"I'll bet, Kanade Tachibana, I'm prettier than you." Amy Pond said to her, in a challenging manner.

Kanade replied, "No, I'm prettier than you, Amy Pond. See, your eyes are darker than mine."

"No! Your eyes are brighter than mine! Well, at least my hair's pretty!"

Kanade went up to Amy. "See, my boyfriend is a ginger. See it with yours!"

"If there's a ginger boy in the TARDIS, then me, a ginger girl, cancels him out."

Yuzuru Otonashi and Rory Williams looked at them, bewildered at their comparisons. "We're better than them, aren't we, Yuzuru?"

"I'll bet!"

The Doctor, operating the controls, went up to Rory and Yuzuru and said, "Yeah, Yuzuru, take care of that girl! Girls can be confusing!" before he went back to the controls.

"I'm older than you!" Amy taunted.

"At least I'm young and pretty!" Kanade retorted back.

The Doctor didn't listen until he saw something printing on his typewriter. "Ooh! A message! Let's take a look, eh?"

Amy finally stopped arguing with Kanade. "Alright, we're equally cute and our husbands, well, for you, your boyfriend, are equally handsome. Agree?"

"Alright! Come on! The Doctor's got a message!"

The Doctor looks at the message. "Hmm, it says: Princess Celestia cordially invites you to the wedding of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armour… Another wedding?"

Amy looks at the invitation. "Who is Princess Celestia, Princess… whatever and that Shining Armour?"

"I've only seen Princess Celestia. She's from… Equestria!? Then that means… ponies?"

"Doctor, what's wrong?" Yuzuru asked.

"Equestrians aren't used to humans, but they're used to me… hmm, if we go to the wedding, will you all promise to stay with me?"

Rory replied, "Of course we will. It's like Amy and me with you on an alien planet."

Amy said, "Hey, the Doctor pulled us out of a few days of our lives for this?"

Yuzuru replied, "Come on, you enjoy it! The Doctor says that you've been fun!"

The Doctor quickly finished off. "Alright, alright, we're going to the wedding. Hold on tight!"