im gonna sikp the little scene that i normally do im not it the mood right now

pen 'n pencil

bow 'n arrow

twin daggers


marrons pov

i woke up aflter a blinding light came in. is looked around and there was...ZOMBIES!?

"where...the...HECK IN THE THREE WORLDS AM I!?"

(A/N um if your wondering what dose she mean by the three worlds and where are they and whats happend well i will tell you; the three wolds it is earth, heaven and hell. I'm not gonna tell you the other thing you'll figure that bit out later)

"marron i don't know either but right now we need to get out of here ok but first"someone hit something but the voice reminds me of chiaki.."we need to get out of hear!"

i figured that it was chiaki and i punched one of the zombies knocking the head off

hmm i guess that if you knock the head off then they wont come back to life or anything like that...ahem uhh your correct with that and GET OUT OF THAT ROOM NOW INTO A SPACE WITH NO ZOMBIES AROUND and i will give you something THAT YOU MUST NOT LOSE! ok...uhhhh ok and intros later!

"ckiaki we need to get out of here and to get rid of the zombies"i said knocking the zombies head off"and you must knock off the head ok?"

"hai got it marron-chan" as he punched the head of a girl zombie and dragging marron out to a non-zombie infested room.

"konechiwa (A/N helo) i am hanon palton demo(A/N but) you can call me hanon-chan" a beautiful girl appeared in front of us"marron i give you this." she handed me a stick that had my name on."now say sword "she commanded and that is what i did. then after that the stick that i was holding turned into a dashing sword. it was arm length with a music note engraved on it.(like in rave master with musica the old dude.)

"sagoi!(A/N awesome) its really sagoi" i exclaimed

1and chiaki here you go" she gave chiaki twin daggers both a blue-grey color. " these will help you to slice things easily and before i forget "she put a blue gem around my neck and a red one around chiakis."you will learn the secrets of these gems soon enough and marron that stick also contains twin-daggers, a bow 'n arrow and pen 'n pencil and i must be going now jan'ne"

with that she disserpeared in a blue light.

suddenly the door bashed open and zombies started to come in so i tried out my new weapon and a light slash cut off a head but a deep slash cuts off the head and the others behind it.

then the dreaded blinding light came back and chiaki fainted but weirdly i didn't although i found out that we are in something that is way over our heads

me:finally finished and *streches*you will find out what is going to happen in next chappy if i ever get it going and i apologize for not updating more

marron: one: its ok and two: DONT PUT YOUSELF DOWN!

chiaki: im not gonna get involved with this