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Chapter 1

(Ana's POV)

"Thank you so much for taking me Sawyer." Ana beams with the biggest smile.

"Anytime… Ana." Sawyer replies with a smile.

I am so excited that his Christians gift came today; I was starting to worry that it wouldn't be here in time for his birthday. Shopping for someone who has everything, can be the most difficult thing to accomplish. I walk into the house feeling excited being able to finally to spend some private time with my husband after a long day at work; when out of nowhere the shouting begins.

"WHAT THE FUCK TOOK YOU SO LONG ANA?" Christian yells coming towards me. I am at a lost of words and I just stand there, wondering what the hell is going on.

"ANSWER ME NOW ANASTASIA!" Christian yells again.

"I had a quick errand I had to run before I got home, why?" I yell back with frustration.

"First of all, were you in my office?" Christian angrily glares at me.

"I wasn't in your office!" I start answering his question.

Why does he think I was in office and if I was I wouldn't lie about it?

"STOP LYING TO ME!" Christian yells out.


"I had an important clients name and number on my desk and it is no longer there; and I want it back now!" Christian explains with anger.

What is up with him? He thinks I am lying and taking he shit now? I am starting to be beyond piss now.

"Like I told you the first time, I didn't go into your office and if I were you I would get my facts straight before you go around accusing people!" I try explaining again.

"Ana, don't you dare fucking test me right now; I am not in the mood or have the patience to deal with this shit right now!" Christian replies with only anger.

"ARE YOU FUCKING THREATENING ME CHRISTIAN?" I ask as I am now beyond dismayed at this point.

Out from nowhere, Taylor makes himself known. How this man shows up without us calling him… will always be a mystery.

"Sir, can I …" Taylor starts saying.

"Taylor, I didn't fucking call you, LEAVE NOW!" Christian yells.

Taylor leaves the room beyond piss.

"This will be the last time I ask you Ana, I will not repeat myself again!" Christian replies with a glare.

"Christian, for the last fucking time… I DID NOT GO INTO YOUR OFFICE and when you are ready to apologize for your behavior, then and only then …. find me!" I state with anger.

I start walking away from him before I say or do something I will regret. I am trying with all the patience I can consume from myself not to go all "fifty shades of Christian" on him. Then I feel Christian grip my arm and holds it firmly.

"DON'T YOU DARE WALK AWAY FROM ME ANA!" Christian yells with anger.

I am now Fifty Shades of Ana and Christian put together; and he just made the worst mistake of his life.

"I am going to count to three, and if I were you …. I would remove that hand!" I tell him with so much venom in my voice that I can taste it. I am now using all my strength to compose myself, but I feel I am slipping….

"1…2…3…." I start to look up from his hand to his face with so much anger because he has not released me.

Before I even say a word… I am beyond shocked, but now I beyond angry; when I feel him slap me across my face. I don't say a word …. due to the anger that feels like it has replaced my blood and it is now taking over of my body and I no longer have control of.

"DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING COUNT TO ME …. DO YOU NEED A REMINDER ON WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH?" Christian glares as he states those words to me.

I see Taylor running towards me… I only nod my head slowly at him without saying a word….he knows not to proceed. He perceives a look in my eyes, that it even frightens him.

I am now in my protection mode and remember everything Ray and Claude has taught me. Christian being unaware of my training I started after all his baggage starting hitting us at full force. I still remember that first time after two weeks only I kicked Claude's ass and the look of shock was priceless.

I feel myself…the "Ana" who loves and would bend over backwards for my husband disappear and is no longer in this body.

With a swift move I give him a hard blow to his chest and abdominal that he falls forward trying to catch his breath. I then kick him on his calf that he is now on the floor in agony. I am now standing inches from his face that he can feel me breathing.

"If you ever… I mean ever, lay a finger on me again…you will not be waking up from where you lie after I have finished with you…DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" I state with all the venom that my body now consumes.

Christian is beyond speechless now; he cannot move from his spot and just nods still not saying a word. I am now standing up noticing Taylor, Sawyer, and even Gail gaping at the situation and not able to say a word either. I think from shock or fear…. I can care less at this moment.

I walk outside and get into my car driving off like a bat out of hell…and never looking back.