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Jessie's POV
Despite Luke's protests, I still had to tell Morgan and Christina. I just had to figure out how to tell them.
I wasn't going to say "Hey, your son is failing school but I'm his tutor."
I took a deep breath and picked up my phone and dialed Christina's cell number.

"Hey Christina, it's Jessie." I said into my phone.
"Hey Jessie. What's up?"
"Um, a few days ago I got an E-Mail from Luke's math teacher, Mr. Nelson. He suggested a meeting with Luke and I. At the meeting, Mr. Nelson suggested a tutor. And he wanted me to be his tutor. His grades are only getting worse. Would you like me to tutor him?"
I said into the phone.
"That would be great Jessie, thank you so much. Oh! Don't tell the kids that Morgan and I will be flying in tomorrow afternoon. See ya then, Jessie." Christina said then hung up.

Christina's POV

I feel great having such a great nanny like Jessie. None of our previous nannies have offered to tutor Luke and we have ran into the situation. "Hey guys!" I said as soon as Morgan and I got out of the elevator.
"Mommy!" Zuri exclaims as she runs up to hug me.
"Hey mom." Said Emma.
"Hello Mrs. Mommy and Mr. Daddy." Ravi said and hugged us both.
"Hey guys!" Jessie exclaimed. Last, Luke came in looking embarrassed.
"Hey I didn't know you were coming!" Luke exclaimed with fear in his voice. "We thought it would be a surprise." Morgan said and we had a family hug.

Everyone left to their rooms while Morgan and I followed Jessie to the kitchen. I wonder why Luke suddenly is struggling. I've noticed that something's up and he's hiding something from us.
Jessie pulled out her laptop and showed me the email she got from Luke's math teacher. I read it. Jessie opened the link of Luke's GPA, Luke was failing in every subject. "Honey why don't Luke and I haw some boy talk." Morgan said leaving to Luke's room.

Morgan's POV

I lightly knocked on Luke's door.
"Who is it?" Luke called to me and sniffled. Has he been crying? I opened the door and found Luke at his desk looking frustrated with his math binder open.
"What's up son?" I asked him and pulled over a chair, rubbing his back.
Luke shook his head and pulled something out of his backpack. He miserably passed me an envelope that says 'To the parent or guardian of Luke Ross'. I read it, it was Luke's report card. Every subject was an F except social studies, a D. I couldn't seem to understand why his grades were like this. I looked at Luke who looked at me. "You're failing sixth grade." He nodded gently.
Luke's face started to turn red, then his eyes, then tears came rolling down his cheeks. "Why is school so hard for you?" I said after a minute.
Luke's expression looked blank. "I don't want to talk about it." Luke said, now sobbing. I felt terrible for him.
"You know when I was your age I struggled with school too." I said and sighed. Luke looked at me and said "Really? Wow." He said with amazement.
I nodded. "But in order for them to get higher I had to do what's right. I got a tutor and look where I am now; an Oscar winning movie director!"
I exclaimed trying to bring up Luke's enthusiasm. It didn't work. Luke sighed.
"I'm just embarrassed. I mean what would I do if Emma, Ravi, Zuri, or one of my friends figured it out? What would I do?"
"Just tell them the truth. I know this isn't easy for you and all but you have to do what's right meaning letting Jessie tutor you." He nodded. "Thanks. I just wish you guys knew why." Luke mumbled quietly. Knew what?