Before we begin, just let me say that this is set after Light's death~for anyone who's seen the second Death Note live action movie, the situation is basically the same, minus the fact that L only has twenty something days to live. So Light is dead, L has destroyed the death note, and Ryuk, finding that the human world has given him all the amusement that it can, returns to the world of shinigami.

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"Give me the death note." The hissing shinigami clawed wildly at his elder's face. Ryuk was painfully annoying.

"Why should I?" That smile, that hideous smile. Something about it stirred unpleasant memories in his head. "It's so funny watching you try to retrieve it."

The first shinigami dove at his grinning opponent, eyes shining with red-hot rage "GIVE ME THE NOTE, YOU APPLE LOVING FREAK!" His long, pale fingers brushed the note only slightly before gasping in terror as Ryuk tossed it nonchalantly over the edge and into the human world. "YOU IDIOT!"

"You know the rules, go see what stupid human caught it." With a hard pat on the back, Ryuk sent the smaller of the two toppling over the edge after his note. "Banzai!" He called out teasingly, before spreading his own wings and following, if only out of curiosity. Little did he know that he would soon be playing spectator to the ensuing madness.

After the Kira case had been successfully solved, and Light had been killed by the very shinigami who had begun the entire thing, L still did not feel at peace. He would sit in the investigation headquarters, day after day, looking over the data again and frequently snacking on the various pastries that Watari served him. For the first time in his life, he felt tired. Not so much physically; it showed itself in other ways, and when Matsuda came around to visit the only conversation the ditzy officer could force out of the detective was one of the tedious pace of things now that Kira was gone. There were no more great mysteries. L felt as if this had been the last great case of his life, and unconsciously felt himself wishing for companionship. Not that he didn't already have friends. He had many, even Misa came at times, and yet they didn't even begin to fill the gap. The conversations that he had with Light played in his head. If Light hadn't been Kira, he was sure that there could have been a connection... one more meaningful than what they shared before, the self-benefiting relationship of detective and suspect, one that caused nothing but deceit and hatred to build up between the two.

"Watari, that's enough for today. Thank you." The tray of sweets didn't even concern L at the moment. He dragged himself up from his chair and made his way to the rooftop. The sky was grey. Lately it was always grey, but there hadn't been any rain. The earth felt in need of renewal, much like L himself. The weather struck a chord with him, lowering his mood even further, and as he stood atop the building, staring up at the sky, he found himself praying silently. Praying for the rain. Wishing that it would come and wash his feelings away. He sat down, clutching his knees and sighing as he remembered the last time it had rained. On a whim, he had made Light run out into the storm to talk to him. Light really hadn't had anything to say, but either way he'd risked catching a cold and ran out to talk to the detective. L had known how much Light hated rain, and the feeling of wet clothing against his skin seemed to make him squirm uncomfortably. It didn't bother L much, so he neglected drying himself off for the moment and had helped his friend to remove the thin coat of bothersome rain from his soft skin. Starting with the feet and ankles, he'd worked his way up to Light's knees before the boy awkwardly commanded him to stop and pushed him away gently, bringing his own towel to the mop of wet hair that dripped cold water all around L. It was kindness, surely. There wasn't a hint of anything other than concern in Light's face, those big brown eyes staring down at him so convincingly that he began to doubt his own reasoning. Could this innocent boy really be-really have been Kira? It had all happened so fast after that, it was a wonder that L didn't lose his mind. Hah, that wasn't true in the least. He was thinking of Light so often that it had to be considered near insanity.

A single cold drop of water trickled down L's face, and for a moment he was unable to tell if it was the rain, or his own tears slipping out without notice. Sweet relief burst from the sky, and as he felt the rain's cold touch soaking him to the bone. Something else fell along with the rain, straight onto the ground in front of L, something he'd seen before and knew oh too well. The thin book's black cover beckoned to him, and as L regarded the book in awe, he reached out and brushed the raised white letters with the tips on his fingers. His prayers had been answered.