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"A legal kiss is never as good as a stolen one". Guy de Maupassant

When the bright-reddening sky marked the ongoing sunset, there seen two high school students in uniform, a girl and a boy, sitting down next to each other on a wooden bench under a medium tree. Their hands were intertwined. It was another clear day they could tell.

"Have you called your grandma?" She looked up to the boy beside her, searching for a view of a heartwarming gaze. Luckily, she found the pleasure as the boy had his gentle pair of eyes laid on hers. Nothing would have been more beautiful than having seen pretty eyes go two-in-two.

"Are you hungry? Let's eat something." He replied not bother giving the answer to what she asked for. She was always worried about his nagging grandma, while on the other side he never seemed to give a damn about it. He wasn't that 9 old year kid anymore for God's sake.

"You haven't called her, have you? go tell her first, or let's go home now." a pout formed on her worried face. He knew she didn't mean it, she still wanted to be with him for a little bit loooooooonger.

"I... have, ok? and she said it's ok." Not wanting to make her worry over nothing, he decided to spill a little lie, so that she wouldn't make a big fuss about his grandma all over again. That old woman didn't know how to get his grandson some fun for sure. "So now, what would you like to eat princess? You seem to be so hungry." He smiled, looking into her darling eyes even more deeply. But then, she looked away, still pouting.

"Ah, I told you... don't call me that!" She exclaimed, as to have forgotten about worrying over the grandma thingy.

"What?" Feigned a confusion, he showed a little wrinkle on his forehead. "Princess? Why?" He knew why though. It was these classmates of hers again.

"Just don't... It's embarrassing."

He chuckled. "look, Ga eul ah. They're just jealous nobody calls them princess... Don't mind them." stated him, pinching her porcelain cheeks.

"You think so?" An innocence drawn in her big round eyes.

He nodded. "Absolutely... moreover it's this good looking boy who called you princess.. they must be really jealous!" As soon as he finished his words, a punch hit his back. Any girl's punch would have never been this hurt.

"YAH Jang Hyunseung! Do you wanna die?"

They both laughed slightly afterwards, before having their in-love-stare lovingly met for the nth time that day.

"So, what we're eating princess?"

She. lied. In fact, she really loved it whenever he called her that. Who would mind being called princess by a handsomely prince like him?
she studied him as he stood. His figure was a perfection in her eyes.
Forming a very lively smile, he waited for her to speak up her answer.

"Shin Ramyun!"

"Ugh, I prefer something else." He declared.

"Why? But, I want Ramyun..." She showed this pretty pout again, but he loved it when he did that. Out of all in her, who knew it was her pout that was making her even sweeter than a candy could be. Her pinkish lips were so small yet alluring. To be honest, he often feels that there were the urges to protect them with his. Luckily for him that he could stand the action all this while so far.

But, today... today he sensed the tempation exlpoding and sort of not playing easy on him. For worse, her darling stare even kinda added the fuel to the fire he was prolly lgoing to light.

Forgot a moment about a punch she might throw at him to the response to his deed, he bent down and gently cupped her face.

Then finally, placing his lips on hers. It was wonderfully warm and sweet just like what he expected. He felt her murmure some words in shock in the middle of the kiss, but slowly let it go with a joy. He was in cloud nine for a fact that she kinda enjoyed the kiss though, instead of reacting the way he thought she might be in the first place.

It was not yet one passionate kiss, but surely their lips touched each other for quite long time. In spite of their first, they handled it well.

At the moment, he broke up the joy, their eyes met. It was totally awkward, as both of them blushing.

"I'm really sorry." He announced his guilt indicating a regret while he didn't even regret it in real. Truth be told, he felt really blessed for what he's done.

A red flash kinda ignored to leave her milky face yet. She looked anywhere but him.

"You mad?" Hyunseung asked with a deeper concern this time.

Fortunate for him, she seemed to regain her power to speak. She took a rapid glance at him before shyly announced . "Nope, really. Thanks Seungie."

Thanks for the stolen kiss... Thanks for making me in love over and over again. Thanks for the memories. Thank you.

Ga eul is about to take a sip of her green tea when her phone suddenly rings. Looking at the image and contact name pop out of the display, she can't help but smiles.

"Yo yo Jeong ah!" It's her Yijeong finally calls her. Greeting with her fail Americano gangsta joke accent, she can't hide her excitement. He never knew where she got that from, whether it is a movie or what, screw them.

"Yo yo my Gaeul, whassup baby?" He sounds lame and he knows it. That's what creates a giggle from the other line though. "I sounded that bad, huh?" Her giggle explodes more.
It's been a week since their last date. For the extent, due to their busy work schedules, they are forced to sacrifice their times together. "Miss you so much, what are you doing now?"

In between her remaining breath of laugh, she replies. "Nothing much. Just reading this novel and you call."

He humms. "What novel? Not another spooky one by Poe, is it?" He has this concern at the thought of her and Edgar Allan Poe's collection of mystery novels. Last time he checked, she got those series of nightmares haunting her slumbers, with the climax that her eyes got swollen due to the sleepless nights. Her addiction to some mystery books is oftentimes too much for her to handle.

"Chill Jeong ah. it's Henry James's this time. No serial killer detected."

"You sure?" He assures. "you know you look terrible that time, even you made your students worry. so don't blame me if I wouldn't let such works get near you ever again."

"Oooh, don't overact young man. " Ga Eul has felt the nerve coming, as the possessive tone of Yijeong declares it.

"Me? not..." He denies.

"You say."

"My darling Chu, look..."

"Ok, whatever I get it." She rolls her eyeballs, starting to getting tired of it.

"No, you don't." But, he still doesn't feel it. It sometimes annoys her that he doesn't seem yet to have the radar to read what's on her mind.

"Here you go again, Jeong ah." She relinquishes a long sigh, as if pleading him to finally realize that he stirs his emotional anxiety again.

At the moment, he begins to blame himself for being too possessive of her. He knows she never likes it, but at least he hopes that she understands that the message behind it. He loves her so much that he can't bear to see anything happen to this angel of his."Sorry Ga Eul ah... I am being as*hole again." He apologizes, feeling guilty of what he just did.

"Ssssh, it's ok. I know you didn't mean that. Just don't be too worried over nothing."

He is about to argue since he's never thought of anything related to her is nothing, but he decides to end it there. This midnight is supposed to be special anyway. "Ok." he chimes in. "I'm sorry again."

She nods as if he were able to see it from the line across. "So, where are we going to go tomorrow?" She asks.

"Anywhere you want. Ah, you said you kinda feel like going to beach lately, why don't we go there then?" He suggests.

"I'd love to." She agrees. There's a brief silence, until Yijeong speaks.

"well, see you tomorrow at 9."

"well, good night."

"night. sleep well."

"eung... you too."

They bid goodnights, then hang up. When she carries away her butt to stand up from the chair for bed, a text message bursts in. It's none other than Yijeong.

'Jeongie ':
Happy 3rd anniversary in advance, sweetheart. I'm happy we have reached this far. Thanks for being with this jerk all this time. I'm sorry. I know, could've been better earlier. Have a nice dream. I love you Chu Gaeul. Always.

It brings her joy. She feels happy too for all this time they've been together. With a blissful grin, she begins typing the reply.

to 'Jeongie ':
Happy Anniversary, my man. I'm proud we can make it this far. Thanks for being with me too. Good night, my love. CU tom