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So another one of these! I know it's a weird ship but there's not really many AG ships except Felicity/Ben, so I like this one!

Oh, as a fun fact about AG, have you seen the pictures of the new Girl of the Year, Saige? They're on AG Playthings I think (one of those AG/doll news websites). Okay, that's all!

Emily Bennett sat on the rock wall at the edge of the schoolyard, watching Molly, Linda, and Susan jump rope. Though she didn't want to jump rope with them, it was rather boring to be there all by herself, and she wished shed brought her book with her. Or her diary. Something.

"Emily!" Tim ran up to her, looking relived. "I was looking for you!"

Emily's eyes widened. "You were? Me?" She immediately forgot her boredom, and hopped down from the rock wall. "Why?"

"I wanted to know where you were?" Tim said nervously. "I wanted to talk to you. I thought maybe you were playing with Molly."

Emily half-smiled. "No, I don't much like jumping rope. What did you want to talk to me about? Nobody's really been paying much attention to me, except to talk about my accent, so I'd really be delighted to talk to someone."

For some reason, this seemed to calm Tim down. "Really? Just because you're British? That's stupid. I don't want to talk to you about THAT. This is, well, different. Do you know about Annie and Daniel?"

There was a silence. Suddenly, Emily's face seemed to light up. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "Yes, Tim, I heard! What do you mean about-about them?"

Tim glanced around. "Emily, I'd like us to be like that, too."

Emily's eyes widened. "Me too," she said after a second. And with that, he kissed her.

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