The Boy with the Lightning Scar

by AngelG93

A/N: Whew! I can't believe I talked myself into writing another HP/FMA crossover… and yet, here I am. This started out as a simple question: "What if Snape raised Ed?" And, in less than two days, it evolved into something much, much darker. *SPOILER ALERT* This delves into some Deathly Hallows content pretty quickly, so proceed with caution unless you know the whole story already.

Disclaimer: I am not just giving Ed some of Harry's spotlight for kicks. Hopefully, it will start to make sense to you a chapter or two after the story hits off… which… it's about to… right… NOW!


Severus Snape approached the wreckage of the house, his heart fluttering inside his chest like a trapped bird. Did he dare go inside? What if the Dark Lord's sudden demise had just been a rumor? If he was caught here… No, Lily was in that house, somewhere. He had to find her. He had to see for himself if she really was… Mastering his fear, he opened the gate and crossed the threshold, no doubt following the same route his master had taken less than an hour before.

James Potter, his rival, lay broken at the foot of the stairs, his glasses askew over unseeing eyes. Severus didn't even spare him a second glance as he ascended; all he cared about was Lily. With every step, the coward within him screamed that he should turn and run, but he had to know for sure. At last, he reached the top landing. Most of the second story had been blown apart, left exposed to the open sky and the crisp, October air. While the Muggles of Godric's Hollow had been scampering around playing dress-up on this Halloween night, his very reason for living had been torn away from him. Using several Hovering Charms, Severus moved aside splintered beams and flaking sections of drywall. How long would he have to dig until…?

His blood froze. There, crumpled on the debris-littered carpet, as peaceful as if she had merely fallen asleep, was Lily. His Lily. Severus sank to his knees, unable to contain his grief any longer. As lonely, glimmering tears coursed down his sallow cheeks, he lifted her into his arms and cradled her against himself, as if by holding her close he could somehow reach the soul that was gone forever. Her pale, bloodless face only made her dark red hair shine all the more, and her green eyes were concealed behind lids closed in an eternal slumber. He wished to see them one more time, and yet he feared to as well. If her eyes had been open, those soulless orbs would have pierced his heart, silently demanding why he hadn't been able to save her. A choked sob full of unendurable pain slipped free of him as his forehead drooped to rest against her cold face.

And that was when he heard it: the feeble wail of a small child. Could it be Lily's son, trapped somewhere in the wreckage? Then, another sound met his ears. A second voice was hushing the first's cries. Snape straightened, raising his wand and pointing it at a dresser that had fallen slantways, obscuring one corner of the room from view. With a flick, it scraped along the carpet to one side and fell to the floor with a muffled thud, revealing what – or rather who – had been hiding from him.

Pressed into the corner as far back as was humanly possible was a boy, no more than five or six years old. Even though it was too dark to see much of him, both his hair and his eyes gleamed in the moonlight like molten gold. Clutched in his skinny arms was the source of the cries: the infant Harry Potter.

"Who are you?" Severus demanded, perhaps a little too harshly. The boy scuffed against the carpet with his boots as if he could somehow push even further into the corner.

"Stay away!" he shouted in a timorous, high voice. "No one else is gonna try to hurt this poor kid! Just look at what happened to him." The boy pointed a short finger at something Severus had not yet noticed. Spread out on the floor almost like a rug was a black robe, a garment Severus had last seen around his master's shoulders. His eyes widened; all that remained of the Dark Lord was dust and a cloak.

"I saw the whole thing," continued the boy as he rocked the Potter child in his arms. "That creepy bastard killed everybody. I tried to stop him from killing this kid, too, but… there was all this green light, and everything blew up."

As Severus laid Lily back on the carpet and brushed her hair away from her face, the boy asked, "Why did that psycho do all this? What did this kid and his family ever do to him?" Severus didn't answer; instead, he approached the two children cautiously so as not to startle them. "I said stay away!" yelled the boy, and that's when he did something quite strange. He clapped. Grabbing the edge of the half-intact crib that had held the infant, he pulled from it a knife, just… formed it with his will and his bare hands. He leveled the weapon at Severus, ignorant of how little good such a small blade would do against a skilled wizard.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Severus said, putting away his wand and showing his empty hands to the boy as proof. "Were either of you injured in the explosion?"

"I don't think the kid was," the boy shrugged, giving the infant a quick look-over, "but… I guess I must have hit my head or something. It stings, right in the middle."

"Let me see." Thankfully, the moon chose that moment to emerge from behind the scattered clouds and illuminate the boy's face. It was smudged with dust, but otherwise looked no worse for wear. Then, Severus noticed something on the boy's forehead. Framed on either side by the flaxen bangs, a little above a point directly between the golden eyes, was a scar shaped like a bolt of lightning. Where had such a strange mark come from? It was clearly of magical origin. For that matter, where had the boy himself come from in the first place? Biting back the urge to bombard the child with questions, Severus decided to start at the beginning.

"You never did tell me… who you are," he said at last.

The boy blinked in surprise; then he smiled. "My name's Edward. Edward Elric."

A/N: Yeah. That's all you're getting until I finish Nowhere is Safe (my first FMA/HP crossover)… unless, of course, I just can't help myself.

SevLily… the feels of unrequited, yet unconditional love… T.T I kind of went off of that scene in the movie where he goes to the house and finds her dead. It's so sad. TT-TT

Why did I have Voldemort's body dissolve into dust like in the movie? Dunno. Maybe he's a vampire… he does drink unicorn blood… XD Actually, I just didn't know what else to do with the body, so I had it dissolve. You can just, um, go with the theory that his soul was so torn asunder that his body just fell apart without the remnants of his soul to hold it together. Yeah, take that and run with it. Run with it like you would with a sharp, dangerous object.

So… guess where the bit of Voldy's soul ended up? Oh, yes. I went there.