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Chapter 8: End of one Havoc Wedding

Skipper opened his eyes to see that he was in a green see through cocoon. Two of the changelings flew passed him. Shadow was stuck to the floor with the same goop on his paws. Cartoongirl was standing next to him, still in the trance. Julian was standing there looking confused.

"You're never going to get away with this! Victor and his friends will-" He didn't finish his sentence because he was interrupted by the door opening.

Blowhole walked in along with the others, changelings were surrounding them.

"You were saying?" King Metamorphosis asked. "You do realize that the reception had been canceled, don't you?"

He looked up at his minions.

"Go! Feed!"

The changelings took off. Everyone looked at him. King Metamorphosis laughed. He grabbed the dolphin's face.

"It's funny really. Victor was the only one that was suspicious about my behavior all along."

Blowhole slapped his pa away. King Metamorphosis flapped his wings.

"Too bad you all were caught up in your wedding planning to realize that all those suspicions were correct!"

Private went up to Blowhole.

"Sorry Blowhole, we should've listened to you."

"It's not your fault. He fooled everyone."

"I did, didn't I?" He smiled, walking over to the window. He placed a paw on the ledge, looking out of the town.

"This day just has been perfect. The kind dream of which I dreamed since I was small. Every animal I will soon control! Everyone woman, man and child! Who says a guy can't really have it all? Ahahahaha!"

Blowhole crept over to Shadow, trying not to gather any attention to himself.

"Quick, go to her while you still have the chance." He told him. He pushed the laser button on his metal eye, destroying the goop.

Shadow went over to her. Looking at her eyes for a moment. He placed his forehead on hers, eyes tearing up. He placed a paw on her cheek. He hugged her. His paw started to spark, and a pink heart bubble appeared. Everyone looked at it in amazement. The heart landed in front of Cartoongirl's face and snapped her out of her trance. She blinked and quickly shook her head. Shadow pulled back.

"Wha… where? Huh?" She looked at her dress and screamed. "Why am I in a dress?"

Ocean couldn't help but cheer.

"Yes! Yes!" She pulled out her dagger and grinned as King Metamorphosis landed in front of them.

"It's all over!"

Blowhole gulped.

"Your spell! Perform your spell!"

"Ahahaha! What good would that do? My changelings are already roaming free."

Outside the changelings were causing chaos, every animal and human was running for their lives.

"No…" Cartoongirl said. She looked around, closed her eyes and started to cast a spell. "My spell is useless now… I don't have the strength to repeal them."

"My love will give you strength." Shadow told her, rubbing his head against her.

"Hahaha, What a lovely but absolutely ridiculous sentiment." King Metamorphosis stated, looking at the window.

Cartoongirl glared at him. She looked at Shadow, who looked at her. She shut her eyes and focused on her spell. Shadow placed a paw on hers and they started glowing. Shadow was soon looking healthier as well as Cartoongirl. They looked around them to see an aurora surrounding them. They looked back at each other and smiled. They shut their eyes again and started to float in the air. Everyone smiled.

King Metamorphosis looked at them in horror and shock. The aurora swirled faster. Shadow's and Cartoongirl's eyes shined bright white and surrounded them. A white heart pulsed through the room and they landed on the ground.

"No! NO!" King Metamorphosis screamed as he was pushed out, along with his minions out of the country.

Cartoongirl and Shadow smiled and hugged each other.

Private, Kowalski and Rico ran over to Skipper who had gotten out of the cocoon.

"Don't worry about me boys. I'm fine."

"Shadow promise me one thing,"

"What's that?"

"Let's wait for a few more years before we get married." Cartoongirl stated.

"I would love too. I'm not ready for this either." Shadow agreed.

"Yes! Yes! She's not getting married! She's not getting married!" Ocean cheered.

Cartoongirl couldn't help but laugh at her female assassin friend enthusiasm.

"How about we go for a large picnic with everyone instead?" She suggested.

"Now that I can do." Shadow smiled.

Blowhole smiled as he watched his sister and old sitter walk out. Now this is what he rather see. They walked out to see the animals in the town cheering. Shadow licked his girlfriend's cheek affectionately.

"Let's get that picnic ready."

Crystal went over to her son and smiled at him.

"This is your victory just as much as it was theirs. You believed that something was up in the reason of doubt. You saved your sister and Shadow. I couldn't be happier."

"Thank you mother."

That night everyone was in the park, eating their picnic. Crystal nudged her son and he smiled. He pushed a button on his Segway causing a microphone to appear. Julian hit the button on his radio.

"Love is in bloom. A beautiful sis, a handsome groom. Two hearts, becoming one, a bond that can't be undone because Love's in bloom. A beautiful sis, a handsome groom."

Everyone started dancing, and laughing.

"I said love is in bloom You're starting a life and making room For us (For us, For us...)

Love is in bloom A beautiful sis, a handsome groom I said love is in bloom You're starting a life and making room For us, (For us... For us... Aah...)"

Cartoongirl pulled her brother close and gave him a light noogies.

"Thanks bro. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you."

"Anything for you BSBBF." He smiled. "One thing… how did King Metamorphosis get you and Shadow to agree for a wedding?"

"He must have hypnotized us. Or well we would never agree to it."

"Okay that I can understand."

For the rest of the Evening everyone was laughing, smiling, grateful that everyone was safe, King Metamorphosis was gone and that Cartoongirl and Shadow was okay. It was a perfect way to end.