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Claude was not nervous. He liked the rain. He liked storms, especially the thunder and lightning that accompanied said storms. So when the weather outside had taken a turn for the worse and the rain came down from heavy dark clouds, hammering against the glass windowpane in thick sheets while lightning flashed every other second didn't, he wasn't nervous.

He most definitely wasn't nervous because Sebastian, his lover of the past six years and close friend for even longer, sat across from him. Sebastian, calm and poised as he watched the lightning bolts flitter across the sky, jumping from cloud to cloud so that their bolts reflected in crimson eyes. A thoughtful smile crossed Sebastian's lips as he turned away from the window that their table sat next to, outlined by thick, heavy curtains, and Claude swallowed as Sebastian smiled at him. Definitely not nervous.

And he most certainly, one-hundred percent absolutely positive, was not nervous about the small little velvet box that sat burning a hole, like a lump of coal, in his suit pocket.

No, Claude Faustus was not nervous at all.

Rather, he felt calm instead…provided today was opposite day.

"Claude, are you sure you're feeling all right?" Sebastian asked again and Claude gripped his wine glass a little tighter.

"I'm fine," he answered after taking a small sip to keep his hands occupied. "Just wondering how we'll get home in this weather."

Sebastian chuckled. "If it gets too bad, I suppose we could always wait the storm out in the car," he suggested and his eyes danced with amusement and Claude could see lust swimming just behind that.

Claude shifted in his seat. "You and your kinks," he murmured under his breath but didn't dismiss the idea. He rather liked that thunderstorms aroused Sebastian at night and made sure to take advantage of it during the summer when the storms appeared the most.

"You like it," Sebastian purred and sat back as the waiter cleared their table of their dirtied dishes.

"Never said I didn't," Claude answered and he smirked, finding that the easy banter between them helped ease his (not nervous) nerves. He could do this and Claude looked at Sebastian again as crimson eyes turned to look out the window.

Claude had known Sebastian since junior high after he and his family moved to Sebastian's neighborhood. They hung out together and became friends as the years passed and ended up going to the same college together. They roomed together their freshman year and rented an apartment the remaining years. But it wasn't until after a few trials and errors throughout their college years, that they found themselves truly together their senior year of college.

Despite the many boyfriends, and the few girlfriends in Claude's case, that had passed before they finally got together, they remained close friends and Claude could always say that he knew Sebastian best. He even knew Sebastian better than The Undertaker, curse the bastard, who aside from Claude, had dated Sebastian the longest.

But that was then and this was now, and now, Claude wanted to take that final step after all their years together.

If only he could find the proper time to ask and then build up the courage. Claude scoffed at himself and the action drew Sebastian's attention again. He watched as Sebastian's eyebrow rose at him and a hint of concern washed over his face.

"Claude?" Sebastian asked and Claude shook his head, forcing any fears down and into the back of his mind.

You can do this; he mentally prepped himself. He loved Sebastian and Sebastian loved him. Wasn't that what mattered in the end? He didn't need a fancy ring; not that the ring was fancy mind you, Sebastian would have his head if Claude proposed with some bejeweled ring because Sebastian Michaelis was no girl, thank you very much; to say I love you, please spend the rest of your life with me.

But it was Sebastian. Sebastian. The one who took care of him in the mornings during college when he had a hangover from a party the night before and couldn't think straight. The one who listened to him moan and complain about the dates that had left him, never once noticing the pain that had filled crimson eyes. Sebastian, the one who stayed by his side throughout everything.

And Claude wanted to do this for Sebastian, because Sebastian deserved it done the right way. And that meant ring and all, the whole shebang.

You can do this, Claude told himself again. Just think of Sebastian.

His soothed his (not frayed) nerves and Claude reached across the table for Sebastian's hand. His fingers brushed against smooth pale skin and laced together with Sebastian's fingers, holding them in a loose grip. "Sebastian," he started, voice low and, hopefully, smooth and sincere. "We've known each other for a long time."

Sebastian's fingers tightened around his own. "Yes?" He answered, slow and carefully, and in a voice that had Claude's heart sputtering to a stop. That wasn't a voice filled with breathless anticipation or even hope. No, it was a voice filled with caution and uncertainty, and in Sebastian's eyes, Claude could see barely concealed worry.

He cursed under his breath. Sebastian thought that Claude was about to break up with him. Claude blamed Sebastian's little brother for making Sebastian so careful and worried about everything. The little brat always found ways to worry Sebastian that it had eventually bled over into everything Sebastian did in life.

Claude smiled, hoping to soothe Sebastian and he leaned forward. "Hey," he said and rubbed his thumb over the top of Sebastian's hand. "None of that, now."

Sebastian let out a low sigh and Claude could see his shoulders relax. Thankfully, unless Sebastian's brother was involved, the small worry attack (as Claude called it) would vanish almost as quickly as it came. "You were saying?" Sebastian prompted and the burning coal in Claude's pocket made itself known once more.

"Right, uh," Claude sputtered and he cleared his throat. "I, you know I love you, right?" He started again.

Sebastian nodded. "Are you doing this because you forgot our anniversary last week?" He teased and Claude cringed at the reminder. He really didn't need that little reminder right now.

"Ah, no," he said carefully, hoping his answer wouldn't make Sebastian mad. He was busy picking out a ring that day and forgot about it, honestly! But he couldn't go and tell Sebastian that, now could he? "I had another reason for this," he finished quickly and his free hand circled around the box in his pocket.

"Oh?" Sebastian asked and cocked his head in that endearing sort of way that made Claude's heart do strange flips in his chest.

Claude calmed his suddenly acrobatic heart and leaned forward as he fumbled with the little box. Really now, this little thing shouldn't be that hard to remove from his pocket. Ah, there we go. "No, I," his hand tightened around the box of doom. "I wanted to know, wanted to ask…ask if you,"


A scream echoed throughout the restaurant as the lights suddenly went out and the room plunged into darkness. The building shook as thunder roared overhead with all the force of a freight train and Claude could hear the car alarms singing their shrill song outside in the parking lot. Claude's heart thudded painfully in his throat and across the table, Sebastian laughed in that way that told Claude he found great amusement at the whole situation. If Sebastian had his way, he would be out in the rain, racing with the wind and singing with the thunder. Spirited little creature that he was.

Sebastian's laughter shifted into soft chuckles and he squeezed Claude's hand. "That was nice," he commented. "The world needs more storms like this."

Claude grunted and he tried his best to slow his racing heart down. "More people would end up in the hospitals after having heart attacks if we had more storms like this," he stated. He squinted his eyes, barely making out Sebastian's form in the darkened night. A bolt of lightning illuminated their table, flashing brightly and bathing Sebastian in faded yellow light, before it flickered away and Claude lost sight of Sebastian again. "And somehow I think you would enjoy that."

Claude didn't need to see Sebastian to know that he had a smirk on his face. "You think so little of me, Claude," he teased and Claude could vaguely see Sebastian gesture to the window. "But you can't look outside and tell me that the sight of forked lightning along with the orchestra of rumbling thunder and howling wind, set amongst battering rain, isn't a force to behold."

"You said you wouldn't do that tonight," Claude said.

"Do what?" Sebastian asked innocently.

Claude waved his hand. "That thing where you string your words together to paint pictures with them. I know you're an author and it's your job to make images come to life with words, but still." He trailed off, unable to find a logical argument. Truthfully, he enjoyed the times Sebastian would twist his words when he described something. Words came easy to Sebastian, not so much for Claude. "Save it for your books," he finally said.

Sebastian chuckled again. "Which books are we talking about now?" Their hands slipped away as a waiter came over with a few small candles and placed them on their table.

"Both," Claude answered and watched as the candlelight flickered and cast shadows across Sebastian's face. His grip around the velvet box loosened and he withdrew his hand. He couldn't propose like this, not with the power knocked out and when they could barely see each other. Not to mention, they had already veered far from the original topic.

He wanted something romantic that would make Sebastian happy. Talking about Sebastian's work wasn't exactly the most romantic of topics and Claude didn't know how else to draw the topic back to their previous conversation. Words were never his forte and Claude felt most content listening to Sebastian when he waxed poetic words. He sighed and patted the box. Another time perhaps, but not now.

"You like the other kind," Sebastian commented as Claude called for the check and his eyes danced in the shadows of the candlelight. "You always ask to read each chapter whenever I finish them."

Claude made a face as the waiter set the check in front of them with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry for the trouble, gentlemen. The storm hit the nearby lines and the power is out across the city," he said.

Claude shook his head. "You can't control the weather," he commented and slipped the bills inside the small folder. He didn't add that Sebastian was practically beside himself because of the mess the storm had caused and found the whole thing too amusing. He supposed that in a way, the night wasn't an entire loss. Sebastian had enjoyed himself and they would more than likely have a long and pleasurable night ahead of them once they returned home.

"Pity, that," Sebastian said as the waiter scurried off. "I always wanted to control the elements when I was a child."

"You're still a child, Sebastian," Claude teased as he stood up.

Sebastian huffed. "I am not," he stated and slipped on his jacket. "I'm just in touch with my inner child and never turned away from my imagination. Unlike you."

"Unlike you," Claude mimicked and bumped into Sebastian's shoulder good-naturedly as they walked to the front of the restaurant. He stopped under the awning and tried to peer through the heavy, fat drops of rain.

Sebastian bumped him back and grabbed the umbrella from the stand. It opened with a small pop and they both paused to find the car through the crying weather. They finally located it and Sebastian pressed closer to Claude as they walked back to the car. "That inner child and imagination help pay the bills," he sniffed and held out his hand to catch the falling raindrops.

"That is why I never complain about them, simply tease," Claude answered and gave a small squeeze to Sebastian's arm. He watched as the rain pooled on Sebastian's outstretched hand before it spilled over to fall back onto the pavement below. "You know that I'm proud of all your accomplishments."

"As am I yours," Sebastian purred. He turned to look at Claude and Claude's eyebrow arched at the mischievous look that had overtaken Sebastian's face. "I don't know what prompted tonight's dinner, but I enjoyed it. Thank you for dinner, Claude," he said.

Claude winced slightly, but the darkened stormy night sky tossed his face into the shadows, hiding his expression from Sebastian. He felt the small box, suddenly weighted and heavy in his pocket, press against the side of his arm. It reminded him of the purpose of tonight's dinner and what Claude had set out to do. The weight pulled profoundly against him and Claude vowed that next time, he would ask.

He forced a smile on his face and pecked Sebastian's cheek. "I can't treat you to dinner every once and a while?"

Sebastian chuckled as they stopped in front of the car and Claude unlocked the doors. "If you want to treat me to dinner, you usually make me something." He gave a knowing look at Claude before he reached out for the rain again.

Claude hummed and watched Sebastian from the corner of his eye as Sebastian focused on the rain. He had a contemplative look on his face and didn't seem ready to get in the car just yet. "We always make dinner," he pointed out and turned to look at Sebastian, pressing closer so the large umbrella continued to shield him from the rain.

"We make dinner for ourselves because we're too competitive when it comes to cooking," Sebastian stated and turned around to face Claude. Their bodies pressed together and Claude hummed at the feeling of heat passing between them. "The only time I eat your food is when I have it for leftovers, and vice versa. It saves us headaches in the long run."

"This is true," Claude answered and Sebastian fell silent, leaving nothing but the hissing of the rain against the wind to fill in the silence. "We should get in the car," he finally said as Sebastian seemed to study his face intently.

Sebastian finally tore his gaze away from his face at the words and crimson eyes flickered out to the rain. "Thank you for tonight," he said softly and his eyes slid back to Claude's face. "For whatever reason you had or didn't have."

Claude's reply died on his lips as the umbrella tipped to the side and he found his body pelted with cool rain against warm skin. A squawked version of Sebastian's name and a curse left his mouth instead and Claude ducked as he tried to shield his head with his hands before he realized how pointless the action was.

His hands dropped to the side as the rain quickly and thoroughly soaked through his clothes. He felt the liquid trickle across his skin and trace his body as gravity pulled it down. Claude grimaced at the feeling and his fingers reached for the umbrella that Sebastian held to the side. "What the hell was that for?" He asked, water flicking off his lips.

Sebastian intercepted his hand and flipped it over, letting his palm face up so it could collect the water as well. "It almost makes you wonder if you can disappear into the streaks of rain, because they're so thick that they should hide you," he said almost tentatively and Claude quieted down. "But then you realize that you can't hide in the rain because even though it embraces you wholly, its grip is weak and can't protect you."

Claude didn't answer and let Sebastian guide his hand up, reaching towards the open clouds. He tilted his head up to look at his hand and winced when droplets splattered against his glass. His outstretched hand did little to stop them and if Claude squinted, he could see each line the raindrops made as they fell.

"The rain isn't without its benefits though," Sebastian continued and lowered Claude's hand, lacing their fingers together. "If you can't hide in the rain, you should try running through the streaks."

"And if you can't do that?" Claude answered as Sebastian pressed closer to him. His hair plastered against the sides of his face but Claude ignored them in favor of focusing on Sebastian. No matter what, through rain or shine, he enjoyed the times when Sebastian gave him insight to the complexities of his mind.

Sebastian hummed. "Then you continue through the rain, because it will stop eventually. Sooner or later, you'll emerge on the other side and something else will wait for you, ready and willing to offer an embrace that the rain couldn't provide." He leaned forward and his lips brushed against Claude's. "The rain isn't a permanent solution. It's just a temporary crutch that eases the way and a cooling touch that soothes the pain."

Claude nodded in understanding. "That's the wonders of rain," he said and drew Sebastian's mouth to his, leaving the rest unspoken.

'Now I know why you like the rain that accompanies the thunder and lightning. It's gentle and soothing harmony balances out the powerful screams and roars of the storm. They all wrap together to create a melody about life.'

Their lips pressed together in a tender caress, wet with the kiss of rain yet the air burned around them. Claude's hands slipped through Sebastian's soaked hair and his eyes slipped shut as he let himself feel everything around him. The way Sebastian's body pressed against his; hard, warm, and familiar in his arms, to the way the rain trickled down their faces and teased the seams of their connected lips.

The wonders of rain indeed.

Sebastian pulled back and used his thumb to brush away the rain from under Claude's eye. "And rain is always good kissing weather," he said with a smirk and Claude chuckled, suddenly reminded of the impish look Sebastian gave him earlier.

"You planned this the moment we stepped outside."

Sebastian shrugged, his action nonchalant though his eyes were anything but. "The thought may have crossed my mind once or twice before." He smirked. "I like the rain."

Claude chuckled. "I can tell," he said and his fingers brushed over Sebastian's cheek. "Let's go home," he murmured.

Sebastian nodded and caught Claude's hand as it withdrew. He placed a light kiss to the back of it before letting it fall once more. "Thank you for dinner, Claude. I know you think the storm ruined it, but I enjoyed it immensely because of it." He smirked and tilted his head up so his lips ghosted over Claude's ear.

Claude stiffened at the whispered words before Sebastian moved away. He watched Sebastian slip around the car, heard the car door open and then slam shut. The door snapped Claude from his stupor and he fumbled for the handle, a new sort of fire burning hotly throughout his body, Sebastian's words echoing in his mind.

Let me reward you tonight.

.:|Third Time's a Charm|:.

Sunlight streamed bright and warm into their bedroom the next day, making Claude mumble under his breath as its rays landed across his face. He rolled onto his side, his body sated and content, and buried his face into Sebastian's neck. The scent of rain still lingered on Sebastian and Claude inhaled deeply.

The memories of last night remained fresh in his mind, Sebastian's touch like a burning flame that danced across his skin and back dropped against a raging tempest. All because of rain that made their night perfect.

Claude's eyes snapped open and he bit back the groan that wanted to escape. He pressed a hand to his face and pinched the bridge of his nose while he chastised himself. If there ever was a time to propose, it was then. When the rain had them both soaked to the bone but couldn't wash away the smiles or the emotions that swelled between them.

Everything was perfect. He had never felt closer to Sebastian than when they stood together in the rain and he had found himself falling in love with Sebastian all over again. How could he miss that chance when it was right there? The signs were all there and he just…

"Ugh," he moaned and rolled onto his back, glaring at the sunlight. It only gave him a headache and Claude tossed his arm over his face.

Fate just wasn't going to give him a break.

A/N: New story! This is a short story that hit me late October so I took a break from my other MC to write this one up really quick. Something light-hearted and funny after Wine Angels, haha. I hope y'all enjoy it! :3