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Chapter 11:


My body was warm. My insides were cold. I searched for the warmth that my cold desperately needed. It was not next to me. It was nowhere to be found. Had I not dreamt everything? All of a sudden, I grew fearful. Where was I? My head hurt. My knees hurt. The last image I had was of burning gold eyes. I never wanted to hear my name called again. That was hoping for too much.

"Bella," Penelope asked softly. Of course. I came here instead of going home. I grunted out loud.

"Wake up." I grunted again and rolled over. My eyes opened and were met with pink. Mae's room. My wits returned to me quickly. I sat up, embarrassed and confused.

"Penelope, hi," I said. My throat was dry. She handed me a tall glass of water. I took it and drank half of it down. It cooled the flames in my throat.

"How are you feeling?" Penelope asked softly. She sat in a chair next to Mae's large bed. Pink everything was everything. Black, too.

"I'm so sorry I came here," I began.

"Don't be. You were pretty messed up."

"Yeah," I said ashamed. "I took quite a few shots."

"No, you weren't that drunk."

"Oh?" I squeaked.

"You cried." My cheeks heated.

"A lot?" I whispered.

"A lot." She repeated. I threw my head in my hands. My hair tangled in my hands. It was knotted. "Oh, God. What has happened," I asked, mostly to myself. "Everything was so good. Then, at the party, all the pieces that had been floating around in the air dropped and pieced together perfectly." I looked down to see my emerald dress, torn, and stained.

"Nice analogy," Penelope said smiling.

"But what exactly happened?"

"Tanya... She's Jacob's wife!" I cried. It hurt as much as it felt good to say it all out loud. "And Jacob was Edward's best friend."

"Jeez, what a soap opera." I glared at her. "Sorry, sorry. Then what happened?"

"Tanya and Edward took off. I was stuck with Jacob, so I kept drinking. I went to leave and found Edward with her in the foyer. They were arguing... They hugged. I tripped. I left. That's it."

"Hmm," Penelope sounded. I rubbed my head.

"What time is it?"

"Noon. Your phone has gone off a few times." She held her hand out to me. My iPhone stared at me. Tentatively, I took it. I had two missed calls. One from Edward and one from... Jacob? A few alerts, another winter storm warning. One text message from Edward.

Please call me. Where are you? -E

I tried to smile, but couldn't. I lifted the phone to show Penelope.

"He cares," She whispered. I shrugged my shoulders.

"You have some clothes here. I put them and a towel in the bathroom. We can figure things out over coffee when you get out." I nodded my head.

"Thanks." Penelope smiled and patted my hand.

Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror, and noticed that you saw no one familiar? That was me. I looked different. My naked body was possessed. I had open wounds on my knees and elbow. My hair was a mess and my make up was smeared. It was the look my eyes had that were most unknown to me. Broken, empty, hollow, dark, and cold. I shivered. I picked up my phone from the counter and opened a new text to Edward.

I am fine. -B

I wanted to say so much more, but what? Would anything help or change what was happening? I sighed, hit send, and got into the steam of the shower. I hoped to wash away all that my body had come to know.

"Feel better?" Penelope asked as I came into the kitchen.

"Actually, yes, a little. My head is clearer."

"Good. You've lost weight."


"Those clothes. They used to fit you." I looked down to my now very baggy t-shirt and jeans. I shrugged my shoulders and went to the table. I picked up my fresh cup of coffee and took a big drink. It was so soothing. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I very reluctantly took it out to open Edward's reply message.

Where are you? We need to talk. -E

Before I could start typing, a call from Jacob interrupted me. Penelope sat at the table and looked to me expectantly.

"Hello?" I answered briskly.

"Bella? Oh, good, you're alive."

"Uh, yeah. Thanks for the cab," I replied.

"I'm glad you're all right. Have you seen Edward?" His voice was frantic with worry.


"Well Tanya is gone!" He cried. My eyebrows crossed hard in confusion.

"What do you mean, gone?"

"I mean, I never saw her after last night. She didn't come home."

"I don't know where she is, Jacob," I replied truthfully. "Nor do I really care." Jacob sighed heavily.

"Bella, she's very pregnant. Anything could have happened. Help me! Give me Edward's number. I know she's with him."

"Fine, I'll text it to you." If I still possessed heart, it would have ached. All my body had left was anger. Of course he was with her. Even though he was texting me.

"By the way, I quit."

"Find," Jacob said. I almost hung up but he spoke again, stopping me. "And for the record, the baby is mine." I paused trying to process his statement. Words from Tanya's argument with Edward flooded through me like a tidal wave against the shore line. I hung up the phone. Before turning to Penelope, I text Jacob Edward's number and went back to my reply message. My fingers moved fast with furry.

Tell Tanya that her husband is looking for her. -B

I hit send. My hand gripped my phone tightly before slamming it down on the table.

"Tanya said to Edward that she wasn't sure who's baby she was carrying."

"It can't be Edward's," Penelope defended

"Oh no? She was fucking Jacob throughout her entire relationship with Edward," I growled.

"I'm sure they'll do a paternity test. I'm surprised that in this day and age, she went without birth control." Suddenly, a lightbulb in my head shinned brightly.

"Wait, Edward told me that he had never had sex without a condom..."

"Well there you go," Penelope said smiling. My chest lifted, then fell again.

"He loves her, Penelope. Those letters, and all the years he knew and wanted her? I cannot compete with that." My phone vibrated. I looked at it quickly.

I know... I just dropped her off with him. -E

Furry scorched through me again.

She was with you all night?! -B

I had never experienced anger so strongly before, but did I even have a right to be so?

"Bella, if you care about him, you're going to have to face all of this," Penelope ordered.

"I don't know if I can."

"It is not about if you can. If you love him, you will." I looked into her green eyes searching for a way out, knowing she would never give me one. She was strong.

"We'll see," I said softly. "Hey, how was your date with Ben?" Penelope smiled widely.

"We're going out again next weekend."

"I'm so glad," I replied genuinely. It felt good to smile for her. Again, my phone sounded.

Let me explain, Bella. Please. I need you. -E

I sighed.

"You'll figure all of this out, Bella. You're smart, and you know what your heart wants. Don't give up on that," Penelope said softly.

I'll meet you at the house in thirty minutes. -B

I hit send feeling powerful.

"You think that cab service will serve me again?" I asked laughing. Penelope smiled.

"Oh, yeah."

Christmas lights welcomed me home as I came down the driveway. My tree really did look beautiful through the living room windows. It gave me hope. Edward's car was in the driveway. I payed the cab fare and ran to my door, bolting inside trying to escape the blizzard. Music wafted over. I removed my coat and walked into the living room. Edward stood up from the couch abruptly.

"Bella," He said. He looked extremely tired. Large circles had formed underneath his golden eyes.

"Did you sleep?" I asked sadly. He bowed his head.


"Where did you go?"

"I came here." He shoved his hands through his hair.

"With Tanya?"

"No," He shouted. I flinched. "No," He said again, softer. "I only went and got her from her parents to bring her back to Jacob. She apologized profusely. She loves Jacob. I never will nor have any wish to see her again."

"Oh. And I quit my job." He looked worried. I shrugged.

"I'll manage." An awkward silence broke out between us. I slowly walked over to the burning fire. It helped warm my cold bones significantly.

"Bella, I-"

"Edward," I said, cutting him off, "If you love her, then that is who you should be fighting for." I turned to face him. He looked at me hurt, then bowed his head again.

"When I saw her again, I thought I did," He admitted truthfully. My chest began its aching. This was it, I thought. I tried to be strong. My eyes closed tight in preparation.

"But, then I saw you," He whispered. My eyes opened slowly. I was unsure if I had heard him correctly or not.

"The baby is not mine." We both seemed to breath a sigh of relief.

"Bella, you saved me. You have to know that. My heart knows love because of you." Tears choked me from answering him. Very slowly, he began stepping towards me. He took my hands and kissed them, forcing tears to fall down my cheeks.

"Edward, I love you so much," I admitted. It was through a hoarse voice, but it was strong. He pulled me to his chest and sighed easily.

"I love you, more, Bella. So much more." My arms wrapped around him securely. "I'm so sorry I left you like that."

"I forgive you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you everything about Tanya." He tightened his hold on me.

"You are the best Christmas present," I said smiling. We pulled apart but didn't let go.

"How about I let you unwrap me?" He had that crooked smile. I took his hand, and he took my heart. The music he had playing could be heard again. We kneeled in front of the fire. I moved to kiss him, but he pulled back, moving to my ear instead. He sang the song lyrics from deep within him.

I won't give up on us

Even if the skies get rough

I'm giving you all my love

I'm still looking up

This is where we would begin. All the small things were just technicalities, now. This is where I became found. We would live happily ever after in our house. Everything I possessed became his. He was entirely mine. It started with some letters, and became our own novel that we would write together.

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