Episode Fourteen

A Conversation with Tuxedo Samurai

She fought. She fought as hard as she could, but it was not enough. It was the strangest sensation—teleporting through different dimensions while trying to struggle out of his grasp. It took only seconds though. One moment she was in a dark alley fighting with her friends, and in the next moment, her face slapped against a cold, hard, stone floor.

Sailor Mercury immediately tried to get up off the floor, but a swift kick to the side, stopped that. She collapsed back on the floor. Her eyes blinked rapidly with hot and heavy tears. Her vision was sideways. It appeared that she was in some kind of large chamber—dark, cold, and frightening.

She screamed she felt her body rise up from someone pulling her by the hair. She was dug through the large chamber to what appeared to be a rising platform with a throne. The pain from having her hair pulled disappeared for a moment. "Beryl," She gasped.

"It's Queen Beryl!" Draco released his grip on Sailor Mercury's hair. He kicked her in the back of the knees, forcing her to kneel before the throne.

"How?" Mercury stuttered. "How are you still alive? We…we…you…I don't understand."

The dark Queen rose from her throne. The amused expression on her face only grew wider as Sailor Mercury looked more and more fearful as she approached. When she came up to the soldier of water, She placed her cold hand over Mercury's cheek, slowly running her long nails across the girl's soft flesh.

Sailor Mercury turned sharply, trying to move away from Beryl's touch. Just one graze of Beryl's skin against hers made her skin want to crawl.

Beryl noticed this and withdrew her hand. "Yes, it is like you Sailors to be arrogant enough to believe that you rid the world of my presence, but that is simply not true." Beryl turned away from her prisoner and stared off into her vast courtroom. Thousands upon thousands of monster hordes were at her command. Four powerful Generals beckoned to her every whim and call. Her Empire was stronger than ever.

Sailor Mercury held her head high. "We've defeated you before, and we will defeat you again. As soldiers of love and justice, it is our vow to liberate the universe of such evil and corruption."

Beryl laughed. "You believe me to be the corruption? Do you Sailors not work for your own vision and goals? How are we any different?"

That set Sailor Mercury off. "Our vision is for a world of peace, freedom, and happiness! Your vision is nothing but darkness, despair, and selfish gain!"

Beryl watched as the girl's chest heaved for a few moments then she smirked. "You watch and see, Sailor Mercury. It will be my vision that comes to pass."

"I'd rather die than see an old witch like you succeed!"

Like a ferocious tiger, Beryl ran her long nails across Mercury's face, causing three ragged cuts to bleed across the girl's face. Continuing in her anger, the Queen held out her hand just above Mercury's chest. A beam of dark energy shot from Queen Beryl's hand and entered into Sailor Mercury's chest.

Mercury screamed as the dark energy pierced through her body. God, it hurt. It was obvious that Beryl was making this anything but pleasant for her. Her eyes frantically scanned the room, looking for help, but there was none to be found. Draco was behind her, and although she couldn't see him, she could hear him laughing. Lyra stood off to the side looking a little beat up from the fight they had minutes earlier but still looking rather pleased with the situation. And then there was Orion. He looked like hell as well—cuts, bruises, and blood—but he stood off to the side watching as Beryl stole her power. She locked eyes with him for a moment—not sure if she was silently begging for his help or not. But, it didn't matter—he wasn't moving.

Her Sailor uniform dissipated into blue bows and ribbons. Soon, her school uniform appeared back on her body. The powers that she had access to were gone. Hovering just above her chest was her Sailor transformation pen. She gasped and tried to reach for it, but Beryl was too quick. Beryl drew the pen into her hands with her telekinetic powers. Sailor Mercury was now the helpless Ami Mizuno. She collapsed in a heap on the floor, too tired, scared, and in pain to move.

Beryl grinned like a mountain lion while she marveled at the pen in her hands. "My strength shall be benefited greatly by your contribution." She turned away from the girl and headed back to her throne. "Draco, you have brought me a most interesting present. You shall be rewarded."

"Yes, my Queen," The General could hardly contain a wicked smile. "What would you have me do with your present in the meantime?"

Beryl returned to her throne, but before she sat down, she looked at her court guards. "Guards, place her in the detention area with Sailor Pluto!" Immediately, the guards ran from their positions and took a hold of the trembling girl crumpled on the floor.

"My Queen," Draco looked absolutely stunned. "Should we put them together?" His voice grew much quieter and less confident as the Queen glared him down.

The guards quickly obeyed the Queen and took the girl out of the room.

Lyra glanced back and forth between the key players in the conversation. "Draco might have a point," She said, trying to defuse the situation. "What if they cause too much trouble together?"

Fire flashed in the Queen's eye. "You forget your stations!" She barked. It took her a moment to try and calm herself before she spoke again. "I may have plans that the likes of you could never fathom, and it is my will that will be obeyed!" She wasn't very good at controlling her emotions.

"The Queen intends to torture the girl," Orion spoke up.

"What?" Draco and Lyra both looked confused.

The Queen's anger defused some, seeing that not everyone who served her was a complete idiot. She gracefully motioned her hand towards Orion. "Continue."

Orion noted the Queen's desire with a nod then looked back to his fellow Generals. "Sailor Pluto has been withholding information from us—how to best use the staff in order to see the future. It's been months now, and all the torture tactics we've used have been of no avail."

"So?" Draco balked.

"By putting those two in a cell together, they'll bond. They'll take care of each other and learn to depend on one another. Then when we torture Sailor Mercury, Sailor Pluto will be more than willing to give up the information that we desire."

"Well, how long is that going to take?" Draco crossed his arms, skeptical of anything Orion had to say.

"Shorter than the methods we are using now," The fourth General Aludra spoke up. She was the mystic and magical advisor to Queen Beryl, and also Queen Beryl's personal executer and torturer. Magic could do things to people that were too awful to describe. "It's an absolutely delicious plan."

"So, we wait. They become friends, and then we attack," Lyra summarized the plan.

"Yes, that's about it," Orion sighed.

In the meanwhile, the guards drug their prisoner along the cold dark corridors of Beryl's palace. They took her through the prison area, past packed cells full of mournful and defeated souls. They came to a large metal door that led off to a private sector of the prison. It was much quieter past this door. It seemed as if nobody was on this side. They took her towards one of the cells. It had three inside walls, and its outside wall was nothing but metal bars.

And that's when she saw her. Sailor Pluto, in worn and tattered civilian clothes, lay helpless on the floor with her hands shackled to the walls. Despite looking grotesquely thin and miserably kept, Ami immediately knew she was looking at her friend Trista.

"Get in there!" The guard hollered, shoving Ami on the back. She fell on her hands and knees. Before she knew it, the door slammed shut. The keys jingled as the two guards walked away. Soon, they opened the large metal door and slammed it shut. They were alone.

"Trista!" Ami immediately rushed to the side of her friend. For some reason, they had Trista shackled to the wall, but they didn't bother with Ami.

The green haired woman's eyes faintly fluttered open. They were sticky with dirt and tears. It took her a moment to process the face that looked down upon her. "Ami?"

"Yes," Ami nodded vigorously, tears leaking down her face. "You're alive, Trista! We've all been so worried about you!"

"Barely," Trista managed to say with a strange sense of humor.

"I'm going to take care of you!" Ami started ripping away at her school uniform. The material would make decent bandages for Trista's wounds.

"Don't," Trista said, weakly. "It's too cold."

Ami frowned. Trista had been wearing long pants with a long sleeved blouse. Ami was only in her summer uniform with short sleeves and a skirt. And, there was still the matter of Trista's cuts. It was a surprise already that the wounds weren't infected. Ami pondered silently for a moment before speaking again. "I'm not going to let you die in here."

"Thank you," was all Trista had the strength to say before her eyes closed in exhaustion. The things she really wanted to say would have to wait until she had the strength to say it.

"Alright," Raye said, hanging up the telephone. "It's done."

There was a collective sigh in the room. Raye had called Azabu-Juuban High School. Pretending to be Ami's mother, Raye told the school that Ami would be accompanying her to Africa on a six week trip. It was indeed true that Ami's mother was in Africa on a six week trip, but it was not true that Ami would be accompanying her. That excuse, however, would only work for about five weeks until Ami's mother returned home. They would have to cross that bridge when they got there.

The room was silent for a long time until Serena broke out sobbing. She was the first to express what all of them felt in their hearts—sheer and utter brokenness. There was no telling what was happening to their friend in the Negaverse. Thoughts like that made them sick to their stomachs.

"Why would they take her?" Serena choked out through her tears. "I don't understand."

Mina buried her face into her hands. "She was just an easy target. She was behind us, and then Draco grabbed her."

Lita stared at the supercomputer. When Ami was grabbed, she dropped the computer on the ground. They had hoped the device might give a clue as to Ami's whereabouts, but it did not. As many searches as they ran on the device, nothing came up. Lita closed the tiny computer and then held onto it longingly.

Raye was buried in memories. What could have gone different? Everything! Gods, she hated herself for letting something like this happen. If she just were quicker, smarter, stronger—maybe this wouldn't have happened. She shut her eyes tightly, trying to cut off the forming tears, but it didn't work. They were just caught in a terrible situation. Tuxedo Samurai was frozen, there were only five of them, and Draco was a vicious beast with no concern for life.

The two guardian cats sat with the Sailor Scouts in Raye's bedroom. They looked just as sorrowful and mournful as the Sailors did. Even all the resources at their disposal at HQ yielded no results.

Mina put her head down on the table. "They're not going to give her up. Not unless we give them what they want."

"They want that stupid Moon Prince," Lita snapped. "We've already told them that we don't know who it is!"

"I know that!" Mina snapped back. "It's what they're going to demand though."

"Why does all of this have to be so damn hard?" Lita threw the supercomputer down a little too forcefully. "You'd think Queen Serenity would have given us a little more information about these things instead of leaving us in the dark!"

Serena sighed. Even though she barely knew the woman, something inside of her felt like she should defend her past mother. "Maybe she didn't know it would be so important."

"Well, it is important!"

"Hey," Raye put her hand on Lita's shoulder. "Nobody blames you."

Lita stared at her friend for a long hard time before bursting into tears. She had wondered time and time again if it was her last attack that provoked Draco into fleeing the scene with Ami in his grasp.

"We have to find out the identity of the Moon Prince," Mina said a while later.

"Why?" Raye asked. "So we can just turn him over to the Negaverse?"

"No," Mina shook her head. "But he's so important to them, maybe he can help us."

"Maybe," Serena said, hopelessly.

"Who else can help us?" Lita sniffled.

Raye stood up and stared pacing around her bedroom. "The outers can't help us. They said they don't know anything either. And Trista's gone. She'd probably have a good idea, but nobody's seen her in months."

"Darien doesn't know anything either," Serena added, still shell-shocked.

"And the HQ still has provided no resources," Luna crossed her outstretched paws.

"We have to do something!" Lita exclaimed.

Mina sat up straight. She blinked furiously as an idea washed over her mind. "What about Tuxedo Samurai?"

"He's already said he doesn't know anything." Raye crossed her arms over her chest.

"I know, but he really hasn't said much of anything," Mina continued. "Maybe if we get him talking, he'll say something useful."

"And how are we supposed to do that?" Lita asked. "He always runs off after the fight's finished."

Mina looked right over at Raye and grinned.

"Oh, no!" Raye stomped her foot into the floor.

"What?" Mina went on the defensive. "He talks to you the most! You're the only one he'll practically say anything to!"

"This is the best strategy we have right now," Luna said, seriously, like a mother.

"If we have any chance of finding Ami, then we have to gather as much information as we can," Artemis added. "If this Tuxedo Samurai person seems to trust you, Raye, then you are our best hope to get any information from him."

Raye sighed. She would do anything to get Ami back safe and sound. "What do you want me to do?"

"You've just got to get him to tell you everything he knows," Mina said, as if it were a simple matter. "Maybe he'll know something that can help us."

"Oh, I hope so," Serena sighed.

The short lived high that Draco experienced now only tasted like absolute bitterness. He was commended for bringing Sailor Mercury before the Queen's feet, but not much later, he was condemned for not bringing Sailor Mars. It was Sailor Mars that the Queen really wanted, not Sailor Mercury.

He was determined, however, to make her happy. It worked well for him anyway. Through the encounters, something of a grudge emerged against Sailor Mars and that stupid masked man with the sword. Hopefully, that would end today with their deaths.

Lyra appeared before him. She bounced happily before him, much in contrast to his mood at the moment. "I have a target! I have a target!"

"Who?" Draco crossed his arms over his chest.

"Oh, don't be such a sourpuss!" She threw a folded up piece of paper into his lap.

He rolled his eyes at her tease and picked up the paper. He unfolded it and wrinkled his nose at the sight.

"Isn't he gorgeous?" Lyra beamed proudly.

Draco's left eye twitched for a few moments before he answered. Gods, he was starting to sound like Orion. "We're not just targeting whoever you think is gorgeous, you know!"

"But he's a model," Lyra reasoned. "He's handsome, well-refined, and good with the press—those all sound like things a Prince could do."

"From everything Beryl said, the Moon Prince isn't some…you know…frou-frou Prince. He's a warrior! He was a General for crying out loud! He isn't some stupid model!" He tossed the paper back in his lap

Lyra stomped her foot into the ground. "You don't know that!" She snatched up the paper from Draco. "Maybe he takes karate lessons!" He looked at the picture again.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Karate lessons?"

She continued looking at the picture. "I think he'll do nicely."

"Remember," Sailor Venus said as the five of them ran to the scene of the crime. "You have to keep your lips all pouty and flash your eyelashes a few times!"

"I know, I know, I know!" Sailor Mars hissed.

Venus stopped running and turned to look at her friend. Despite the fact that when they transformed and fresh make-up appeared on their faces, Venus insisted that Mars add some more. "Raye, you're getting all sweaty! You'll ruin your eye-shadow!"

"Mina!" Mars motioned her hand in their direction they were supposed to be running. "There's an attack happening, and you want to talk about make-up?"

"If you're going to get the lowdown from Tuxedo Samurai, then we've got to pull out the big guns!" Mina pulled out a tube of red lipstick. "Now, hold still!" She grabbed Mars' chin and began applying more lipstick.

"Mi…" Mars tried to protest, but Venus' iron grip made it impossible.

"There!" Venus looked satisfied.

"Can we go now?" Mars cocked her head to the side.

"Yes! Of course!" Venus led the charge. "You'll thank me later when Tuxedo Samurai is spilling all of his secrets!"

"He doesn't have any secrets!" Mars hissed.

"Or you'll thank me when he kisses you!"


"Oh, she doesn't need any make-up for that!" Sailor Moon added. "He loves her just the way she is!"


"Hey!" Sailor Jupiter interjected. "There they are!"

The scene was similar to the last one—outside the backdoor of a large building in a secluded alleyway. This time, there were only two of them. Lyra stood with the crystal looking absolutely heartbroken that her target was not the Moon Prince. Draco stood behind Lyra ready for battle with his flaming axes.

Sailor Jupiter, full of rage, immediately threw out an attack. "SUPREME THUNDER!" The attack rolled down the alleyway, illuminating its path along the way. Draco cut through the ball of lightning with his two axes like butter.

The four Sailors stood, not terribly surprised. These Generals were some of the most difficult enemies they had ever faced. They moved into an attack formation and prepared for battle.

Lyra turned around, ignoring her worthless target. She stood behind Draco ready for battle as well. It was four against two. The battle began with Lyra using her mood manipulation powers. The alleyway filled with a pink sparkly haze. While the other Sailors felt there senses dull, Sailor Venus was ready to attack.

Draco remembered that. Lyra's powers didn't work as well on Sailor Venus. So before Sailor Venus could go on the offensive, Draco charged forward.

Venus' eyes bulged. She squealed as she leapt out of the way of his attack. He kept coming at her though, furious and angry, like a raging bull. Finally, she leapt back as far as she could and snapped her whip attack at Draco. It snapped him on the hand and caused on of his axes to disappear. The other hand however threw the axe towards her. She tried to dodge, but the axe grazed across her arm, burning her skin.

Sailor Mars was the first to break out of the hold that Lyra's powers held over them. Her head still felt full of fog, but she knew that this current feeling wasn't right. She called upon her golden bow and fired off a shot. It wasn't an accurate shot by any means, but it did the trick.

Lyra's concentration broke in order to dodge the arrows. Quickly, the other two sailors felt like a cloud lifted off their minds. Draco had taken out Sailor Venus for the moment. It was Sailor Mars who broke Lyra's concentration. Now was the time! He charged for her.

Sailor Mars quickly raised her bow to defend herself from Draco's newly reformed axes. The two stared each other down as they each pushed to gain the upper hand in the deadlock.

"Where is Sailor Mercury?!" Mars hissed.

"Where is the Moon Prince?!" Draco growled back.

The other Sailors were left against Lyra. The girl with pink hair fluttered her long lashes for a moment. She clapped her hands together then slowly pulled them apart. A golden hand-mirror appeared between them. Once the mirror was formed, she grasped onto it like a weapon.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter took one look at the mirror and laughed hysterically.

Lyra's nose wrinkled. She gave one wave of that golden mirror, and a pink wave of air flew at the Sailors. The wind picked them up and threw them back quite a few meters. Lyra smirked as the two sailors looked absolutely bewildered trying to recover from the swift and painful blow.

"Maybe we shouldn't have laughed," Sailor Moon grabbed her throbbing head. She smacked her head pretty hard on the ground.

"Yeah," was all Sailor Jupiter managed to say. She blinked furiously—still seeing double.

Sailor Mars was getting pretty beaten up as well. Sailor Venus forced herself off the support of the wall. Her burnt arm was screaming at her not to move, but she had to do something to help. "VENUS CRESCENT…"

Before she could finish the words, Draco sent a fireball her way. She wasn't prepared to block at all. The fireball sailed right through her arms and crashed into her shoulder. She went flying right back into the wall, smacking her head against the bricks.

All that was left was Sailor Mars. The other ones were out of commission for the moment with their injuries. This would be the moment to take out Sailor Mars. Lyra and Draco ganged up on her. Sailor Mars backed away from them, but there was nowhere to go.

Lyra gripped her mirror with a wide grin. "Let's get her, Draco!" She raised the golden mirror ready to give it a wave, but suddenly, she howled out in pain and dropped the mirror on the ground. Its glass face shattered into a thousand pieces.

"What the hell?" Draco saw a deep cut across the back of Lyra's hand. He searched around frantically until he saw the source of the attack. His eyes narrowed.

Lyra continued to pout and wine. It was the same hand that had an arrow shot through it days ago. It was still incredibly tender. She looked up to where Draco's eyes were. It was Tuxedo Samurai. He threw a throwing star at her hand and cut it up pretty badly. "Oh, I can't believe he'd to this to me!" She danced in place while trying to nurse her hand.

Draco looked at her incredulously. After his initial shock, he shook his head and continued. "Go home," He said. "I'll take care of him!
"But, we're supposed to get Sailor Mars! We made a plan!"

"Don't worry," Draco smirked. "I will."

Tuxedo Samurai leapt down from the top of one of the buildings. He landed in front of Sailor Mars, protecting her from Draco and Lyra. His sword was already drawn and ready for battle. "You won't touch her!"

The other sailors turned their attention to the showdown. They managed to gain some strength and stood up to join the fight behind Sailor Mars.

"Draco." Lyra's voice quivered. She reached out and grabbed his arm, and hid behind him. "I don't like the looks of this. We need to get out of here."

Draco gritted his teeth. Backing down from a fight wasn't his style. Lyra kept tugging at his arm and whining. Gods, he couldn't think with all that whining! He growled and disappeared into thin air.

Lyra stood before Tuxedo Samurai and the four sailors all alone. She squeaked like a mouse and disappeared shortly afterwards.

The sailors breathed a sigh of relief.

Tuxedo Samurai stood up from his defensive position and sheathed his katana.

Sailor Mars gasped aloud when she felt a hand slap across her bottom. She spun around quickly, very offended

Sailor Venus winked. "Get in there!" She blew a kiss before running away with the other sailors. "Good luck!"

"Wait a minute!" Mars hissed under her breath. They were already gone. She was alone with Tuxedo Samurai. She started laughing, hysterically. She always laughed like an idiot when she was nervous.

He turned around. She couldn't see his eyes behind those white glasses, but she knew must have carried a look of confusion in them. He studied the scene for a moment. "Where are your friends?"

"Oh, them?" Mars continued to laugh. "I think they had to go to the bathroom or something."

"I see," He continued to look around the alley.

Mars slapped her forehead. "Oh, real romantic, Mars! Talking about the bathroom?" She hissed under her breath.

"What was that?" Tuxedo Samurai turned to her.

"Nothing!" She laughed again.

His face instantly looked worried. "Are you alright?" He stepped closer to her and put his hands on her shoulders. "You look like you have a black eye!"

Mars pondered for a moment. She didn't get hit in the face today. Then it made sense. "That's my make-up." Stupid Mina!

Tuxedo Samurai looked mortified. He put his hands down to his side and flushed a bright shade of red. "I…umm…well…"
She laughed, genuinely this time. That broke the tension.

"Sorry," He said sheepishly.

"Don't worry about it," Mars said. "Can't always stay pretty in battle."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," He said, looking at her.

It was her turn to blush. She glanced away and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

Tuxedo Samurai glanced around one more time while nodding his head. "I should go." Before he could take a step, Sailor Mars reached out for him.

"I need to talk to you," She said, her eyes full of worry. This wasn't a game. She had to find out anything she could to help them find Mercury.

Tuxedo Samurai looked away. "I don't know if I can help you."

"Please," Her voice was pleading. He could not deny her so he turned back to her and nodded his head. They were in a position to easily lock arms so she slid her arm around his and took a hold of it. "Where can we go that is safe?" She asked.

Before she knew it, he pulled her back and scooped her up into his strong arms. He leapt unnaturally high into the air. "What are you doing?" She gasped as she squeezed his neck tightly.

"Going somewhere safe," He ran across the top of the roof and leapt into the air once again. "That is, if I don't choke to death first."

"Sorry," She blushed, releasing her death grip around his neck.

It only took them a few minutes with him running and jumping across the rooftops until he reached a building away from the main pathways of the neighborhood. They came to the roof of a construction project, and he put her down.

"Why here?" She turned around, seeing the beautiful, glowing skyline of Tokyo. That was a stupid question.

"What do you need to talk about?" He leaned against the edge railing while resting his arm against the hilt of his sword.

Sailor Mars only looked at him. There were a thousand questions she wanted to ask him all at once, but she had to start with the most important. "They took our friend—Sailor Mercury."

"I know," He said, sadly. "I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault," She said. "We don't know how to get her back." She thought she might burst into tears right then and there. "Those Generals are demanding the Moon Prince, but the trouble is, we don't know who that is."

Tuxedo Samurai nodded. "They want an exchange."

"Exactly." Sailor Mars crossed her arms over her chest. "They seem to think we can do that, but we can't. We're afraid of what they might do to her." The tears could not be held back.

He leapt up off the railing and rushed to her.

Theoretically, it should have been strange for her to fall into the arms of a stranger, but he felt like anything but a stranger. If anything, it felt comforting to cry against his chest as he held onto her. "I need your help," She breathed against him.

That looked like it killed him. He took a step back from her. "I wish I could help you, but I don't know if I can."

"What do you mean?"

Tuxedo Samurai looked back towards the Tokyo skyline. "I don't know anything. I don't have any memories. I don't even know who I am."

"I don't understand," Sailor Mars bit her lip.

He sighed. "I don't know who I am, or where I come from. I just end up like this. I don't remember anything between my periods of consciousness. It's like huge gaps of my life are missing."

"You have nothing?" She took his arm again, pulling him close. "Not even a name?"

He shook his head. "Nothing. No name—none that I know of anyway."

She looked at the skyline too. "What do you know then?"

He looked over at her. "That I'm supposed to protect you."

"Why?" She cocked her head to the side.

"You're the only thing that I remember," He said, as if that was his life. "I have nothing except for you."

She looked really confused. "What do you have about me? We've never met before all these attacks started happening."

"There's this vision—or dream—I'm not sure."

"Dreams?" She couldn't help but gasp.

"I don't understand it myself. I don't know who I am, but I do know that somewhere and sometime ago we loved each other." He shook his head. "I don't know where or when. It was in a place far away—under the stars and the Earth…"

"…on the Moon," She uttered, finishing his sentence.

He jerked his head toward her. "You understand what I'm talking about?"

She looked straight into that mysterious white mask. "You're the one in my dreams, aren't you? You're him."

"Yes." He nodded. "That's the only memory I have, and it's with you."

"What does it mean then?" She asked him, frightened like a child.

"I don't know," He said. "But I promise I'm going to find out," He said before he kissed her.

There was no doubt it was him. That kiss felt exactly like it did in the dreams—tender, meaningful, and absolutely wonderful. His lips responded to hers in the exact same way. Losing herself in the moment, she would not break away from him. The experience seemed so new—she had never kissed anyone like that before. She wasn't even quite sure how to kiss someone like that, but even being so new, that moment ached of such familiarity. Gods, it was wonderful.

Then she realized what she was doing. She broke off their kissing and took a step back. A wide and dreamy smile appeared on his face. She couldn't help but smile as well despite the fact that a thousand thoughts and feelings started swarming together like a tempest inside of her.

"I should go," He said, just the same way as when they started this conversation.

She nodded. "Yes, so should I."

He still had his hand on her arms. His hand slid down, and he took her hand in his. He pulled it up and placed a kiss on her white glove. He then released it and backed away. "Goodbye," He said before leaping off a building backwards.

She gasped and ran to the edge.

He hollered in pure delight as he flew headfirst down the building. In midair, she watched him turn around and land on the ground perfectly. It took her a moment, but she laughed, despite the fact that her heart still pounded wildly in her chest from all the excitement.