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The shinigami watched from the shadows, piercing red eyes trained on one person. His bloodlust burned inside him, boiling and churning in the pit of his stomach. Along with it, he felt another feeling. Something wretched. Perhaps it was a hint of what humans called jealousy. He had never considered himself to be driven by jealousy, rather by mad desire; however the thing he desired more than anything had been plucked, pilfered, stolen. There was no doubt about it. The shinigami Kira had taken more than just his life. He had stolen his heart, his mind...

... his L.

"You're working too hard." Light looked over L's research. This won't do. Despite the fact that he and L were once again on different sides, he found himself in a fine state of mind. It felt almost nostalgic to see the investigation team working feverishly to catch a killer. A killer he himself was giving orders to, and that L was so close to finding. So, so close.

"Kira... I know you're out there somewhere..." L skimmed through more and more data, while Light fought back the overwhelming urge to lean in and whisper 'I'm right here', though the detective would certainly take it as more than a joke. Perhaps this time, he would triumph.

Though he had already lost the greatest battle of all, and paid dearly. The fact that his feet were now a good six inches off the ground proved the fact correct. He wasn't cut out for domestic life, but life with L had been anything but. He knew the great detective far better than to expect him to quietly slink into the shadows and live a quiet life for the sake of emotional commitment.

Then again, that was just the way Light liked it.

He wandered into the kitchen, absent mindedly rifling through the fridge for a snack. He pulled out a small unlabelled jar of jam. Definitely not one of his favourite foods. L had never shown an interest in it either, except for when it was used as doughnut filling or as a sugar boost for pastries. He set it down on the counter, looking for something else more suited to his tastes. His thoughts were too wrapped up in the new Kira case for him to notice that when he finished his search, the jar was empty.

L hadn't bought the jam, didn't quite know where it came from, and wasn't at all pleased to see the jar. He wasn't a sentimental man, and that was exactly why he didn't want to be reminded of the past. The smell of this type of jam was unique. Sweet with just a hint of tart, and something else entirely indecipherable. He knew the man who had made it.

He hadn't seen jam of this type for quite some time. The man who's made it was murdered. Parts of his body put in with his own fruity creation. Most of the body, that is. Not all of it. Some parts were missing. He had never read the case files, but he knew which ones.

He had very clearly seen with his own eyes that the body was not complete on the morning he found it.