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One way to make it come crashing down,

One way for the walls to fall.

One way to bring round the end of the crown,

One way to bring the end of them all.

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Chapter Four.


The sudden swoop almost made him lose his footing. Everything was going wrong. Everything had gone wrong. So much for a surprise attack.

He, Susan and Caspian fought their way as best they could through the ranks of waiting soldiers, but instead of slipping through Doctor Cornelius' window, like they were supposed to, they were forced to use one of the tower entrances. Everything was, so far, going really badly.

A few minutes into the castle, after they had stopped by the Doctor's chambers, Caspian began to insist that he rescue his beloved tutor. Peter attempted to argue, but Caspian gave him such a glare that he had to relent, so the prince made his way down to the dungeons while Peter and Susan, who, despite themselves, lingered in the room for a little longer to examine some of the books on Narnian lore, continued down to the gate. In one particular corridor they encountered a small, round man with a long silver beard. Upon seeing them, the man took a step back, stared at them in wonder for a moment before dropping to his knees, saying in a breathless voice:

"Your majesties!"

Peter had already begun to draw his sword, but upon hearing that he stopped and motioned for the man to rise, which he did with a great deal of puffing.

"You're...Doctor Cornelius?" Peter asked, and the man, apparently Caspian's tutor, nodded, looking harried.

"Do you know where Caspian is?" Susan interrupted, "He was supposed to be rescuing you."

Cornelius nodded again, a brief frown crossing his face. "He did," he said, sounding slightly desperate, "But then I told him...about his father...and Miraz-"

Peter's eyes widened, realisation dawning across his features. "Which way to Miraz's chambers?"

Cornelius pointed, giving brief directions, and Peter, cursing Caspian's stupidity, allowed Susan to admit a brief thanks before taking off in the direction the Doctor had gestured. Upon rounding a corner, however, he collided with a heavily breathing Caspian, almost knocking them both over. Peter scowled.

"You idiot! What were you thinking? Everything could've been ruined because of you! And where's Miraz?"

"He wasn't there!" Caspian snarled, "And I barely disrupted anything!"

Peter practically began to swell, and Susan, sensing an argument, grabbed his arm. "Peter, the gate!" Which effectively brought him back to the task at hand and all three of them began running again.

"Foolish children."

They were almost at the doors. Peter whirled around in shock, and Caspian let out a low growl. Susan had to put a hand on his shoulder to keep the prince from darting out and attacking.

"What is it, Miraz?" Peter said in a low voice. The Telmarine lord smiled.

"You tried to infiltrate my castle."

"To free Narnia," Peter snapped.

Miraz grinned. "Foolish boy. Free Narnia? You have delivered it right into my hands!" from the corridor before them raced a group of soldiers. They stood to attention as they saw Miraz, and he nodded at them. "You know what to do."

Then Peter was running as he had never run before, arrows whizzing past his ears, the clash of metal boots coming closer and closer, and Miraz's cruel, mocking laugh. Then there came a great rumbling, and a cart of barrels went rolling on between them and their pursuers. Aslan bless Reepicheep and his soldiers.

But he kept on running until he reached the gate crank, turning it with all his might, calling for Caspian and Susan to help him. They began to twist the huge wheel, but a clatter of metal from behind him caught his attention. He turned and stared, silence blanketing the courtyard like a sheet. He saw the Telmarine archer lying dead beside a wall. He looked up and saw Edmund, standing and facing a row of furious soldiers. Peter immediately began to shriek at his younger brother to get out, but he had barely started before Edmund vanished into the tower behind him. Then the archers turned back to them.

"Hurry!" he began to turn the crank with new vigor, the others barely keeping up with him. The gate rose higher and higher, and yet still no Narnians came. Arrows were embedding themselves into the crank and the walls around him, but it seemed that the soldiers were deliberately not letting them hit. Peter turned, satisfied with the gate height, drew his sword and craned his neck upwards. There was nothing. Then - a flashing light. Peter exhaled, and charged towards the oncoming Telmarines, already having heard the Marnian battle cry.

The battle soon turned from three against hundreds to more evenly matched numbers on either side. Peter felt hope swell within him as the Narnians unleashed their long awaited wrath, but Miraz's words kept echoing in his head.

"...Free Narnia? You have delivered it right into my hands!"

The high king looked up, alert now as the sound of wingbeats whooshed overhead. Then Miraz's voice:

"Shoot the beast down!"

Seconds later the griffin froze, then toppled, unseating it's rider and spiraling down, death taking it as it went. But Peter watched as his little brother flew, almost gracefully, through the air and collided heavily with the ground.

Peter felt his heart stop, then, with a cry of rage, he threw himself forwards, to be met with an almost solid barrier of Telmarines. They forced him back into the fray no matter how much he resisted. He soon found himself battling side to side with a griffin, Rillwing, who turned to him after dispatching an enemy.

"Your majesty," Peter looked up at the creature before him, who was watching him warily, "I would consider it an honor I you would allow me to attempt to retrieve your brother." Here a band of Telmarines came in between them, and together they fought them off. "I'm willing to try."

Peter felt some of his panic ebb away, and he nodded, bowing his head and dispatching a Telmarine who came running at him from the side. Rillwing shift into the air and began wheeling, avoiding arrows as best he could, towards the far end of the courtyard. Peter was once again forced to be lost in the battle.

There was a great creaking and a rustling of chains as a Telmarine soldier released the gate, and it came speeding downwards. Asterius threw himself forwards, holding the gate up on his own, great chest heaving with effort.

Peter was left with no other alternative.

"Fall back!" he cried, trying to make himself heard over the sounds of battle around him. "Narnians, fall back!"

In one swift movement the majority of the army went flying towards the gate, and those that hadn't heard him soon caught on and followed. The Telmarines gave great cries of victory, raising their swords in the air as the Narnians fled, and the sounds of clanging metal began to diminish. Peter was surprised when Caspian rode up beside him, leading a horse for him and Doctor Cornelius beside him on another, Peter nodded and mounted, allowing Caspian to sweep Susan up before him on his own horse as they made their getaway, the last Narnians in the courtyard. Asterius dropped the gate as they rode past him and he ran alongside them across the drawbridge. Peter heard a rustling o wings behind him and felt relief flood his chest. It must be Rillwing.

Peter chanced a glance back at the castle as the Telmarines gave another deafening cheer of victory, and he thought, with a grimace, that although retreat had been called, this particular battle had turned out for the better rather than for the worse.


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