A large, muscled, scarred arm wrapped itself around Ralph's shoulder. Recognizing it and who it belonged to, Ralph turned to look at the Russian Wrestler who was walking next to him, staring at him with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Umm… Hey Zangief."

Zangief kept staring at him, then spoke slowly, as if measuring out his words. "Imagine you had busy week, huh Ralph."

Ralph chuckled nervously as he scratched his head. "Yeah, pretty eventful."

Zangief's stare didn't abate. "Eventful, that what you call it? Mother Russia, Ralph! You gamejump, you got a FPS killed! Heck, I even hear you nearly fell in Diet Coke Mountain after eruption! Ralph, what you thinking?!"

By this point, Zangief was shaking Ralph by the shoulders. Ralph calmly took Zangief's hands off his shoulders, and held out his hands in a placating manner.

"Look, I know I did some pretty bad, even for our standards. But I like to think, even for all the unintentional bad things I've done, the good things come up for it."

Zangief nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you help Princess back on throne."

"Um…it's President."


"Well, she kinda changed her kingdom. She's now President Vanellope von Schweetz."

"Ahh…Dear Gorbachov's dance moves."

The two spent a few seconds in uncomfortable silence, before Zangief spoke up.

"Ralph. Listen."

A nod gave Zangief indication that he was listening.

"I know that this is thankless job, that this may be hard job. But… that's what Bad Anon for. We help each other, support each other. When everyone seems against you, we always have back. Sorry, feel like we fail on that part."

Zangief looked down at the floor, feeling a bit guilty for the fiasco that Wreck-It Ralph had suffered. Suddenly, there was a light punch on his shoulder. Looking up, Zangief saw Ralph with a smile.

"Hey, don't worry about it. It's more my fault anyway. Besides, I learned something from the whole thing."



Zangief smiled as he crossed his arms. "Mind telling?"

Ralph simply smirked at the Russian wrestler as he began to walk forward. "You'll just have to wait like everyone else."

Zangief smiled wider as he uncrossed his arms and followed Ralph.

"You no fun, Ralph. You no fun."

Huh, did I write Zangief's speech pattern properly?