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Peter awoke in a daze. All he could remember was fighting venom and must've been knocked out. His hands were bound behind his back with black webbing and it seemed that both his mask and the top half of his costume was missing. He got up a little and looked around. It appeared that he was in an apartment bedroom, on a bed.

'What the hell? Why would venom take me here?' Peter thought as he continued to scan the room.

Peter struggled to free his hands to no avail. Peter sighed and began looking for a way out. There were no windows, oddly enough and seemed to only be a door. Unfortunately, once Peter laid his eyes on the door someone came in, Eddie Brock. The blonde man locked the door behind him and turned to the bound hero on the bed. Eddie smiled and began morphing into venom and approached Peter.

"Hello, little spider. It looks like you're finally awake."Venom said as he walked to the bed.

Venom sat down beside the struggling hero. Peter glared at venom and spat "What the hell are you going to do to me, Eddie? Why did you take me here?" Venom grabbed Peter by the neck and pushed him back onto his back. He then straddled him and chuckled slightly. "Why take you here? Well, we thought it'd be more comfortable to do what will to you on a bed then outside or on the floor."

"Wait, what-!?" Peter was interrupted as venom's long tongue slid across his cheek in a hot, wet lick. Venom moved his hand from Peter's neck and caressed the boy's shoulders lovingly. "You won't become one with us, so we decide to use your body for…other things." Venom purred as his hands moved from Peter's shoulders to his chest.

Peter now understood what his enemy wanted and wasn't haven't having any of it. "Like hell you will!" Peter managed to kick venom off him and ran for the door until a tentacle wrapped around his ankle and he fell to the floor hard. "D-Damn it!" Peter said. The fall really hurt him, his chest and stomach had hit the hard wood floor pretty hard. Peter was then dragged back to the bed by the tentacle. Venom was pissed at the boy's escape attempt and he wanted Peter to know. Once Peter was back on the bed, Venom grabbed Peter's hair and yanked him upward so their eyes would meet. "E-Eddie, don't do this." Peter said weakly. Venom just snarled at him. "We were going to be gentle with you but now you need to be punished." The villain then ripped off the lower half of his costume, revealing Peter's nether regions. The hero's turned bright red as he saw venom staring down at his exposed manhood. Peter began struggling to get away again but venom held onto him tight. "No, please don't do this! Please, Eddie!" Peter was panicking now.

"SHUT UP!" Venom yelled at his victim. "It's time for your punishment." Venom punched Peter in the stomach, knocking wind out of him. As Peter struggled to breath, venom callously threw Peter on the floor next to the bed and forced him to his knees. The tentacle that was around his ankle was now prodding against his virgin entrance. Peter shivered as he felt the garden hose sized tentacle begin nudging the tender spot. "no."


The tentacle cruelly shoved into Peter's unprepared ass until about 8 inches deep and began moving in and out of him. Peter screamed in pain at the harsh friction, holding back tears as venom laughed at his pain. "E-Eddie, please stop. Please t-take this th-thing out of me!" Venom grabbed Peter's head and forced him to look up at him.

"We'll take it out after you make us cum." a part of symbiot slipped inside of Peter's mouth and force his mouth open, no matter how hard the hero tried, he couldn't close his mouth. Sitting on the edge of the bed in front of the helpless hero, venom presented himself. His cock was long, thick and ached to be touched. "We're going to make you suck us, little spider." Venom said "after we cum, we'll take the tentacle out."

Peter struggled to say something but it was hard with that alien parasite keeping his mouth open. Venom shoved his cock into the struggling hero's mouth and groaned as it went deeper into the hot, wet mouth. Peter groaned in pain as the tentacle continued thrusting in and out of him. Tears began flowing down Peter's cheeks from the pain. Venom ran his clawed fingers through the sobbing boy's "Don't worry, little spider. You'll get used to it. Now, just relax your throat." Venom grabbed Peter's head and began thrusting himself into his victim's mouth. Peter whimpered around the engorged member, earning him another moan from venom. Peter just wanted it to end, he'd never been through any kind of pain like this before.

Venom began shoving himself in and out of the brunette's mouth and he wasn't being gentle and neither was the tentacle. They were both thrusting in and out of Peter, making him sob and whimper around venom's member until the tentacle found Peter's prostate, making him moan instead. "You seemed to like that." Venom said, still fucking Peter's mouth. The tentacle continued hitting Peter's sweet spot, making him moan even more. Peter could feel his cock hardening from the constant hits at his prostate. 'no.' Peter thought to himself 'I don't want to enjoy this!'

"We're getting close, spider." Venom thrusted even harder into Peter's mouth and then stilled his hips. "Here it comes." Venom came down Peter's throat and slowly pulled himself out of Peter's mouth along with the tentacle however the symbiot that was forcing Peter's mouth open was now forcing it shut, keeping Peter from spitting out the alien's seed. "Swallow it." Venom demanded "Swallow all of my cum, little spider." Peter reluctantly swallowed the slick white substance and the symbiot went back to it's host.

Peter panted as the villain put him back onto the bed and laid him onto his back. "Please…" Peter panted "please…no more, Eddie." Venom ignored the boy's pleads and looked down and Peter's hardened member. He began toying with the over sensitive cock and then stroking it. Peter panted loudly and squirmed under the villain. "N-no Please! St-stop! Don't touch-AH!" Peter's orgasm took him by surprise. He came hard into venom's hand. "Good little spider." Venom said as he rubbed the warm cum all over his already hard again cock. "and see? We kept our promise. The tentacle's gone and besides…" Venom then spread Peter's legs apart and then positioned himself at the abused hole "We have something better to fill you with." venom thrusted hard into the Peter's ass. The boy's eyes snapped open and he screamed from the pain. Venom was a lot thicker than the tentacle.

"Eddie! S-Stop! It's t-too big! I can't take it! I can't!" Peter begged and squirmed, tears once again rolling down his face. Venom chuckled sadistically "you're so cute when you scream." Venom thrusted in and out slowly, making Peter sob. "please…" Peter continued to beg "I-it hurts…please stop." Venom stroked Peter's inner thighs. "It isn't our fault that you have such a tight, sensitive hole, Parker." Venom then started speeding up. Peter squirmed and struggled more, trying to get away but venom held him tight. "Keep struggling, spider…" venom moaned, thrusting harder into him. "It makes us even harder…makes us want you more." Venom then hit Peter's prostate making Peter moan again. "It looks like we found your weak spot again." Venom said teasingly.

Venom continued thrusting hard into the sweet spot over and over again. Peter tried to hold back his moans but it was useless, venom knew he was liking it by how hard Peter was becoming with each thrust. The villain started to stroking Peter now at the same pace that he was fucking him.

"We're coming…" Venom panted "Come with us, little spider." Venom's hand sped up, Peter was shaking, feeling his climax coming closer. "E-Eddie—AH!" Peter came in venom's hand as the villain came inside of him. Venom moaned as he spilled his seed inside the hero, claiming him as his own. "Good little spider." Peter blacked out.

Moments later Peter woke up in his own bed, naked and bruised. "Ow!" Peter yelled as he tried to get up. His ass was sore just like the rest of his body. "So it wasn't a nightmare…" Peter said to himself as he clutched the sheets in his hands. Peter turned as he heard a chuckle. Venom was standing at his open window. "Your ours now, little spider." Venom then vanished through the window.

"Always ours."