A cold breeze could not stop his nice body from sweating. After brooding over the possible response his company would throw at his upcoming action, he bravely held her hand. Surprisingly, the young beautiful woman remained still; she seemed a bit nervous though.

"I have something important to tell you... " said a gentleman to the lady sat beside him. His voice kinda sounded jittery, as though a restrained breath had kept him from breathing the air for quite long time. Never once in his life, he felt this nervous before. The feeling was somewhat odd, but the odd was he found it amusing; sort of overwhelming.

It was finally... coming... the time where he decided to let go off of an uncertainty that had been torturing him for the past months.

Their eyes met. Having a pair of angelic eyes staring at him, nothing he could do other than adored her more and more. Her eyes were extremely bright and beautiful like that, so glittery that the moonlight even meant nothing more to the already glorious night.
As his dark-brown eyes busy admiring and praising the beauty of the creature's in front of him, he tightened his grip, searching for more warmth out of her small, soft and warm hand.

At the moment, they both looked nervous.

"Important? as in how important is it Jeong?" She inquired. "You look so... serious just now you know. It makes me...nervous."

A small chuckle heard out of his mouth, there coming little dimples on his baby face, as soon as her gripe peeped out.

For Gaeul, she knew from the bottom of her heart what made him chuckle like that. No doubt, he did for sure take her earlier response as an innocence of hers. Without him knowing that he was himself who actually had no idea that no one was more innocent than himself for thinking of her being as innocent as he thought she was just now. Speaking of being innocent, she was actually not. Without an intention of being too confident, she could obviously see what was coming to her, just like everybody could. Even a spoilt toddler was able to predict what was going to happen after this in such atmosphere. Fairy tales taught them anyway.

"I am not sure how important it would be for you... What I am sure about is, it's very important for me, for myself... and my heart..." He got trembled. He didn't believe that just came out of his mouth; however he was proud of himself for he made it eventually.

With that, an introduction of a romantic essay coming had ended and opened the show at the same time.

"Your heart? What's with it? Are you hurt... " without a warning, she landed her soft hand on his chest. "here?" She feigned a worry. She knew what he meant of course. It was just she found it fun to see him speechless. Call it cute.

At the moment of the holiest night, he thought he was going to die immediately when she placed a chilly yet extinguishing touch on his trilling heart. But, fortunately he could stand it for any more seconds, at least.

"No, I mean, I don't know whether it is going to be (hurt) or not. It... depends on what answer you give me..." He tried hard despite the sudden heart attack he got earlier. Hearing his remark, she made a face, pretending confused, when in fact, she was giggling happily like a crazy kiddo waiting for a Barbie from her parents who were on their way home to reach her hands. This guy, she was sure he would make her deeply in love soon. She hoped for that.

And... Yi Jeong's confession began...

"Ga Eul ah look, it's been a hard time for me to hold this feeling for a long time. It took a lot of me to come to this decision of letting you know what and how I feel whenever... I am with you. For God's sake I hardly hold myself to say that you're my sun because I don't want you to misunderstand my words as only a false flattery, but... "
"How come I not say so when I freaking know that it is you who have been lightening my days with your shines? I... have never felt this strange feeling towards any girls in my twenty years life experience. This is new. I know I sound so lame. But that's not the point here. I just wanna tell you what I feel is one of a kind, so are you to me. I can sense my happiness in you, and yours mine. It's okay if you think of me being so full of myself to say that. But, I can do nothing than to convince you that I can make you smile and happy when you are with me."

He, as a matter of fact, almost forgot to breathe.

To reach the most important part of his confession, he paused and let out a long sigh, then readily carefully continue, "So... Chu Ga Eul, would y..."

"Would you be my boyfriend, So Yi Jeong?"

He. was. a hotheaded. when it came to somebody cut off him speaking, just like what she just did. Yet, as what he stated, she was one of a kind, the only one exception. Besides, who had the heart to throw any anger at such fragile creature? No one ever would. And, besides again she... 'Wait... what? What did she just say? Am I even dreaming? Her boyfriend? Me?' Yi Jeong was shocked. As in severely shocked. It was just too much for him.

Somehow, he questioned God if this was a dream. If the answer were yes, he should go plead Him to wake him up so that he could do all his bloody efforts to get her exist by his side not only in a dream because a picture of hers was just too wonderful to have only in a dreamland where even nothing was real there.

"What?" That's a spontaneous of him. He seemed like not yet regained conscious though.
Addressing his response, Ga Eul then made the prettiest pout he had ever seen.

"You heard it you know... I am not repeating anything."

Couldn't bear with the adorable scene after him, he cupped her rosy cheeks. It felt cold, her cheeks. How dare the cold night breeze touch his girl's precious face?

And then it was real... her proposing him to be her boy.

Nonetheless, there was one thing disappointing to him.

"Pabo... You stupid..." he heartily smiled while pinching her already red nose.

"Yah... " Ga Eul was not satisfied at all, a bit confused too. He called her pabo instead of giving her an answer of her proposal. It was truthfully kinda embarrassing to a girl for having her proposal untouched. 'What's with him now seriously? Don't tell me he's joking?'

A smile that bringing a couple of dimples reappeared for the nth time and changed into a serious stare in speed. Followed, he had her chin met with a heavenly touch of his fingers.

He leaned in closer to her until their faces merely had a distance.

She was blinking now and then when he slowly and carefully led his lips to hers.

It. was. so tender. HIS first kiss. He felt like killing himself for being such a stupid nerd guy who hadn't even kissed a girl despite his experience of living quite long. If only he knew a kiss would taste this wonderful before, he would have kissed a girl from long ago. Then again... he was beyond grateful that he was able to share a heavenly kiss, his first kiss, with the so called autumn before him instead of a random girl that who knew would have made him vomit instead. (kekeke)

If only one needed a definition of what a kiss means, he would say that it was the sweetest thing in the world, even an enormous lollipop couldn't beat the taste. Or maybe it was only the definition of kissing Ga Eul.

Meanwhile, Ga Eul's jaw dropped. She could see the confession, but the kiss... she didn't think it would be coming from him. Was she that temptating to have a guy like Yi Jeong steal a kiss from her?

Then Again... A stolen kiss... There was an immediate pang of her heart. it was not an alien to her lips though.

His lips played so gentle on hers. So gentle that she hoped for the undying kiss. But, seconds later, Yi Jeong broke the kiss, gently, however.

"You pabo... I'm not giving an answer" He was not playing hard to get here. "Because, I'm the one who's supposed to ask for an answer from you... " Ga Eul couldn't help but astonished by the perfection existed in her vision.

"Ga Eul ah... would you be my girlfriend? My autumn?"

Predictably, she nodded. "Eung... absolutely..."

Tonight was just too much for him. for her he smiled. Yi Jeong finally had owned this girl.

"I like you so much...Ga Eul... and I love you so much I could die... "

They had been exchanging glances before Yi Jeong stole yet another kiss from her.

It sent a shiver down her spine.

Without him aware of it,the stolen kiss he gave... had reminded her of a certain kiss in the memory of past. Ironic it was.

But now, she didn't want to be mean on herself and Yi Jeong. He was too kind to be hurt by her past. From now on, she tried to promise herself that she would slowly erase all the pains by starting a new beginning with this petal boy named So Yi Jeong.

It seemed like he had taken some part of her heart though. Maybe it wasn't love just yet, but she was sure she liked him. She liked him so much she could die.

Showing a big grin with a blushing face, she replied. "I like you berrrrrrry much So Yi Jeong!"

They both giggled in happiness without knowing what was going after them.