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Chapter 45


She turned to the source of the voice. Behind her stood, Sting and Rogue who seemed to be looking at her intently. From the looks of their faces, she could see they needed something from her. Lisanna noticed another person behind them, maintaining a good distance and has immediately averted her gaze once Lisanna took notice of her. When Lisanna looked a little longer she realized who the girl is. Yukino. She's the girl who eavesdropped their conversation which results for Jiemma to capture her. Rogue broke her out and together with Natsu they stopped the wedding.

That girl who ruined everything. The reason why nothing went as planned. She smiled unknowingly. It didn't matter now.

"We heard what you said.." Sting started inserting his hands in his pockets with a knowing smirk on his face. "You said you knew who Natsu really is." He said.

Lisanna's eyes widened. She didn't know how they overheard them but they did. Natsu's real identity is not something Lisanna was sure of. She had just a good guess because the evidences in Jiemma's investigation led them to Natsu. She still needs confirmation. She shook her head.

Sting frowned. "You won't tell us?"

"I don't.. I.. It's not that." She looked down on her feet. "I'm not sure about what I said. I just guessed." But his reaction when she told him she knew who he really is told her everything. Still, it's hard to believe. And she wanted to hear it straight from him.

Sting looked defeated. "Just when I thought you'll be paying up." Lisanna looked at him curiously. And she figured Sting was talking to Rogue about some kind of bet about Natsu's identity.

"Then.." The voice hesitated and they all turned to see Yukino walking towards them. She looked at Lisanna and took a step back but Sting made and encouraging look and extended his hand to her. She smiled and gladly took it. She looked back at Lisanna. "Then.. Why do you want to to talk to Lucy and Natsu?"

Lisanna stiffened. "H-How'd —"

"You and Minerva were actually shouting back then.." Rogue said as a matter of factly. "What is so important that you picked a fight with Minerva just to talk to them?"

She looked down again. "I-It's nothing..."

Rogue walked towards her and leaned forward. "You do know who the Board Member that's after the Heartfilia Co. Do you?" He whispered and pulled away. When he pulled away Lisanna was shocked. "Your reaction says it all. Who is it?"

"How did you know about that?"

Rogue sighed. "I'm taking over our company since father's.. in prison. I have all his documents which contains all of his transactions, meetings, deals and all that he's done whether in relation to the company or not."

Lisanna looked at Rogue. He knew something. Would it be good to let them know? Would it be better if they know? Would it give Lucy any help? "I..."

"I know you know. I just don't know what's holding you back from saying it. But I know you do know." Rogue said not noticing Lisanna started to say something. "Whoever he is or if ever you're working for that person tell him to stop it." Lisanna looked up. "I.. We're—" he said gesturing towards the three of them. "—on Lucy's side. No matter what. We don't need to know who it is, soon he or she will show up and tell him we'll be ready." With that they all left Lisanna staring at their backs as they made their way to their dressing room.

When Lucy went out of the backstage saying she needed to do something important she didn't mean it at all. She just felt suffocated inside and needed to breathe. When she's outside she leaned on one wall outside the hotel's premise. It didn't even matter that the guards and other staffs of the hotel looked at her incredulously. She just seriously needed to breathe.

"Why are you here?" Lucy, quite surprised, turned to see Makarov. His hands in his back as he started to walk towards her. "I just heard Fairy Law's next, aren't you watching him?"

When Lucy had finally calmed down, she said, "I will." And she grinned.

"Lucy.." Makarov called for her just in time before she enters the backstage again. "I heard you increased the security."

She flinched a bit but looked back at him. "I thought you did that?"

Makarov, surprised that Natsu didn't tell Lucy about it, cleared his throat. "I didn't." Lucy looked at him in question. There was silence between them, both thinking of something to say. "I.."

"I'll send Loke and Capricorn to check for that." Lucy said still smiling. "Maybe another Board came up with that or something." She said and started to walk back inside again but stopped when he called her.

Makarov sighed. "Lucy. Listen."

She looked at him. Worry suddenly rising in her stomach. She really felt uneasy. And the longer it takes before Makarov talks the longer she felt like she needed to breathe again. Lucy felt like she needed to get away because the air around the hotel just doesn't seem enough for her.

"There's more to the things that you see and know." She looked at him incredulously. "There's more to things than you hear."


"Just know you should be careful. Do not trust any of the Board."


"You do know what I mean child. You do know who I mean."

Lucy's eyes widened. "H-How?" She shook her head. "What do you mean? Uncle Jiemma's—"

"No." Makarov reached for her hand. "Just know that we're always here. And I'm sure Natsu will always be with you." Makarov paused examining the weird reaction she's giving him. "Still, be careful who you trust."

"I.. I.."

"What is it?"

Lucy looked at the floor. "Nothing." She muttered. The cheers from the side of the stage was heard. "I should be going now. Fairy Law should be —"

"Wait Lucy." Lucy turned back and looked at the worried face of Makarov. His eyes serious but is laced with some kind of sadness and worry. He let out a heavy breath he's been keeping. "Lucy.. I have something to tell you."

Lucy looked at him curiously, her ears strained to hear what the old man was about to say. She felt her heart beating loudly in her chest. But after everything that she had acquired after Mr. Queen's visit.. what else would surprise her? She looked down on her feet. "We-Well I have something to tell you too."

Makarov looked at her confusedly.

She looked up and smiled weakly. "Well.. Go ahead. You first Gramps. What is it?" She hesitatingly asked as the long pause continued after what Makarov last said.

"It's very important for you to know this. It's about you.. the companies.."

"Aaaaaaaany minute now. Aaaaaany minute now." Chapati Lola kept on chanting as sweat started to roll down his forehead. Fairy Law sure knows how to take their time. They've been 5 or 10 minutes late for their performance and the crowd is getting impatient. Still, they were shouting their names cheering like there's tomorrow. And kept on waving their banners high up in support for their favorite band.

"Fairy Law! Fairy Law! Fairy Law!" The crowd roared. Shouting different cheers as they wait for their idols. Chapati Lola kept on glancing from both sides of the stage to look for any signs that the band is going to show up any minute now.

"Sure this band knows how to prolong your agony!" Chapati Lola said with a mix of irritation and impatience in his voice. From the corner of his eyes a man from the crew signaled him to continue talking. "So.. Fairy Law.. Have you —"

Suddenly the sound of a beat from the drum set just behind the stage surprised the while crowd even Chapati and the staff. The spotlight shifted to Gajeel who's holding his drumsticks in both hands and smirking at the crowd. The fans cheered louder but before they could chant his name Levy played some keys in her keyboard stealing the attention of the crowd as the spotlight turned to her. Juvia tried the bass in tune of My Lucky Strike, the first song she played with the band. The crowd sheered even louder when Gray hogged all the spotlight to himself when he tried his guitar and played some upbeat tune. He winked at some girls making them squeal and yell a tad bit louder 'I Love You Gray', which made Juvia glare a little at those girls.

"Fairy Law sure knows how to make a good entrance!"

Chapati Lola couldn't help but feel relief came rushing to him. He felt like he could cry right now that they appeared. The truth is he's running out of things to say and he felt like their fans will chew his head off if Fairy Law didn't come sooner.

It became silent once the stage lights turned off. Little by little the lights came back blinking as smoke started to fill the stage and at the center is a rising platform. When the lights finally fully came back, the platform flat with the stage, the smoke almost cleared the fans started to wonder what the effect and everything was for. They blinked in confusion even Chapati Lola and the band members.

"That idiot.." Gray muttered under his breath.

"Where's Natsu?" Levy asked Gray quietly. "Jellal chose that entrance solely for him."

Mutters and whispers of 'What was that for?' 'Was that suppose to happen?' 'When will they start?' 'What's taking everyone too long?' 'Hey! Where's Natsu?' was heard from the crowd.

Chapati Lola started. "It seems..."

Then the crowd from one side of the stage started cheering and girls squealing as the much awaited pink-haired vocalist emerged from the side of the stage. "I'm here! I'm here!"

Natsu climbed up the stage two steps at a time with little difficulty and run up the center and flashed his famous grin. "We're gonna rock this stage!" He shouted and turned back to his bandmates.

Gray rolled his eyes. The entrance that Jellal had prepared for him turned to nothing. Was that idiot even listening this morning of what will happen tonight? Well no. Apparently he was too busy filling that paper bag wit food and sealing it, which he said he would give to Lucy. Well that's fine for everyone. But when Jellal was explaing more about what will happen to their part Natsu had just run off probably to give Lucy her packed breakfast. Gray shook his head and turned to his guitar ready always ready for his cue. Levy and Juvia just smiled at Natsu. Even if they knew Jellal's plan was ruined it was quite interesting how casually Natsu just showed up from the sides of the stage. And just made it a nice entrance. It was quite unusual coming from the sides of the staff still he showed up. No harm done.

"How are you feeling tonight? Hope still great!" Natsu started to talk to the fans. They actually didn't answer, they just kept on shouting and cheering which sounded as a 'yeah' or something like that.

"So..." He started kicking the cords that was in his way and started to walk from side to side. His eyes wide and alert for Lucy. He spotted Jellal and Erza somewhere on an elevated platform for the crew but the person he is actually looking wasn't there. "This song.. It's quite new.."

He strained his eyes. Jellal and Erza looked at each other sensing that Natsu must have been looking for Lucy. They gave him a thumbs up saying she's just fine and that he should not worry.

But that didn't help. "It's something we wrote.. Somewhere back then.."

"Natsu!" Gray hissed under his breath.

Natsu stopped at the center and grinned at his fans earning loud shouts and cheers for the band. Well, he knew very well how to use those charms. Natsu skimmed the Board Members, the judges and all the places where authorized people should be. But no sign of Lucy. He frowned a little, too little to be even noticed by anyone. Makarov wasn's there too. But it's not like Makarov has been to one of his concerts ever. Actually, he's looking for the old man to tell him through his eyes to go find Lucy.

He sighed in defeat. Maybe she's somewhere in the backstage or just somewhere he can't see. Somewhere where.. well at least if she's near the area she would hear him, at least. He smiled again. "Well.. You guys would be the judge to it." He finished.

I don't know where you're going

But do you got room for one more troubled soul

The crowd shouted even louder when Natsu suddenly started almost getting Levy off guard.

I don't where I'm going

But I don't think I'm coming home

And I say

I'll check in tomorrow

If I don't wake up dead

This is the ruin

And we're starting at the end

Say yeah!

Suddenly there was a loud annoying sound coming from the speaker which made most of the fans cover their ears with their hands and the band members flinched. Gray was the one who looked shock. That was actually his cue. He did strummed his guitar correctly, right? Natsu looked at him confusedly and Gray turned to look at his guitar and tried once more. But nothing came.

When the annoying sound finished Natsu spoke. He looked back to where Erza and Jellal were. The people there were doing something and was confused as hell. "Uhh, apparently there are technical difficulties.." It sounded more like a question as the crew and staff that was in sight can't give him any answer as to what had happen.

Well he just have to say something. Show's still on!

Natsu grinned. "He —"

"Mic check. Mic check. Mic check." Natsu was cut off as someone from the same speakers they were using spoke. "Oh.. Is it working now?"

Everyone looked around for the source of the voice but no one seemed to give them answers. From the corner of Natsu's eyes he could see men in black suit running around looking for the culprit.

"Oh. It's actually working. My bad." The man speaking in the speakers cleared his throat. "Well I'm sorry to interrupt everyone but I just couldn't sit here watching all of you be deceived by this young man." The crowd whispered. A confused and some annoyed look came from them.

"What does he mean deceiving?" Gray muttered out loud, scratching the back of his neck.

"Confused aren't you?" The man speaking chuckled. "I came to tell all of you the truth this precious vocalist of yours has been hiding all this time." Natsu stiffened as his eyes widened.

The whole band including Jellal and Erza stared at Natsu. He wasn't moving. They all have the same thoughts running in their mind.

"Well.. I know all of you have heard of the 'Lost Dragneel'." The crowd started to murmur.

'What lost Dragneel?' 'Is he even saying Natsu is that Natsu?' 'Hey. Come to think of it.. They have the same name.' 'But that won't confirm they're the same.' The crowd started to wonder loudly and discussions here and there started. Some were just looking at Natsu waiting for him to do something. But no. He's as cold and hard as ice. 'I don't think it's him. Do you think an heir would choose to even work? CEO is better than a vocalist.' 'I think he would make a hot CEO.'

Another chuckle. "Ohh the wonders. I'll fill you in." Natsu clenched his fist. "Right there, standing in front of each and everyone of you is none other than the long lost Natsu Dragneel." A loud gasp came from everyone. The staff who're avidly watching and the fans whose been looking at Natsu worriedly.

Gray looked around. It's useless to do something now. People are being given the information they're not supposed to know. The band didn't even talked about what would they do if something like this happens.. Well no one saw it coming cause they trusted Natsu could keep secrets especially this. They didn't know what to do with Lucy —

"NATSU!" Gray shouted at the frozen man at the center of the stage. "NATSU!" He didn't even budge. His fists are clenched and he's obviously shaking.. whether in anger or a whole other reason.. Gray didn't know. "LUCY!"

That name kept on echoing in Natsu's ear once Gray shouted it. His eyes widened even more. He turned his head from left to right and back again and again frantically looking for the said girl. Natsu didn't saw this coming. He was sure he didn't tell anyone about who he really is except his friends of course. And the last person who should know about this probably already knew it and the very important person whom, as he told himself, strictly should not know anything about it until the time comes was no where in sight. Panic started to rise from his stomach to his throat and to his airways making it hard to breathe. But Natsu wouldn't care less. He don't know how Lucy would take this. Would she even believe that? How was she taking it? Or did she even hear it?

That one last thought gave him hope, though he knew sooner or later Lucy would get a hold of the information of what happened here. He doesn't care. It's just got to be him who should tell her that. It's just got to be him. No one else but him.

"Ahh! Yes. That Heartfilia girl." Natsu stopped and glared at the speaker at the mention of Lucy. "Where is she anyway?"

"They don't have Lucy, Natsu!" Levy whisper-shouted to Natsu.

Natsu looked back at her and she nodded at him. Just then, Natsu started to run towards the backstage exit but he suddenly stopped when a gun shot was fired. The crowd shouted in fear and started to run towards the exits. Natsu looked back in front of him. There stood men in black suit, three people holding their guns aimed at him. And another had his hand holding a gun in the air. Natsu glared at the guys who blocked his way and growled. Gray immediately yanked him away from them.

"Damn it!" Natsu hissed furiously.

The whole band was pushed at the very center of the stage, as several other groups of men in black surrounded them and their guns aimed at them.

Suddenly, the men in black started to make way. At the end Natsu could see a man's silhouette. He couldn't see him clearly as the lights were behind him. He walked towards the band and chuckled. "Pathetic." He sneered in disgust. He turned his gaze to the guards. "Tie the others up."

Levy, Juvia, Gray and Gajeel were forcibly pulled away from their little group at the center. Natsu can't seem to do anything. Gray and Gajeel tried to fight off but the men in black overpowered them in number and started tying them up.

"Let them go!" Natsu hissed and glared at the man standing in front of him. He was about to punch him but two men went behind him and yanked him back. Another punched him to the gut and then the face.

"Why would I?" The man said nonchalantly and chuckled.

"I'm the one you needed!"

"You really look pathetic right now, Mr. Natsu Dragneel." The man chuckled. "Why would I even need you?" He shrugged. "Well, yes you're needed but who I truly want was Lucy Heartfilia. Where is she?"

Natsu smirked. "You think I'll just give her to you?" He smiled smugly. "Over my dead body!"

The man extended his hand to the side and a gun was handed to him. "Very well then." He started to walk to Natsu as he was held by two men in black suit. He pointed a gun towards Natsu's throat. "Hm. Where should it be? Here?" He smiled and pointed the gun to Natsu's heart. "Here?" The man chuckled. "Ahh. I know." He lifted the gun and pointed it to Natsu's head. "This is better. Just like how your mother died."

Natsu's eyes widened. "M-My mom...?" He stopped struggling and felt his whole body go limp.

The man looked at Natsu with interest and confusion. "How.. How.." He laughed. "How ridiculous!" He laughed harder. "Come to think of it. In your 10 years of hiding you didn't even tell a soul of what had happen in that cruise ship."

Natsu was shaking. He just couldn't believe what he was hearing. The man he and Makarov have been searching for the past 10 years was standing right in front of him. The gun shot in the head.. Does that mean that his parents did not died drowning? He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. Think. He needs to know the truth. He needs to know what really happened 10 years ago on that cruise ship. He needs to know what happened to his mother and father.

Suddenly the man hit Natsu on the cheek with the base of the gun. He was thrown off to the ground with aloud thud.

"Natsu!" Levy whimpered.

Gray growled as Gajeel glared at the man who just hit Natsu. They kept on struggling from the men in black who kept firm grip on them.

Juvia's eyes were wide.

"All those years of trying to look for you..." The man started as he walked towards Natsu again. He kicked him to the side. "All wasted because you can't remember anything?!"

Natsu turned his head and pushed himself off the ground glaring at the man.

"You didn't know a single thing! Pathetic, useless!"

Natsu was pushed back to the ground as the man stepped on his back again and again. Natsu coughed as he laid there weakly.

The man chuckled. "Your stupid mother protected you and so she died. A gun shot to her head and boom. She's down!" He said manically.

Natsu gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly. Once again he tried to push himself off the ground as he glared at the smirking man. "What the hell did she do to you?! What the hell did my family do to you?!"

The man laughed. "You should just die not knowing anything." He pointed the gun towards Natsu's head. "Either way I'll still get to do what I have to do with that Lucy Heartfilia." He said like it was venom on his tongue.

Natsu's eyes widened. He's totally forgot about her. "Don't you dare touch her!" He growled as he pushed himself up to stand on his wobbly legs.

"Like you could do something!" The man smiled smugly. "You can't even protect her now.. You don't even know where she is."

"I will protect her even if it cost my life!"

"Words. Words. Those are just words. You can't do anything once I blow up your head." The man lifted his gun to Natsu's head once again. He smiled manically. "Die."

Suddenly, a gun shot and shouts echoed in the cold and empty night.

"Natsu!" Levy and Juvia shouted as they closed their eyes and whimpered.

Gray and Gajeel has their eyes wide and shock staring at Natsu who was still standing in front of the man. The gun was thrown meters away from the man's hand and fell off the stage. All of them turned to look at the source of that gun shot. And all their eyes widened in shock.

Natsu's eyes widened. "L-Lucy?"

Gray and Gajeel was staring at her like she was some alien who just landed right in front of them and couldn't take their eyes off her. Levy and Juvia hesitantly opened their eyes at the sound of Lucy's name. Somehow, relief rushed to them when she stepped into the group, the men in black making way for her as she pointed her gun towards their boss.

"Get away from him, Jose!" She threatened.

Jose chuckled. "What would a poor little girl could do?" He mocked.

Lucy then pointed her gun at Jose and fired just right above his ear grazing some of his hair. "That. Isn't that enough?"

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