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Dear Tanya, June 28, 2012

This is my first letter to you, and I am so very sorry that it has taken me this long to write. When you're in another world, you tend to forget about time. We actually didn't get any mail service until this week, so it has been impossible.

First off, I miss you. I am safe and not a moment goes by that I do not think of you. How is Grace doing? I cannot imagine how big she is now. I miss her kisses. And yours...

I know you must be curious as to how things are over here, but I cannot give much away unfortunately, my dear. It is devastating everywhere you look. Of course, that is why I am here, though, right? I have finally begun to feel like I am helping things.

I pray that you are not still angry with me for going. I did not have a choice, my love. It is what I do, what I was born to be. You knew that from the beginning. Each night I sit by candlelight and think of you and how much my heart aches for your touch once more. It will come again, soon. Visions of your beauty race through my mind more often than not. The things I would touch, kiss, and hold if only I were next to you. Wait for me, my Tanya. We will have the life you have always wanted. I made you that promise. I have still kept it. I hope you have kept yours as well.

With all of my love, my heart, my being,


November 3, 2012

I read his good-bye, written in perfect cursive a dozen times before placing the letter down on the table in front of me. I felt ashamed, like I had trespassed into someone's heart. I had no right, no permission, no idea. The letter haunted me. It was begging me to read it each time I passed it sitting securely sealed on my coffee table for two weeks. I could not help it. I opened it. I would some day pay for this, I knew. I picked the letter back up and got a scent of a musky sand smell. The paper was thick and the pen ink was a navy blue. My mind shot back to Tanya. I had no idea who she was, but I was insanely jealous of her. And Grace? maybe Grace is their daughter? I thought about calling my realtor to get in contact with the old owner, but she always told me that a man owned this house, not a woman. It was a man that put it up for sale. If I had not recently decided to rent this house, I would have never received the best love letter I had ever seen. If only it was addressed to me. This man, Edward, did not use any last names, so that made finding this woman even harder. Although, it is possible that he got the house number wrong. Maybe it was for a neighbor. Shame began to burn in my stomach again. I would try my best to find this, Tanya. Not for me, but for this man that could write so beautifully that it broke my heart.