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Chapter 2

Confusion and Identities

Harry had not been able to sleep soundly as he had hoped for. He spent most of the night tossing and turning in his bed. Finally after nearly two and a half hours of restless lying down on the bed he decided to plan and plot for the changes he would make now that he has the chance.

'Have to study more, can't afford to slack off like I did in the past. Should definitely threaten my 'relatives' accordingly, making the life easier for my younger self is one thing I have to do. Changes, changes; who should I save… AAARGHH it's confusing…'

After nearly one and a half hour of plotting and planning sleep finally claimed Harry Potter but he was interrupted by a dream that would leave him even more confused than he was before.

~Dream Sequence~

Harry looked around the landscape he found himself in… it was quite beautiful with a stream running about 50 meters from where he was standing; the stream seemed to come from the mountains that he could faintly see at the horizon. He walked towards the stream and saw the outline of a cottage which made the landscape with its grassy floor even more beautiful than many of the postcards he had seen.

Harry walked towards the cottage to see if someone lived there and if they could tell him where he was, the last he could remember he was planning in his bed in the Department of Mysteries. There were a couple of voices coming from the cottage, a male and a female, Harry felt as if the female voice was vaguely familiar while the male one sounded like his own just a bit more mature.

Harry walked to the door and knocked softly, there was a sound of footsteps and the door opened to reveal a pale skinned female with crimson hair and his own green eyes. Behind her he could see a tall man with his own raven's nest of hair and hazel eyes behind round glasses. 'No, it can't be…' Harry thought and promptly fainted.

"I think we should have let him see us one at a time." The female remarked to the man as they levitated Harry into the cottage and settled him in a couch.

"Nah, wouldn't have been so much fun to see him that shocked and fainting, he did not even faint when he learned Pettigrew was the real traitor and Sirius was innocent." The man said with a laugh and was punched in the shoulder by his wife.

The woman Rennervated Harry and he sat up with a start and immediately looked around; as he caught the eyes of the couple he said in a choked voice, "Mum...Dad?" and as the couple nodded with tears shining in their eyes he got up and embraced both of them fiercely. "I have missed you so much." He said between sobs.

"We have missed you too, son." The woman now known as the deceased Lily Potter said as she too fought back her own sobs and tears while the man now identified as James Potter just reveled in the warmth of having his family complete together for however small time they have.

A while later when both Harry and his wife calmed down James looked at his son and couldn't help but be proud of what he had done so far but there were also many things that made him enraged and he could only smile tightly, something which did not quite reach his eyes. James and Lily had seen what Harry had done so far and what had happened to him but to say the boy messed up big time would be an understatement; it was for this reason Harry saw that their smiles were a bit strained and could not help but ask curiously "What's wrong, mum?"

"Wrong, many things are wrong, Harry; I have to say wrong is an understatement even." James began in an even voice and Harry could not help but feel he was about to be given a huge verbal tongue lashing, he turned that for once Lily Potter looked like she wanted to do much worse than James was.

"As you know we gave our lives so that you could live that night but you, young man, could not have danced on our graves naked and pissed on them and we could not be any angrier. Okay the Dursleys treated you bad, I would even say that that scum treated you like filth but you dealt with that fine enough.

"So where is that Slytherin cunning that kept you from harm at the Dursleys, where is that thirst to learn more, to prove yourself that you displayed at Privet Drive. I can grant that as an 11 year old you were naïve, I can grant you first three years that you were young, innocent; but can't you see a pattern? Slacking off with that ginger, never bothering to read ahead, okay school will not help much with Voldemort but it is the foundation of all, if you can't transfigure a goblet you can't become Animagus and if you can't study in school, you can't hope to learn anything more advanced." James finished in the same tone but Harry could tell he was holding back a lot of emotion.

Harry opened his mouth to say something but Lily cut him off this time and she too spoke in an even tone that belied her anger, "Don't even bother to deny it Harry. What electives did you take, Divination? Okay you wanted more time with your friend but wasn't that Granger girl your friend too?" she asked rhetorically and continued, voice rising with the passage of time, "You expect Albus to train you, help you when you yourself are not doing any good job of that. When was the last time you bothered to study anything outside of school? Fourth year, Voldemort came back at the end of that; what did you do in your fifth year? Did you try to learn dueling even with that fantastic room at your aid?"

"But, I can't bloody well hope to beat him in knowledge or experience; he has got loads more than me?" Harry shouted. 'How dare they belittle me when they were not even there for me?'

"Check your language young man, no you cannot beat him in experience but you can be faster than him; in the end it only takes one curse to end it all, doesn't it?" James pointed out.

"You want me to practice dark magic; as if it is not enough that I can feel him inside of me, you want me to be like him." Harry growled out with clenched teeth.

"No, you do not understand; tell me, if I levitate you to a great height and drop you or banish you from a cliff; it would be the same as killing you with the killing curse, would it not?" James asked to which Harry nodded grudgingly.

"Precisely, so you see, magic is not dark or light; both can be used to fulfill good as well as evil purposes, if you kill someone for self defence or protecting others, it does not weigh upon your soul neither does it make you a murdering monster while on the other hand if you kill without remorse it makes you what you know as Voldemort." He continued triumphantly.

Harry thought about what his father was saying for a long moment and hazarded a glance towards his mother who just gave him a minute nod, finally he blew out a tired sigh and said, "Okay, I understand what you are saying but that does not mean that I will not try to take prisoners alive as well."

His parents just nodded but Lily said, "Remember Harry, there are some of them which do not deserve to be kept alive for they have done so many crimes without any remorse and of their own choices, this is one of the greatest mistakes Dumbledore made the first time around or it would have been a much better condition when he was finally stopped."

"Second thing we want you to learn Harry, is to give proper respect to the people and by proper I mean that you do not name your children Albus Snivellus even after they have fucked around so much with your life." James said.

Harry nodded but asked a question that was burning into his mind since his Occlumency lessons with Snape, "Hey dad, umm…why did you bully Snape so much? I saw his memory after the DADA OWL test."

"Bully him? We did not bully him, we stood up to him and his 'dark art fanatic' buddies. Snivellus and his friends were the biggest supporters of Voldemort and used to use dark curse on Muggleborn first and second year students and no one even punished them, so we used to prank them hard to teach them a lesson and to show the students that they were not some cool bunch, just pathetic bullies who could not face someone their own size.

"Snivellus was no angel, Harry; he and his friends all ended up as Death Eaters; also he used to start most of the fights whenever he saw one of us alone, just that we were better than him and the teachers punished us more does not mean that he was scot-free." James replied hoping that his so would now see the true face of 'Snivellus Snape'.

"Now that we have given you a piece of our mind, I must congratulate you on your brilliant deception of the Ministry; a prank worthy of Marauders if I do say so myself." James said proudly while Harry blushed a bit at praise.

It was at this time a violent earthquake shook the land and Lily spoke, "Okay son, we do not have much time; do not change the timeline too much or the future would become surprising and you will lose one of your major advantages. Remember, we are proud of you and we love you very much; just pay head to our advice too."

~Dream sequence ends~

"Mr. Potter, wake up Mr. Potter." The healer was shaking him awake in his room.

"Ugh…I am up, I'm up." Harry said sitting up and blinking his eyes owlishly.

"Good morning, Mr. Potter; now, before the agents come here please tell me if you have any remaining pain from your injuries, anything wrong at all?" the healer asked while waving his wand all over him.

"No, no pain; when can I get out of here?" Harry asked.

"You can get out of the hospital Wing after breakfast as for the Department; you will have to ask the agents, I am afraid." The healer said as he waved his wand once more and a tray full of breakfast with a pitcher of orange juice arrived at the nightstand.

Harry completed his breakfast and went out of the Hospital Wing where he found the two agents that had interrogated him the previous day waiting for him just outside the Hospital.

"Good, you are discharged Mr. Potter; agent Smith would escort you to your room here and discuss your new identity with you; afterwards you can leave as soon as you are fluent enough in answering questions about your previous school and life there.

Harry nodded and was 'escorted', more like dragged to his room by agent Smith who then pulled out a shrunken trunk from his robes and enlarged it. He pulled out a folder from it and started flipping through it.

"This trunk, Mr. Potter, is a gift from the DOM to you; here you have clothes and robes that you would require as you do not have any money, reference material for your OWLs speaking of which this folder contains your new identity." He said pointing to the folder in his hand. "I would suggest that you read and memorize it thoroughly till the evening when I would test you on your fluency and accuracy in details.

Also, the Department has paid your tuition fee for the next two years at Hogwarts and is providing you with a vault containing a thousand galleons for your expenses. Here is your key. Also here is a set of Pensieve memories of your previous school and neighbourhood; you can view them in the 'Recollections Room' which is first door on the left. I shall leave you to your studies then." The agent said and walked out of the door.

Harry gave a weary sigh and started perusing the contents of the folder. It said that he was a Mark Jacobs, a Muggleborn, whose parents, Mr. Red Jacobs and Mrs. Rose Jacobs had died in a car crash leaving him an orphan when he was two. This part of the story was so similar to the one that the Dursleys had pounded in his head that he had to bite back tears and a growl of anger. It said that he lived near Texas area and was adopted by his teacher at Salem Wizarding Academy, Mr. Alexander Smith, when he showed accidental magic at the age of six. Mr. Smith died of Dragonpox the previous month and thus Mark came to England to study in his guardian's old country as per his wishes.

Harry had memorized all the details by the evening and had satisfied the Unspeakables with his showing, the only matter that remained now was his new wand and appearance.

"Mr. Potter, we have taken the liberty to procure a wand on your behalf." Agent Smith's partner said handing him the wand, it was a very good match, though nowhere as familiar as his previous Holly and Phoenix feather one had been, but it was a better match than that one. His wonder must have shown on his face as the agent spoke without prompting, "We took the liberty of testing you with many materials while you were out and custom made this wand so it is a better match than your previous one. It is cherry wood, 11 inches, core materials being heartstring of a Ukrainian Ironbelly dipped in blood of Hungarian Horntail. Best used for defensive and offensive magic, very powerful.

"As for your appearance, we have decided to stray as much as possible from your Harry Potter persona, so here it is." The agent waved his wand and a hologram of his new appearance floated out of it. The picture had sky blue hair, which was straight and spiky, grey eyes and same pale skin without his trademark lightning bolt scar.

"We cannot remove the scar from magical means and it is resisting every glamour so we will use this skin patch with a password protected permanent sticking charm and rest of your appearance will be altered by permanent glamour woven into a tattoo again protected by a password. As for your eyesight, we have procured magical contacts which don't need to be cleaned as frequently as the muggle ones; just once a month would do fine.' He explained.

Harry chose a phrase 'Fortune favors the bold' in Latin for tattoo as he had learned that it was the motto of the House Potter much like 'Toujours Pur' had been of House Black. The password for the glamours and skin-patch being 'Harry Potter' in Parseltongue.

"This is Ms. Amy Cartwright; she will be your contact for the Department and will help you settle in the society. Amy this is Mark Jacobs, your new assignment." Smith said introducing an average looking woman around thirty years of age with average build and graying hair. She did not have any special feature and Harry figured that no one would remember her much even if they saw her around which is why she was the perfect liaison for the Department of Mysteries.

"Hello, Ms. Cartwright, nice to meet you." Harry greeted her which she returned with a polite but warm smile.

"Hello Mark, please call me Amy, nice to meet you too."

"Well this is where we bid you farewell Mr. Jacobs. Hope you have a pleasant future. Goodbye." The unspeakable said as they walked out of the department door and into the corridor.

"So Mark, The Department has rented out a room for you at the Leaky Cauldron pub for the rest of the summer but you would have to look after yourself in the winters and after the school year.

"Thanks a heap Amy, I hope it was no bother to you and I would plan something by the next school year." Harry thanked her.

"No, it was no problem. I will side-along Apparate you to the Cauldron so that you can get your rest as it has been a long day." She said as she grasped his arm tightly and twisted on the spot Disapparating with him with a sharp crack and reappearing in front of the pub.

Harry had trouble keeping his footing and the contents of his stomach intact like all the other magical transport methods, had it not been for Amy tightly grasping his arm he would have fell down in a heap.

"Breathe it out Mark, Apparating the first few times can be a little bothersome." She said rubbing his back a little.

After Harry had regained his bearings, Amy led him inside the pub taking the room keys from Tom the barman who had a few more teeth and slightly less wrinkles on his face.

"Well, this is your home for the rest of the summer. If you have any problem just owl me otherwise I will come next Thursday to escort you to the ministry for your OWLs. Goodbye then." She spoke.

"Thanks Amy and Goodbye." Harry wished her and sat on the bed enlarging his trunk and picking out a pair of pajamas to turn in for the night.

As Harry lay down on the bed he remembered the dream he had had the previous night as he had been too busy during the day to dwell on it that time.

'What did they want to tell me? Have I really been so irresponsible? Have I really let them down?' these were some of the questions rolling around in his head as he tried to figure out the meaning of the dream which tough looked very straightforward had raised many more questions than it had given answers to.

As Harry thought around these line he tried to view his life after the Hogwarts years from a third person prospective and it was not a good experience. As he tried to detach his pride and emotions from the memories and the verbal lashing that his parents had given him he could not help but feel frustrated from the lack of action that he had enforced as soon as he had went to Hogwarts. The slacking off, lazing about with Ron when it was clear that his life was on stake disgusted him and he could not help but feel that he deserved that sound lashing 'a kick in the balls' for his actions and determined to help make things different this time around.

He had a plan, a plan that would take him on a collision course with many a people if they tried to stop him. 'It is a time to change things around' was his last thought as Morpheus claimed him.

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