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Hiccup's narration

This is Berk. It's twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It's located sokidly on the merdian of Misery.

My village, in a word: sturdy. It's been here fors even generations, but every single building is new.

We have fishing, hunting and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests. You see, most places have mice or mosquitoes.

We have. …

Normal POV.

Hiccup quickly closes the door as the Monstrous Nightmare breaths out it's liquid flames. "Dragons!" he exclaims. As soon as the dragon flew away, he ran out the door, looking at what happened around him. He saw the multiple species of dragons fly off with the village food supplies, like fish sheep and other things. As he ran he heard the usual replies from the villagers he had during such raids.

"What are you doing outside?"

"Get inside!"

"Get back inside!"

Suddenly, he was grabbed by the collar and lifted up, only to stare in the eyes of Stoick the Vast, chief of the Tribe.

"Hey …Dad." Hiccup said.

"Hiccup. What is he doing …? What are you doing outside? GET INSIDE." Stoick yelled, pushing his son in the direction of the village's forge.

"Nice of you to join the party." Gobber, the village's blacksmith said, bashing on a piece of hot iron. "One more and we can play cards."

"What do you mean, Gobber?" Hiccup asked, as he put on his blacksmith apron. The sounds of heavy, panicky breathing of someone in the corner of the forge. He looked to the corner to see …

"Astrid." He whispered, as he ran to her, kneeling at her side as he reached her. The fear and panic was clear in her eyes, although she seemed to calm down a bit as she saw him.

"She came in here not long after the dragon attack began, searching for you, I guess." Gobber said.

"I'm here now." He whispered to her. "No need to be afraid."

An impact of a Gronckle's lava bomb made her hides her head in her arms. She looked up with a forced smile. "Why? Because there are totally no dragons here?"

Hiccup sighed. Astrid Hofferson. His best friend since he was little. Well …littler. Both he and she nearly treated as outcasts. Hiccup, because of his physical shortcomings and Astrid, because of phobia for dragons, something no Viking should have. Although she was an incredible fighter, amazingly skilled with the double-bladed ax , when she sees a dragon, she panics and runs off. So she was no use at all.

Hiccup grabbed a shield and gave it to Astrid. "Stay behind this and don't move." He soothed. "It will all be over soon."

Suddenly a sound, like a banshee wailing in the wind, that kept going for a few seconds, quickly followed by a flash of purple and one of the watchtowers going down in flames.

"Night Fury." Astrid whispered in fear, her eyes thin as ever.

Gobber detached his smithing tool and replaced it with an axe. He turned to the two teens. "Stay. Put. There." The two teen stared at him for a moment. "You know what I mean." With a battle cry he joined the battle.

"And actual Night Fury." Hiccup said, staring out the window. His face turned to one of his machines, called 'the mangler'.

Astrid jumped up and pulled him away from the machine. "Oh, no you don't." she said. "You're not going to leave me here alone. Besides, that machine never worked."

"No-one has ever killed a Night Fury." Hiccup said. "That's why I'm going to be the first. And it DOES work."

"Hiccup, you're a smart guy and my best friend, and I have faith in your skills, but I love you too much to let you go out there, only to get killed." Astrid said.

"I'll be back in a minute or five." He said, stroking some of her hair behind her ear. "I'll probably miss anyway."

Before she could say anything, hiccup grabbed his machine and ran out.

"HICCUP!" she yelled, wanting to ran after him, but her fear of the dragons outside the forge stopped her. She gave a frustrated groan as she ran back to her corner of the forge and hid behind her shield. "I'll get him for this." She promised herself.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Stoick yelled as he saw his son ran off with one of his cursed machines.

"Yeah I know." Hiccup yelled over his shoulder. "I'll be right back."

He ran to the cliff, where there was no battle and readied his machine.

"Come on. Give me something to shoot at. Give me something to shoot at." He whispered as he aimed in the dark. He a saw a silhouette in the dark and pulled the trigger. The bolas flew away, hitting the silhouette. It gave a roar and fell to the forest.

" I hit it. Yes!" hiccup yelled, throwing his arms in the air in victory, turning away from the cliffs. "I hit it! Did anyone see that?"

He turned around, only to stare in the eyes of a Monstrous Nightmare, who'd came to see what was making that much noise.

"Except for you." Hiccup said. The Dragon gave a roar and hiccup turned away to run as fast as he could. He ran to the plaza and hid behind one of the large torches. The Nightmare breathed out his liquid flames and Hiccup prayed the gods this would end soon. Off course, his father, probably wondering why he even bothered, quickly came to his rescue, subduing the Dragon. But by then, the flames had done it's work and made the giant torch fall, causing some more damage.

After the dragons had flew away, Hiccup tried to tell his father that he actually shot a Night Fury.

"If we organize a search party to Raven's Points, we can find it and …" Hiccup tried.

"Stop. Just stop it." Stoick said, burying his face in one of his hands. "Gobber, bring this boy back to the house."

"C'mon lad." Gobber said, giving hiccup a gentle push.

Stoick grabbed Astrid, who had joined the discussion at Hiccup's side, by the shoulder. "And you too, Astrid." He yelled, pushing Astrid in Hiccup's arms. "So we can have at least some peace and quiet while we fix this damage you two caused. The two of you don't get out before I get back."

Gobber walked the two teens back to their home. Astrid also lived there. When she was very little, a monstrous nightmare had burned down their house, with her family still in there. Stock had managed to save Astrid out of the house before she got caught by the fire. Stoick had taken her in and for the last ten years she was a 'house guest'.

Hiccup sighed as Gobber walked them back. "Astrid hasn't even done anything." Hiccup said to Gobber. "She was hiding in the forge."

"Forget it Hiccup." Astrid said, linking her arm into his'.

"And I actually did hit one." Hiccup said.

"Sure, Hiccup." Gobber said, rolling his eyes.

"He never listens."

"It runs in the family." Gobber said.

"And When he does, it's with this disappointed scowl, like someone skimped on meat in his sandwich." Hiccup said. He turned to Gobber, imitating a 'standard' Viking accent. "Excuse me, barmaid. You brought me the wrong offspring. I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy

arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fishbone."

"You're thinking about this wrong." Gobber said. "It's not so much what you look like, it's what's inside that he can't stand"

"Not helping, Gobber." Astrid said.

"Look, the point is, stop trying so hard to be something you're not." Gobber said with compassion in his voice."

"I just want to be one of you guys." Hiccup said, opening the door, letting Astrid in first.

"Well, that was depressing." Astrid said, taking seats in one of the chairs.

Hiccup gave an angry yell and kicked one the chairs, making it fall.

Astrid jumped up, placing her hands on his shoulders. "Easy Hiccup."

"You don't believe me either, I guess." Hiccup said.

Astrid placed a hand on his chin, tilting it up a bit. "I do believe you." She whispered. "From the forge's windows I saw how you hit something in the air, and something fell down to Raven's Point."

Hiccup smiled as he stroked some hair behind her ear. She giggled.

"I'll prove to them I did." He said to her. I'll go to Raven's Point and find that dragon. I'll cut out it's heart and I'll bring it to Dad."

He turned around,, but Astrid quickly placed a hand on his shoulder. "Please be careful." She whispered.

"Hey, It's me." Hiccup said with a smile.

"That's what I'm worried about." She grinned. "Please be back soon."

Hiccup grabbed his book and pencil and slipped out the window.