Luke's POV chapter 1

No one understands me. They don't know or would understand why I do so poor in school, why I cry a week before my Gotcha Day, why Kenny the Koala is so important to me, or even why Emma and I fight. I just wish I could make them understand and know more about me.

"Luke! Luke! To the kitchen!" Jessie

I left my room and slid down the rail down the stairs to the kitchen. She looked sad, mad, sympathetic, and a little confused. "Got anything to tell me Luke?" Jessie asked.
I though fast and remembered what I did. "I apologized to Emma for switching out her sandwich for Ravi's. At least she got to try dragon fire peppers." I said. "You what?!" Jessie squeaked. "How about I narrow this down for you, I just got an E Mail from Mr. Nelson, your math teacher. Got anything to say about that?" Jessie asked. I felt my cheeks burn and turn red. "No way!" I said and laughed nervously.
I knew of course... there was just no way I was going to tell her. Math is seeming even harder; along with reading, language arts, science, and social studies. Jessie softened. "How about you just got a D- on your math test." Now I didn't know that. "Well, I'll just study more for the next test. Big deal." I replied. "You're right Luke. It is a big deal. You're failing math! And reading, language arts, social studies, and science. This is unacceptable Luke. Mr. Nelson suggested a meeting after school, you, me, and him." My tongue was glued to my throat. I sighed. "Okay." I said quietly.
The last thing I needed was Emma, Ravi, or Zuri running in. "Now do you have any homework to do tonight?" I shook my head. "All right, you can go to your room until dinners ready. And Luke, thank you." I was confused. "For what?" "I bet this isn't easy for you but you're doing what's right. I bet you're parents would be proud. See ya at dinner."
I nodded, tears suddenly stinging in my eyes. I knew Jessie meant parents as in Morgan and Christina but I was thinking of different parents, my biological ones. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could before someone could see me. I heard Emma's door knob open. She was texting but when she saw me she stopped. "You okay Luke?" she asked. Just seeing her made a tear drop.
You may be wondering why I'm crying over my sister, so I'll tell you. The only reason I'm not with them is because they died when I just turned 5. If they didn't text and drive I would still be with them. But of course they did, and we crashed. My dad looked just like me but my mom looked just like Emma. Not only that but she was a lot like her. She was an occasional airhead, a fashionista, and would love to bug me. Because of that, I just get mad that they left which causes me to get mad at Emma. To make it worse, they were teachers and at school I can just see so much of them, causing me to get distracted and do so poorly. I shook my head and ran to my room and cried for what felt like hours.