. She focused back on her assignments, trying to shake his glare off of her. She could feel his eyes boring into the back of her head, just the feeling sent shivers down her spine. She tried to ignore it, but she couldn't take it anymore. She turned around in her seat and was about to yell at him when the bell rang, dismissing them to their next class. Everyone stood and left the room, leaving the two being the last to leave. Max walked out the door, she was followed by the dark teenager.

The day passed by and school was finally over, Max stretched in her seat and stretched her arms out. She hated school, it was the worst place on earth. Best part was she was stuck riding the bus home, it wasn't that bad. As long as she had her headphones, that way she could zone everyone out. Max grabbed her book-bag and slung it on, she waited anxiously for the bell to ring. Finally a Briiing Brinnnnggg!Filled the classroom, Everyone arose from their desk and left the school. Max walked on the cement ground and walked towards one of the busses, she boarded the bus and walked to the seat she normally sat in. Max saw her friend Nudge sitting in her seat, the dark skinned girl smiled and waved at her friend.

"Hey Max how's it going?" She asked.

"Hey Nudge, same old same old." She answered sitting down.

Nudge got to the point of excitement to where she wouldn't stop talking, Max sighed and secretly plugged her headphones in. She loved Nudge, but god that mouth of hers. She listened to music as the bus ride went on, she knew that when she would return home her mother would be at work. She didn't mind, that meant she had the entire house to herself. Ella had after school tutoring on Wednesdays, Max glanced over at Nudge when she said something, Max simply nodded and turned her music down so that she could hear. Nudge then went on rambling about something else, Max simply nodded and pretended as though she were really listening. A song came on that Max wasn't in the mood to listen to, she scrolled through her playlist and put her phone in her pocket once she'd found a different song.

Max looked out the window of her seat and waited to get off, the bus stopped at five stops before it finally reached hers. Before grabbing her things and exited the bus, she said goodbye to Nudge. Max grabbed her things and walked to her house, as she walked to her house she saw her mother's car in the driveway. With it a police car, what had happened?

"Mom?!" Max asked barging into the house.

"In the kitchen dear." Her mother answered.

"Mom why is there a cop car here, what-" She paused when she entered the kitchen.

Everyone looked up at her, the two policemen, her sister Ella, her mother, and the boy she'd seen at school. Why were they here...?