Okay. Because any semblance of introduction and relationship development BEFORE this that I've done between these guys has been in drabble form (and really, this is the main thing), I do believe a bit of explanation is in order.

First of all, this is a deviation-from-canon fic with OC's, and it begins during the episode Triage, and continues on after that with a different plot. (Well, I mean, I suppose Megatron can go on doing what Megatron does... pimp-smacking those who argue, forming a false alliance with MECH, and all.) The plot is pretty much outline in the summary, but... what exactly will happen? Well, that is for you to find out, dear readers, should you choose to accept your mission.

Now, for the characters...

ALANNA: Alanna Wilson is Knock Out's nurse, which means most of her duties involve either assisting Knock Out with a patient, giving anesthesia and any scheduled medications, or (when he was around) helping Breakdown with whatever he was doing. She's also Knock Out's sparkmate, and it's a match made between the medics from hell. They're both vain and over-the-top, but beneath that there's so much more. They clash and click at the same time, so expect quite a lot of romantic/sexual tension between them. (I'm assuming they also have the most amazing angry sex. Passion is passion, and even if it's not sexual... well, it kind of ends up that way for these two.)

JESS: Jess Burne is Knock Out's physician assistant, which - believe it or not - is slightly different from being a nurse. She was aboard the Nemesis before Alanna came into the picture, and why Knock Out decided to start this continuing pattern of adding humans to the medical team is known only to him. She deals with other patients if Knock Out's busy, and can make a diagnosis. She's Soundwave's sparkmate, which makes sense because they both usually have nothing to say to other people, except for the fact that Jess does talk to Knock Out, Alanna, and Soundwave. They balance each other out well, and they're a fair bit more stable than Knock Out and Alanna.

LISA: Lisa James was assigned as Breakdown's nurse, because you can never have too many medical personnel aboard a place like the Nemesis where everyone possibly gets damaged after every battle. She was the newest addition, and during the short time she was aboard, she and Breakdown managed to capture each other's heart/spark. Sadly, when Airachnid killed Breakdown, his sparkmate fell into a deep depression and one day snapped - there's a reason people don't yell at Megatron. Her death affected Alanna as much as Breakdown's did Knock Out, because they'd become good friends.

Okay, well, I guess that's enough info for you to understand what's going on now.

Also... I just noticed that an acronym of my title would read "NAW".

... Damn. There goes the seriousness.

By the way, preemptive apology - some of the direct quotes might be wrong. I'm not anywhere that has fast internet, so I'm going purely on memory. So sorry if I got some wrong. (I think the effect's the same either way, but most of the time I'm not lazy and I transcribe the quotes I need; just forgot to do that earlier, so my bad there.)


Gun shy and quivering

Timid without a hand

Feign brave with steel intent

Little and hardly here...

Day one, day one... start over again

Step one, step one... with not much making sense

Just yet I'm faking it... till I'm pseudo making it

From scratch begin again but

This time "I" as I, and not as we...

Eyes wet towards wide-open, frayed

If God's taking bets

I pray he wants to lose...

~"Not As We", Alanis Morissette

It had been a little funny at first, she thought.

Losing Breakdown had been bad enough for Knock Out, as losing Lisa had been for Alanna. But eventually they tried to move on - they still had each other, after all, and now that was all they had. It was funny, how they began to complain about the most vain things they missed in their friends' absence. For Knock Out, it was Breakdown helping him with detailing and buffing; for Alanna, it was Lisa helping her with hairstyles and nail painting. It was almost the same thing, really... and they figured, what were they there for if not to help each other?

So somehow, in the aftermath of tragedy, they managed to hit the pseudo restart button on their lives. They kept going on as normal, with two less people on the medical team. Now their team was down to Knock Out... Alanna... and Jess Burne, Soundwave's sparkmate, who had been there a fair bit before Alanna. And since Jess was usually given patrolling physician duty, helping her "boyfriend" (it had been near six months and she still said that word like a lovesick puppy, but Alanna found it kind of cute... even working for the Decepticons, it hadn't damaged Jess's love for life), the two were often alone.

Alanna knew the feeling of being an outcast just because you weren't pretty; that poor soul trying desperately to improve their appearance, like Knock Out did when he tried to detail by himself... when she was little, that was her. And now that she was grown up, she obsessed over keeping herself pretty. Just like he did. She knew it killed him to be marked upon in any way, because when that happened, you weren't beautiful anymore. You were damaged goods.

So she regularly dangled her legs off a ladder, making meticulous strokes across Knock Out's cherry-red finish with a paintbrush that could be mistaken for Barbie's ponytail taped to a toothpick. The can of paint rested in her lap, and she was dutiful not to spill it. She even wore a pair of reading glasses and got so close she could smell the fumes. It paid off, though... Knock Out was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen besides herself in the mirror. She did it all voluntarily, because assisting him in looking flawless and admirable was a better use of her time than anything else. She never wanted him to feel ugly or inferior... nobody so striking should ever have to feel like anything less than what they were.

As well, Knock Out understood the need to feel perfect. Besides power, the only reason people did nice things for someone else was if they were easy on the optics; he used to be at the bottom of the pyramid when he first became a medic, during those days when he didn't pay so much attention to his finish. A femme who left you for a better-looking mech here... a promotion you were passed over for because you didn't frag your boss there... he'd always been a fast learner, so he learned that he had to change everything he'd once been.

He didn't mind leaning over a microscope to see every part of Alanna's hair so he made sure he did it right; moving his claws very slowly and weaving prettily garish beads or blinding feathers in between strands. She always wanted to feel perfect, and when he did it, he felt like he was helping. Around everyone else, she came off as someone who bragged about being something they weren't - at most, she'd be wearing her lab coat, dark hair tossed up, her tan looking like a result of long hours under a light bulb with too much lotion. But when he was alone with her... when she had a reason to look lovely... well, he was worried if she went out in public like that, someone would steal her away from him.

After a while, life aboard the Nemesis slowly returned to the monotonous track of normality. Every once in a while either the medic or his nurse would let a mention of Breakdown slip with a frustrated sigh or an offhanded giggle. Often they might not have even noticed they'd been talking about the deceased until the other didn't speak to them - in Knock Out's case - or went stomping into the restroom to cry - in Alanna's case.

But, as with the everyday of a Decepticon life, something had to be there to break up the boring and constant routines. That something was several of the bots going off on loosely-related missions. It included both of the humans' sparkmates, which was cause for worry and shared girl-bonding over the biggest bag of cotton candy Jess could find, one she'd been saving for a special occasion.

Of course, the other 'Cons would never understand femmes, especially human ones. To them it looked like the two women had gone off their respective rockers, though there was clearly every reason in the known universe to worry when their boyfriends came back, each damaged in the most devastating way possible.

Jess was quickly on Soundwave when he returned with Dreadwing, doing all manner of what could only be called parkour stunts to jump up and latch onto the silent mech's shoulder. She was alarmed and frightened at the crack in his faceplate, her hands frenzying all over the plate and yet not even daring to touch the break. Whether for fear of getting shards stuck in her hand or fear of crossing some privacy line, it couldn't be said.

"Oh, does it hurt?" She kissed the very side of it, far away from the crack ad clearly as much as her shaking body could handle at the moment. "You poor thing. I knew I should have come along! Did you get hurt anywhere else?"

"Should... not-! ... have come along," he replied, repeating her words back to her, spliced with a clip from a particularly annoyed rant she'd gone on a few weeks ago. "You...! Hurt. Never again."

"Aww, Soundwave." She wrapped her arms around his neck as well as a little human could do and scooted herself as close to his faceplate as was possible. She was most flattered that when he was speaking to her, he'd taken to using little else but clips of things she said. "You're too good for me."

A scoff came forward in Starscream's voice, followed by, "Think again." He raised a hand before brushing a slender finger against her body, and she could feel a smile through the touch as he repeated her phrase. "You're too good for me."

Safe to say, Alanna was concerned now. She was of course happy that Soundwave was alright and that Jess's crushing worry had been alleviated, but... but where was her sexy little Aston Martin? She hated it, the fact that every time he left the ship there was the biggest possibility in the world that he might never come back. It had happened to Breakdown, and that was what caused Lisa's depression and suicidal act of screaming at Megatron that it was all his fault.

"How could you let this HAPPEN?!"

"I loved him and you sent him on a death mission! You knew that bitch would find some way to escape!"


As terrible as it had been watching the aftermath of that, and as much as she missed her friend, Alanna didn't want to end up like Lisa. It was sad what had happened to the normally shy and modest redhead, that her one moment of uncharacteristic outrage had been her undoing, but it was entirely possible that it could happen to anyone who defied Megatron.

For all of her vanity, Alanna acknowledged her own arrogance and tendency to outspeak... if it could happen to someone like Lisa, there was no telling what degree it might reach if it happened to her. There was no real living without your sparkmate, and if Knock Out went offline, being killed after a mouth-off session to Megatron would almost seem like mercy.

There were a million other ways to spend the remainder of your short, miserable existence without the other half of your soul, and all of them would have you begging for the bliss of death long before it came.

"Can you believe what the Autobots did to me?!"

Of course, with Knock Out, his vanity rivaled her own; if he was going to die young, he was going to die young and pretty. And "pretty" wasn't exactly the word that first came to mind when he came storming through the Vehicons, loudly lamenting the scratched-up state of his precious finish.

"Knock Out!" Feeling like a heavy brick had been lifted off her chest when she laid eyes on him, Alanna rushed forward. Not even Primus himself could have stopped her from running into Knock Out's arms. Er, well, if he'd had his arms outstretched and ready to take her, that is. She didn't care, she just immediately wrapped her arms around his pede, lifting one leg up and pressing herself as close as possible. She couldn't even manage to say anything else.

His comment probably would have been comedic, if they were alone, but Megatron was clearly not taking any bullshit, today or any other day. "Did you retrieve the relic?" he practically roared, taking an intimidating step toward the medic.

Knock Out swallowed and carefully scooped Alanna up in his servo, stroking along her head with one claw - probably in an attempt to protect her should their leader's rage take a sharp detour down the Human Hating Superhighway. "... No, Master."

"You're a mess but I'm glad you're still online!" Alanna chirped, leaping up to grasp onto his claw with her entire body. She dangled there while the conversation continued, kicking her legs and hoping he didn't make any sudden moves. She hung onto him as tightly as she could, and would have been perfectly content to never let go ever again.

The closer Megatron got the more nervous the two became, and now he was so close Knock Out was silently praying for Alanna not to have a spontaneous heart attack. She tended to overreact, especially if she thought she might be in trouble. "Then I suggest," he growled, optics barely even flickering to the squirming human on the end of the medic's digit, "that you, your pathetic mate, and your immature assistant prove your continued usefulness." He finally stepped away, allowing both of them to breathe a mental sigh of relief, and gestured to Soundwave's chest-mounted Deployer. "By examining Laserbeak."

Alanna wriggled off her sparkmate's claw and landed squarely in his servo, where she looked over at Soundwave, as she noticed both Knock Out and Jess were doing. Then they met each other's optics, and she shrugged.

Man, I wish we were only playing Dr. Sexy and Nurse Hot Stuff. Why in the world does he want us to examine that thing...?

Indeed, they DO play Dr. Sexy and Nurse Hot Stuff on a regular basis. And if I may say, it's quite the... um... experience. There's quite a bit of... sexual healing... going on. P

THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! I tried my best to make it insightful while still keeping everyone in character. I think it's funny, because if Knock Out even got the vague feeling someone would put a scar on Alanna, he'd scoop her up like he was making an ice cream cone out of her. He'd just be all "No! *hold her away* *slowly* Nooooooo."


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