It was last week when venom took advantage of Peter. Peter tried his hardest not to think of what happened, after all he had a job to do as spider-man. This night was more quiet than usual and it was getting late. Spider-man could feel himself get weak and tired. "I'll just take a quick rest" the hero thought as he laid himself down on the rooftop of one of New York's many large buildings. He drifted off slowly into a peaceful sleep.

An hour or so later…

Peter felt a weight on top of him and what felt like someone's hot breath on his neck. He woke up in horror as he saw venom straddling him with a sinister grin on his face. "Are you awake, little spider?" the monster practically purred as it grinded against the downed hero. Peter began struggling. 'no not again! Please not again!' Peter thought frantically. Venom just chuckled as he watched his bitch squirm under him. He pinned the spider's hands above his head and leaned forward to whisper into Peter's ear.

"Did you miss us, Parker?" venom chuckled as his tongue swiped across Spidey's masked face. Peter brought up as much courage as he could and looked at his violator's face. "Let me go, Eddie." Venom just chuckled as he pinned peter's hands to the rooftop below them with black webbing. He moved a clawed hand up the hero's shirt and looked down at the struggling boy. "Did you forget what we said, spider? You. Are. Ours." Venom then ripped off Peter's mask and wrapped his tongue around the hero's neck. Peter tried to kick and flail but nothing worked, he couldn't let this bastard do this to him again. He just couldn't! He squeaked as he felt the monster pull down his pants. "No!" Peter yelped "Y-You can't do this! Not again, please!" . The symbiotic mask peeled back to show Eddie Brock's face. His blue eyes connected with the panicked brown eyes. "Of course we can. We marked you as ours. You belong to us now, Parker." Peter squeaked as he Eddie clutched his ass tight enough to leave bruises.

The blond went down to Peter's now exposed manhood. Peter shivered as he felt Eddie's warm, wet tongue slide up his soft cock. "Wh-What are you doing!?" Eddie just ignored the brunette as he licked and played with his cock as it continued to harden. Peter shook, biting his lip to hold back his moans. He didn't want to feel pleasure from this bastard but the way he touched and tasted him had his body betraying him. "S-Stop Eddie…" Peter managed to say as the monster continued stroking him. "Why?" Eddie as he licked his lips "You seem to be enjoying this." He then took Peter's cock into his mouth and sucked. Peter's body jerked at the sudden feeling.

Peter wanted to moan, it felt so good. Eddie's mouth was so hot and wet and-no! Peter shook his head, trying not to succumb to the pleasure. "S-Stop Eddie! I d-don't want this!" Peter cried out, the only response he got from Eddie was a moan that sent vibrations through his shaft, making the hero arch his back. He looked down and saw that Eddie was stroking himself off as he sucked Peter's cock. The fact that Peter could see Eddie sucking him now did not help him resist moaning. Accidently letting a moan slip out as he watched, Eddie sucked harder, wanting to hear his spider moan louder. Peter thrusted into Eddie's mouth, cumming hard. Eddie moaned, seeming to have cum in his own hand when Peter came in his mouth.

Eddie went up to Peter's panting mouth and forced their lips together. He poured Peter's cum from his mouth into the hero's. Peter coughed after Eddie pulled back. "Don't you taste good, little spider?" Eddie smiled as he forced his now cum coated fingers into Peter's ass. "Gah!" Peter snapped out of his post orgasmic haze as he felt Eddie's fingers scissor and stretch his tight hole. Peter started struggling again as the symbiotic mask recovered Eddie's face. "No, please!" Peter begged "Please not again! N-No more, please!". The monster's cock hardened again and jammed it's fingers against Peter's prostate, earning him another moan from his spider.

"You don't get it do you, Parker?" Venom yanked his fingers out of him and positioned himself at the abused hole "You're ours, little spider. We can do whatever we want to you, whenever we want to you." The monster forced his large cock deep inside of his spider, making Peter scream out in pain. "You're still so tight…" Venom moaned as he began rocking his hips against Peter's. The hero moaned and closed his eyes shamefully as the monster thrusted into him. He went harder and rougher with each thrust, making sure that he hit Peter's prostate so he could watch his spider harden under him. Peter gave in to the pleasure, moaning loudly as Venom fucked him senseless.

Venom's hips stilled as he came inside of his spider. Moaning into Peter's ear the word "Ours". Peter didn't take long after Eddie, cumming all over both Eddie and his own abdomen. Venom pulled himself out of Peter and ripped the webbing off of Peter's hands. Peter was still exhausted from his orgasm, his dazed eyes looking down at Venom.

Venom's tongue lapped up Peter's cum from his chest and abdomen. He then nuzzled the spider's neck and held him closer as he watched Peter fall back to sleep from exhaustion. He decided to carry Peter back to his room like before.

As he laid his spider down on his bed, he purred against his neck. Whispering the words "Our Spider" under his breath before leaving Peter again.