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Chapter 1


Three rings.

Every morning her white, gold and silver colored room is filled with three rings. It should only ring three times before she wakes up and start her day.

Three. Yeah. Only three. No more, no less.

Lucy yawned and stretched. Her alarm never reached four before she turns it off. Lucy opened her curtains and savoured the view of the peeping sun. It was only 5 in the morning and she was up for a jog. Lucy went to her walk-in closet and changed into her sports attire. She grabbed her iPod and went to the elevator. Well she lives in a condo unit, her father required her to be independent, so she has to comply and live alone. That's one quality needed in order to be the next CEO. Lucy has to be trained, early. Every day of Lucy's life she went for an hour of jog, 8 minutes to go back to her unit, 7 minutes for cool down, 20 minutes for shower, 6 minutes for dressing herself, 15 minutes drive to office and 4 minutes to walk to her sit.

Every second counts.

That's what she lived with. No scratch that she changed her motto. It's every millisecond counts, now. She does things precisely. No time should be wasted. Time is money. That's what she was taught ever since she was little. Everything should be planned. No space for failures. So that's how her life works for almost 10 years now.

Lucy works as the President of all the employees in Heartfilia Group of Companies. Well it was a dually-owned company several years ago until the other owner disappeared without a trace. At the age of 15 she was entrusted with the company. Well a part of the company which looks like a miniature of the company because it functions the same. She arrived in front of the Heartfilia Co. Main Building and left her car be parked by the valet boys. As she walked down the lobby all men and women's head couldn't help but turn to her. Not only did her heels clank against the floor but she also has the presence that could get everyone's attention.

She's the boss. That's normal. Right?

"Good morning ma'am. Have a nice day!" All the employees that she passes by greets her with a smile as she walked pass them. But she just ignores them. She doesn't welcome any other new relationship in her life. She doesn't trust people.

When she arrived to the top floor of the building she was greeted by her secretary, but more like best friend and only trusted person. Erza Scarlet. "Early as always."

"And so were you." Lucy answered and smiled as she entered her large empty looking room. The room was white.. and black and glass walls. Yeah. Only those colors and the glass walls. Call it dull, she doesn't care. She sat on her comfy looking rotating chair and started her work.

"Well I should be here earlier than you were but you always get here the same time I do."

"It's 7. –"

"And your shift doesn't start until 8."

"There's no difference when I start early. It would be better. Should not waste time." Lucy answered, there's still a smile plastered on her face but her eyes focus on the big screen of her computer.

Erza sighed, walked towards Lucy and gave her coffee. "Caramel Latte, more cream, more whip with strawberry syrup made just the way you liked it."

"Thanks you're the best." She stopped typing for a while and took a sip then back to what she was doing. Erza just stood in front of her large table and stare at her in disbelief. How come there's a sexy, young, rich and beautiful lady in front of her that was focused only on her future. More like the company's future. She should be like the others. Erza thought.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Lucy asked, still without removing her eyes from the screen and continued typing something. This made Erza snapped out of her trance.

"Lucy, you know I'm your best friend or rather I should say 'bigger sister'?" Lucy just nodded. "You see I was wondering if you eat this morning?"

"Uhh. Does drinking coffee counts?"

"No." Erza crossed her arms across her chest. "You mean that coffee is the first in you today?"

"Yeah. I don't have enough time making breakfast or just eating."

"You'll get sick if you're always like that. You should at least eat. These past few days I noticed you're more and more getting into your work. Think your working condition gets worst?"

"Well Erza that's because I need to." Lucy just smiled at her. She knew Erza's just concern but she need to do things perfect.

"But you don't have life."

Lucy paused for a while and looked at Erza confused. Then she sips on her coffee again. "I have life."

"What I mean was, you don't have life beyond the four corners of this office." Erza said stressing her point.

"I jog every morning.. " She looked at Erza but still her fingers did not stop what it was doing. Lucy saw Erza's shocked-like expression and turns to her screen again. "..if that helps."

Erza face palmed. "I think you should go hang out with me sometime."

"Nah. Uh. I'm fully booked you know that."

"But Lucy-"

"Crap it's quarter to eight. I need to see fath- I mean Mr. CEO. I was tasked with another project." Lucy sang as she stood from her chair, grabbed her phone and walked towards the doors. "Ohh wait, Erza?" The said girl turned towards the source of the voice.


"Please give me a schedule of my meetings today. Just leave it on my desk, also please put the time and place. I'll just go see father. If anyone calls, ignore it or just.. you know what to do. Be right back!" She waved at Erza and dashed to the farthest room in the floor same as hers.

"Oh that girl." Erza muttered before she left. Her office was just across Lucy's and they are just separated by glass walls which gave them free access or more like watch to what the other was doing.

Every day she watches how Lucy drowns herself of work, even her works as her secretary was taken by her. She perfectly knew Lucy, they were friends since middle school and that's the beginning of their friendship. She used to beat up every kid that tries to befriend Lucy and just use her fortune. Erza hated seeing Lucy being used like that so one day she beat up those kids that uses her. She always persuaded Lucy to become strong. They even trained for that. But sadly she wasn't able to be physically strong like Erza. But inside, Erza has to admit that Lucy is so much stronger than she was. Well, other than business means that's why Lucy doesn't trust anyone now.


Erza snapped out of her trance. She looked up and saw Lucy came back with a tall file of papers. She immediately walk back to her office and gave her what she asked for a while ago. Lucy on the other hand runs a hand through her hair. She leaned on her hand that leans on the table. "What happened? W-What are these?"

"Just some more papers to do." Lucy goes back to what she was doing.

"Your last meeting ends at five." Erza started as she hands her the list of Lucy's meetings. "Think you can have some time? For me?"

Lucy suddenly paused what she was doing again and saw Erza look at her with a somehow pleading eye. "Do you think it will hurt?"

"What will hurt?"

"Not follow my schedule?"

Erza sighed in disbelief but she smiled at her. "You know you're the boss right?" Lucy nodded. "After your last meeting you don't have anything else to do for today. It's Friday Lucy. No office tomorrow."


"Spare me your buts next time. We're just going to eat. Look at you, you're skin and bones. Besides I miss you Lucy, I've been asking you since last month but you always refuse."


Erza smirked. She was the only one whom Lucy listens to, well aside from her father. "So what are these papers for?"

"Oh that. Father asked me to manage the hotels. He said I need to think of another attraction for the hotel."

"What else does that hotel doesn't have?"

"Well that's the question. I can't really promote when it doesn't have anything new about it."

"Hmmm.. Maybe you should invite guests."

"What do you mean guests? All of the people who-"

"No not that. What I mean was performers. Famous ones to match your hotel."

"I've thought of that. But our guests are mostly old business men or their family."

"Ever think of adding another age bracket in your target pop?"

Lucy smiled and nodded.

"Okay. I'll be over there if you need anything. AND YOU'LL EAT WITH ME LATER!" Erza threatened and walked back to her table.

"Y-Yes." Lucy smiled at her best friend. "Thanks Erza."

The day passed by in a blink of an eye. Lucy was walking down back from the conference room with Erza with another stack of papers. Papers to be approve. Papers to reject. And papers to review. It's always like this. More paper works every after meeting.

"Oh god. I'm so tired." Lucy let out an exhausted breathe as she walk. Then her stomach rumbles.

"It's because you haven't eaten anything yet. You refused to go lunch with me, remember?"

"But I need to be at the meeting early so I skipped."

"Anyway, that's the last."


"I knew it you forgot."

"Of course not. I'm just playing around." Lucy said grinning at Erza. She hugged Erza from the side. "I'm sorry.."

"Huh? For what?"

"For the whole month of refusing you. I didn't notice it has been a month. Sorry."

"It's fine. I understand you."

"Thanks." Lucy mumbled as she pulled away from her and runs back to her office. "Hurry! I'm hungry!"

When they arrived Erza immediately set the papers down at Lucy's table. They grabbed their wallet, bag, keys and phone. Then they hurried to the entrance of the building.

"We'll use my car today. I'm driving." Erza spoke.

Lucy gulped. She knew how Erza drive but can she refuse? No. This was Erza. As much as she loved, Lucy also fears her wrath, which is the last thing she needed.

"Oh here it is." Lucy's eyes widen at the sight of a luscious red car that came into sight. It looked so awesome.

"What happen to your truck?"

"What happen? It's still the truck." Lucy turned her gaze back to the car. The truck was just a few feet behind it. Oh the embarrassment. The awesome looking red car didn't stop. Instead it just runs faster, alerting the guards.

"What was that about?" Suddenly a group of guards with rifle guns were surrounding Lucy and Erza. "Hey. What's happening?" Lucy pushed aside one of the guards and all she saw was the back of the car and the customized plate of 'Fairy Red'. Then she was pulled back inside the circle by Erza.

"Secured. She is protected." One of the guards spoke to the other guy on the line. "Everything looks clear now." The one talking, who looks like the leader of the group turned his back and faced the two girls inside. "Ma'am you are now safe."

"T-Thank you?" Lucy stuttered and her greetings were stated like a question. "What was that?"

"Apparently ma'am it's just a youngster who liked playing around. Sorry for the inconvenience you can now continue." Once the coast looked clear all of the guards who protected them are now gone. They went back to their positions and everything turned back to normal like nothing happened.

"Let's go Lucy before another of something like that happens again." Erza pulled Lucy and in a second Lucy found herself inside Erza's monstrous truck. "You okay girl?"

"Yeah. Just shocked. I'm just curious why did that certain person did that. It's not like he can benefit from it."

Erza put on Lucy's seat belt since she was too shocked from what just happened. "Apparently, he or she benefits from it."


"It's called fun Lucy."

"I'll never understand that kind of fun."

Erza sighed and shook her head. "Oh Lucy, you're hopeless. It's a good thing I knew you in middle school or else I'll find you really weird."

Lucy furrowed her brows but shrugged the argument off. It's no use arguing with Erza. She'll only lose to her anyways, so why waste time? "So Erza?"

"Hm?" Erza mover her head to the side gesturing that she's listening but not take off her eyes from the road.

"Where we going?"

"You'll see." And like a cue Lucy held to the handle by the door when Erza increased her speed.

They arrived at a large circular structure with blinking lights in front that says 'High Life'. Loud sounds came from the inside and a lot of teenagers were outside. Some are drinking on top of their cars, some making out, some laughing, others just alone, some chatting but what caught Lucy's eyes the most was the long line at the entrance of the structure.

"We're going to eat here?"


"There's a line. And it's so loud inside don-" She looked at Erza and saw she was wearing another outfit as they walked to the entrance. "When did you change?"

"Back at the truck when you're busy observing your surroundings."

"Quick as always." Erza handed Lucy as paper bag. "Take it. You need to change."

"Why? I don't think my dress in not appropriate."

"It's office wear Lucy. Besides wear pants it might get wild inside."

"Wild? But why? And I think we should go to another. It's a long line here you see."

Erza just smirked and pulled her phone out. She dialled a certain number and in minutes she turned back to Lucy and smiled.

"So what now?" Lucy asked.

"Just wait in a-"

"Hey Erza!" A young man in black coat the reached his knees came running to them.

"That was fast." Erza stepped forward to meet the guy that in Lucy's sight has a royal blue hair, black shirt and pants covered with the snow white fur coat.

"Well I don't want you waiting here so long. Besides it's not really a good environment from what I see from your companion's reaction?" He turned to Lucy and reached his hand to her.

"I'm Jellal Fernandes."

But this was Lucy, she don't trust people so she didn't answer. Instead she turned to Erza with a questioning look. Erza seemed like understand it so she nodded. Feeling the awkwardness, Jellal set his hand down and turned to Erza also. "Lucy this is Jellal." Lucy just nodded. "He is my boyfriend."

Lucy's eyes gaped open. "Really? Why is it that you are her boyfriend?"

"LUCY!" Erza tried to scold her. Jellal was surprised by Lucy's question and to how she reacted.

"But Erza how could I be sure he won't hurt you!?" Erza's eyes widen then soften. Lucy could be really childish sometimes but she only cares for Erza. Lucy tends to be protective, always.

Jellal laughed really loud that it caught the attention of others.

"Why are you laughing?" Lucy asked him with one eyebrow popped up.

"Erza you didn't tell me you have a wonderful funny friend." Sensing Lucy's glare he stopped laughing. "Just kidding.. But really you're cool!" He tried to high-five with her but she still ignored him.

"Sorry 'bout her. She's just.. stressed from work."

"I'm not." Lucy retorted.

"Stop acting childish Lucy." But she still looks away and crossed her arms. Erza sighed and leaned to her hands.


"Lucy is it?" Jellal cut her off when they said her name at the same time. "I can't promise you I won't hurt Erza. But one thing's for sure, I'll never leave her side and won't ever give up on her." Erza was taken aback and blushed madly. This caught Lucy's attention and she turned towards Jellal with a questioning look. Jellal grinned at her.

"Fine. Prove it. But if ever you did that I promise, I swear on my life I'll summon every military man in the world to hunt you down." Jellal's sweat dropped. Then Lucy stepped past them towards the circular building.

"Sorry. She just doesn't find new people trustworthy." Erza sling her arm around Jellal's and walked to the building.

Jellal on the other hand was still shock and felt a bit scared of the little blonde girl. "Does what she said scare you that much?"

"N-Not really. But because of what you said about her I think she could really summon that number of military men. I think she's that powerful."

"Oh not only that her family also have ties with the marine and air forces." Erza smirked and Jellal stared blankly.

"I think I'll be more caring for you starting now."

"You scared? Do you have any plans of doing that?" Erza pulled away from him. But he grabbed her immediately.

"No." He turned her so she was facing him. He put a hand on Erza's cheek. "Just felt threatened. Don't want to mess around that girl."

Erza smiled and hugged him. "Hey! How long am I going to wait before I can eat?" They pulled away and saw Lucy at the end of the line going to the entrance. They run to her and grabbed her.

"You don't need to wait there. I practically own the place so let's go." Jellal said as he led the way to the VIP entrance.

"Uhh wait Jellal can you lead us to a comfort room for a sec? I need to transform Miss Lucy here."

Jellal looked at Lucy and saw her very formal office wear. "Yeah I think you should change."

They went inside. Erza and Jellal walked towards the crowd heading backstage and they did not notice that Lucy stopped by the entrance. She stared and tried to absorb everything. It was her first time entering a place like this. She's never seen people do things like this. And the loud music made Lucy cover her ears for a while as if adjusting to her environment. She looked around. It was very large on the inside. It was dimly lit but was there were occasional light works that moves around and there were some lanterns on the tables but it was lit darkly. On the center were the group of people, slamming and dancing with each other, there are tables on the side that are somehow place on the elevated platform from the center. As Lucy looked up there were lights of different colors and there were about three floors for tables but still over looking at the ground where people dances.

"And live while we're young.."

That's the last thing that Lucy noticed. There was a band singing on the center front of the building. She stared at the band and saw a young man, maybe just a little older than her. Lucy watched him as he give life and joy inside the whole dark building. His smile is the most beautiful she saw ever seen and it made the girls squeal in joy. Everyone roared whoo's and ahhh's with claps as the boy stopped singing and talked to them for a while. Suddenly the boy Lucy was staring at locked an eye with her. He smiled at her and she can't stop herself from smiling back.

The guy wears a black shirt that says 'I'm the man' in font, white pants and he has a scarf which is fashionably placed on his neck. He jumped off the stage and made his way towards Lucy without breaking their gazes. In less than a minute he was in front of Lucy looking at her big brown eyes. He slings his arm around her waist and crashed his lips onto hers.