Title: After All the Games are Over, Will You Love Me?

Author: Bendyfish

Chapter 14

Ianto shocked by Tosh raised voice looked aghast and the machines started beeping. A nurse raced over, to check the machines, "Ianto, you need to calm down, your heart rate is erratic and climbing"

Turning to Tosh the nurse said to her, "You will have to leave, thank you" leaving no argument.

Red faced Tosh returned to the waiting room. Jack jumped up as soon as she returned "Okay my turn" Jack said with some humour tinged with some fear.

"Oh Jack, I don't think you will be allowed in just yet" Tosh said biting her lower lip.

"What? Why not? Did Ianto request not to see me?" Jack asked in quick succession, all his fears coming to light, Ianto didn't want a relationship.

"Ahhh, no I apparently raised his heart rate and was asked to leave" Tosh said shame-faced.

"What! You raised Ianto's heart rate? He doesn't fancy you, does he?" Owen asked wondering if he had some competition, he knew Ianto was gay but Tosh was a good looking woman, a woman he was hoping to get together with.

"What? No Owen!" Tosh said, "I got a little angry with him" Tosh said with her head down cast.

"You? You got angry with Ianto?" Jack asked in disbelief, he had known Tosh for several years, and in all that time he'd never seen her get angry at anything.

Tosh took a deep breath and sighed "Yeah, and the nurse told me to leave" Tosh said embarrassed.

"But why did you get angry with Ianto?" Jack asked.

'Well two things, firstly he blames himself for what happened today with that crazy woman" Tosh explained.

"What? Maybe the doctors need to check for brain damage" Owen said.

Jack nodded his head in agreement with Owen, "And the other thing?" Jack asked.

"Wwwwellll, I told him that I thought he was denying himself happiness from being with you exclusively" Tosh said staring at Jack watching for his reaction.

"Oh, and he got angry when you said that" Jack asked sadly, figuring Ianto was angry with Tosh because Ianto had decided that he would not pursue a relationship with Jack.

Knowing what Jack was anxious about, "Mmmmm, don't read that as being a negative Jack, I'm sure I saw a smile, even for a little while when I told him you loved him very much" Tosh said then thought maybe it wasn't her place to say that to Ianto, "Oh sorry I'm really messing things up, all this has me a little flustered. I'm truly sorry I didn't mean to interfere, I just wanted to help"

Owen held her hand and rubbed her back, hoping that he wasn't overstepping the mark, but he felt for Tosh as she was really was trying to help. Tosh turned to him and smiled.

"No Tosh it's fine, I told him too that I loved him, so you weren't revealing a secret", Jack said soothingly, "and I understand why you are getting angry with him, he can be a frustrating bastard at times" Jack said laughingly.

"So, are you going in to see him? I know you want to" Tosh said.

"Yeah, but I'll give him a moment to even out his heart rate" Jack winked at Tosh.

"How about you and I go find a decent coffee, I think I saw a café that serves real Italian coffee just up the road" Owen asked Tosh, "You're welcome to come too Jack"

"No thanks Owen, you two kids knock yourselves out, I'll talk to you tomorrow" Jack said smiling.

"You sure Jack" Tosh said.

"Definitely, I want to be here for when Ianto wakes"

Tosh kissed his cheek, "Love you, I'm so glad we're all together again"

"Yeah, me too" Jack said then added with a bit of sadness, "in whatever capacity".

Owen shook Jack's hand and nodded assuredly at him.

As they walked off Owen hesitantly reached out for Tosh's hand and her hand did not resist holding his, Owen's large smile was plastered on his face.

Jack poked his head into the intensive ward station and tentatively asked the nurse if he could go see Ianto.

"Sure love, heart rate is back to normal but he's asleep" said the mature nurse.

"I'll just sit with him, is that okay?"


Jack walked into Ianto's room, seeing all the tubes and the machines connected to Ianto, took his breath away and he stifled a sob. Hold it together man, Jack thought. Jack remembering holding a very grey Ianto as he lay bleeding not that long ago, was relieved to see that the colour had returned in Ianto's face. Jack caressed Ianto's cheek and pushed some stray hairs off his forehead. Seeing Ianto, Jack realised that he didn't care if Ianto didn't want a relationship he would happy if they went back to how it was before. Hopefully the revelations could be pushed into the background so they could go back to how it was before they both revealed their love for each other and therefore scaring Ianto away.

"Oh Ianto, nearly lost you today, I don't care if we are not together, I'll be happy to just be your friend" Jack spoke to a sleeping Ianto. Jack pulled a chair up close to Ianto, sat and held Ianto's hand.

After 7 minutes Ianto momentarily opened his eyes and they fluttered shut again, Jack wasn't sure whether Ianto saw him or not, but he stayed and continued to stroke his hand. Jack tried not to think too much about Ianto opening his eyes and shutting them again, he didn't want to think that Ianto may have known that Jack was there and not wanting to see Jack.

After several more minutes Ianto's eyes fluttered open again, this time they stayed open he could feel someone lovingly stroking his hand so he turned his head and upon seeing Jack a genuine heartfelt smile lit up his face. Jack's heart swelled seeing Ianto's smile, "Is this okay?" indicating his hand stroking Ianto's, scared of Ianto's reaction to this intimacy.

"Yes" dipping his head momentarily then lifting his head and locking eyes with Jack. Jack's heart skipped a beat knowing everything was going to be okay.


A/N 1 – OMG this fanfic writing is so addictive, I may need a FFA group (that is Fan Fiction Anonymous similar to AA) towards the end of writing this fic my daughter and husband were in two different hospitals at the same time and I had two nights thru to the morning in a row of no sleep with them in the different hospitals and all the while I still made time to write between getting and staying with them in hospital-crazy!

A/N 2 - I'm thinking of writing a sequel to this fic. Following Jack and Ianto's relationship and how it evolves as well the trial of the woman who tried to kill Ianto, and the strain that trail and the publicity puts on their relationship. But I will only write it if there is enough interest. So tell me if you want this.