Title: After All the Games are Over, Will You Love Me?

Author: Bendyfish

Story line: Ianto is a bit of a player. Ianto treats Jack as a shag buddy, Jack is in love with Ianto but he will take whatever he can get from Ianto. Oh and someone is threatening Ianto. Very OOC. Ianto is a real estate agent, Jack is a private investigator

Rating: M, never done a true M rated story so apologies now if it sounds like a novice is writing M/M sex (is slash the right terminology?).

A/N - This first chapter has some necessary M/M, sorry if that offends readers but it is necessary to show the personality of Ianto which is very OOC.

Chapter One

The lights of club are pulsating in time with the beat of the loud music. The rhythmic beat echoes thru the bodies and the haze from the smoke machine intermittently reveals many young nubile men as they intermingle around each other. Some are dancing in groups, some are dancing in pairs. A lone, almost impossibly handsome man dances alone, seemingly oblivious to the stares of the men at the bar.

Ianto moves dream-like to the music, knowing that many sets of eyes are on him, he knows that he can pick up any and all the men in the gay club that he has chosen for the night, on the outskirts of Cardiff. Ianto gyrates his hips and raises his arms sensually swaying to the music, his head is arched back and his eyes are closed but the moment he opens them he sees what he is expecting, several men staring at him from the bar. He catches the eye of a blond haired man wearing a tight blue shirt opened to his mid chest showing off his abs and chest.

Ianto smiles at him and nodding his head slightly, without words, invites him to join him on the dance floor. The blond haired man slides up to Ianto, looks at him closely, attempting to gain more acknowledgement, Ianto grabs him by the waist and pulls him to him and he picks up the tempo of the dance and they are soon sizzling up the dance floor.

After two dance numbers Ianto asks the man, "Your place nearby?"

"Yeah, it's not much but its home" the man answers sensually .

Ianto stumbles out of the club, his arm wrapped around the handsome man that he has picked up for the night. The man kisses Ianto's neck and nuzzles his ear, clinging onto him in case he loses this handsome stranger. Ianto loosens the man's grip, recognising the desperation from the man, Ianto knows that he has that allure that men and women crave and he uses it to his advantage. "You're mine tonight, alright" it wasn't a question but an affirmation for the blond haired man.

As they walk, their arms around each others shoulders and waist, the blond haired man, kept on stealing glances at Ianto, and thinking I've hit the jackpot, his man is gorgeous and if the bulge in his pants is any indication, he's stacked as well. After a short 5 minutes walk, "Well, we're here" he said pointing up to a block of flats, traditional architectural and aged, "Fifth floor"

Stepping into the lift the blond haired man said, "I'm Lukas by the way, and you are?" his hand rubbing up Ianto's arm.

Ianto looked at the man and smirked "Oh we don't need names for what we will be doing tonight" pushing Lukas against the wall, grabbing his face and kissing him roughly. The moment that the men entered the flat, their clothes were quickly thrown off, Ianto placed his hands on Lukus's shoulders and pushed him down onto his knees in the direction of his groin. Lukas wanted to slowly kiss Ianto's chest and work his way down but Ianto's insistent pushing on his shoulders told him that Ianto needed him to suck his cock now, Lukas thought he could give attention to this stranger's body later, as Ianto's chest was very muscular and smooth, and very kissable.

Lukas rolled Ianto's balls as he sucked and licked Ianto's hard cock, Ianto's hand on the top of Lukas's head holding him there as he moaned as he came in Lukas's mouth. Ianto pulled Lukas up and pushed him down on a nearby lounge chair, Ianto dropped to his knees and began sucking and licking Lukas's cock, as Ianto heard Lukas moaned louder, he grabbed Lukas's cock with his hand and said "Lube, have you got lube? And condoms?" Lukas nodded quickly, caught up in the moment, but in reality he wondered why lube now, he wanted to do so much more before they got to the lube stage, he pointed to the lamp table. Ianto grabbed a condom, placed it on his cock which was hard again. He grasped the tube of lube and squirted some on his hand and smeared some near Lukas's hole. Ianto seized Lukas's legs and spread them out wide and up and over his shoulders, he positioned himself in line with Lukas's hole and pushed himself in, when he was fully sheafed he slowly thrusted into Lukus at first, and then he picked up the pace, viciously thrusting with no mind that he may hurt the blond haired man. Ianto gripped hold of Lukas's cock and pumped it in time with his thrusts. Lukas came, moaning out his pleasure, spilling white ribbons on the both of them, Ianto thrust for another minute, speeding up and pushing roughly into Lukas before he came for the second time.

Lukas reached up to kiss Ianto's chest but Ianto pushed him away gently "Let's not complicate things" as he grabbed for his clothing. Lukas stared at Ianto not quite believing that this man, this gorgeous man just fucked him and now he was going.

"Oh….um…do ….do you want a drink?" Lukas wanted him to stay the night, maybe more sex, have breakfast, more sex but it seemed that Ianto was determined to go, as he hurriedly got dressed.

"No, gotta go, thanks" and with that, Ianto was out the door.

Lukus sat on the lounge chair, naked, staring at his closed door where Ianto was a moment ago, wondering, did that just happen.

As Ianto walked the short distance back to where he parked his car, his mobile rings, reaching into his pocket he pulls out his phone, humming to himself. He looks at the screen and smiled, "Jack, lovely evening, what's ya doing"

"Nothing much, thought you would be up for a game of pool and fun" Jack purred into the phone.

"Yeah I'm up for it" Ianto replied, 'your place?"

"Sure, I'll set up the pool table".

Jack set about getting ready for Ianto, part of his sub-conscience said 'date', but he knew Ianto didn't do dates. They were only fuck buddies, but they did like to spend some time together, Ianto had a wicked sense of humour with a quick wit. Jack, a little older than Ianto, was more settled and even though they both like to shag, Jack had kept to only a few fuck liaisons, well only Ianto now, it wasn't that Jack couldn't attract men, in his line of work, private investigations, he could and did use his handsomeness to gain information and access to areas that other private investigators usually couldn't , he commanded such an aura around him. But Jack was done with the whole sleeping around, using people and casual flings, he and Ianto had been doing it for many years now and even though Ianto was still playing the field Jack was over it and anyway Ianto was more than he could handle, with no strings attached.

Ianto arrived 15 minutes later, knocked on Jack's door and waited, still humming to himself. Jack opened the door to a smiling Ianto, "Good night?"

"Reasonable" Ianto replied, with a slight shrug and tilt to the head. Jack smiled knowing that Ianto would have pulled that night and left the poor hapless fellow wondering .

"So, pool, yeah?" Ianto knowing the layout of Jack's apartment and heading towards the pool table. The apartment overlooked Cardiff bay, with ceiling and floor glass panelling with an open plan living area with a large screen TV, pool table, bar and commercial kitchen. Jack could cook but his coffee making skills were just marginal whereas Ianto was a coffee god.

"Fix us a coffee, yeah?" Jack asked good humouredly.

"Jack, did you asked me over just to make you a coffee?" Ianto inquired, with a smirk on his face, "You know I can grind more than just coffee beans?"

"Oh we'll get to that shortly, but I just thought a coffee would be nice, keep us awake for longer, in the mood for a good long shag" Jack purred in Ianto's ear.

"Oh, now I get your meaning, now how did I miss that" Ianto joked.

"You must be getting old"

"Oh, not as old as you, old man" Ianto laughed.

"Oi, I'm only seven years older than you" Jack replied defensively as he pushed Ianto against the kitchen counter ravishing his neck, pressing his groin into Ianto.

"Coffee first, my dear captain" Ianto's pet name for Jack, a name they acquired after their dalliance with some army personnel a couple of years ago.

Several hours later as the two men panted and tried to catch their breath, Ianto got up from Jack's bed and started to get dressed, "Why don't you stay till the morning?" Jack inquired, his head resting on his arm looking sleepily at Ianto as he gathered his clothes.

"Jack, no strings, remember" Ianto said whilst still getting dressed.

"Yeah I know, no commitment, it's just that it's late" Jack said, glancing at the clock, "or rather early in the morning"

"And what Jack, we lay in each other's arms" Ianto sneered, "to wake to have breakfast together?"

Jack sighed, watching Ianto get dressed, "No, it's not like that, it's just that….that I would hate for you to have an accident on the way home"

"Worry?! Jack that doesn't become you" Ianto said mockingly, "are you getting soft on me?"

"Soft? Me? I'll give you soft, I think I recall you screaming not that many minutes ago, 'get your rock hard cock in me'" Jack laughed.

"Touché" Ianto smirked, recalling the past events of the night with Jack. Ianto couldn't recall a night when Jack didn't disappoint. That's why he kept on coming back to Jack, good times, no strings, always available, they were each other fall back guys and they had fun in other ways as well. "See you later Jack" and with air kiss aimed at Jack, Ianto walked out the door, humming.

Jack couldn't understand his feelings for Ianto of late, they always agreed that they would only be fuck buddies, that life was too complicated and it should be lived in a way so that you would get the best enjoyment from it. Jack, recently, maybe he was getting old, felt that he wanted something more from Ianto, something more exclusive, something just them, something that bonded the two of them together. Jack knew not to mention these thoughts to Ianto, Ianto had made it clear that they could spend time together as they both enjoyed a similar taste in life, the same things that life had to offer but no strings, no commitment, no bonding and all that rot, or so Ianto said. But Jack wanted more, he, as much as he hated to admit it, he wanted Ianto to be exclusive to him, and live a life, together.

A woman hidden by the shadows of high rise buildings watches Ianto as he walks to his car, a flashy sports car, with personal number plates 'IJONES 05'. Ianto jumps in and roars off unaware that he is being watched.

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