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Alanna finally turned to the rest of the group, and Jess deadpanned when she saw that her friend had donned a ridiculous and unnecessary pink surgical mask. And this was in addition to her normal outfit: pink lab coat hiding her rarely-seen assets (well, rarely seen by others; the blonde was sure Knock Out saw them quite often) and pink hat emblazoned with an ironic red cross.

The raven-haired nurse held up a syringe, and pumped it. "Shall we prepare for surgery, Dr. Knock Out? The anesthesia is prepped and ready for injection." A suggestive expression under the mask was implied by the drooping of her eyelids, and evidently she couldn't resist a double entendre medical barb. "As am I."

"Shut up!" Knock Out was busy holding his magnetic indicator over Soundwave's chestplates. "Not now, love," he added, in a less rough tone. "I'm concentrating."

A pout was obvious, and Alanna ripped the mask off, crossing her arms over her chest and adopting a nasty expression. "Are your patients more important to you than your sweet piece of ass? You're always short with me during exams!"

"That's because the mouth never quits!" Knock Out briefly turned to her. "You think the patient wants to hear your blabbering on and on AND ON!"

"STEVE listens!"

"Oh! Oh!" He moved the indicator ever so slightly. "Maybe you should just go warm Steve's berth then! Every time I complain, you mention that waste of space!"

"'Cause you don't complain! You whine so much I'm surprised I didn't buy you a freaking cheese platter for our first anniversary! And I don't even know why I'm saying first, since it very well may be our last!"

"I don't even understand anything you're saying!"

"Are you as completely turned on as I am right now?!"

"Unbutton your top, glitch!"

"ENOUGH!" Megatron bellowed. "Knock Out, your device!"

"Don't tell me about my... oh. Oh, that dev... yes. Of course." He turned back to the indicator. "Hmm."

Megatron's voice lowered to just an annoyed growl. "What is it?"

Knock Out focused his optics on the indicator, briefly offlining and onlining them. "Some sort of obstruction," he answered, feeling and sounding a bit more tame, if confused.

Jess glanced at her partner. "Soundwave?"

He turned briefly to look at her, then stepped down from the exam table. Laserbeak detached from his chest and landed in his servos. The Deployer's middle section slid open to reveal a long tube, which... oh. Was glowing dangerously and emitting a faintly perceptible, rather high-pitched noise.

Knock Out's optics widened. "GRENADE!" He shrieked and dove for cover, throwing his hands over his helm to protect himself from the imminent blast.

Alanna took maybe half a second to notice how cute he was when he was scared, then she screamed and took something else: cover under her desk. "EVERYONE FOR THEIR DAMN SELVES!"

Even Jess scrambled off Soundwave's shoulder, though what she planned to do about the fall wasn't clear. Luckily, she was predictable enough that the silent mech was able to to reach out his servo and catch her. She still thrashed around, kicking her legs and shouting hoarsely.

"Ah, that is clever."

Alanna peeked out from under the desk at their leader's amused voice, and Knock Out stopped shaking like a puppy about to be kicked. If their master had no reason to be alarmed, why should they? Clearly they'd just made fools of themselves.

The brunette climbed out from under her desk, offering up a deadpan look, first to Knock Out and then to Megatron and Soundwave. "My fucking hero," she declared, voice dripping with sarcasm as she gestured to her sparkmate. "Look how brave he is. He rushed to protect himself and not his beautiful young bride-to-be."

Jess was busy curling herself up into a ball. "H-Huh?" She looked up at her own sparkmate, raising an eyebrow in confusion. "What now?"

"Knock Out!" Megatron barked, as Soundwave set Jess down. "Prepare to properly dispose of the... obstruction."

Knock Out offlined and onlined his optics quickly, then widened them. Leader said WHAT?

Alanna hopped up onto her desk, looking over at the others, as her sparkmate ran out of the clinic with the "obstruction", shouting nervously the entire time. She could recall he'd never performed well when given deadlines. Or under the pressure of a bomb that may just detonate while he had it in his servos.

Jess had calmed down, after grabbing her datapad and furiously jabbing her datatap onto the screen. She hadn't gone far from her mate, occasionally looking up at him as she obviously recorded this data. She was like Soundwave in that respect; nobody could do anything without her noting it. They both also liked to sneak up on you. Really, they were perfect for each other.

A particularly annoyed glare from her leader prompted Alanna to make a slight "meep" noise, and, though worried about Knock Out, quickly take her place at the computer's screen. Her fingers flew over the keys, bringing up the 3-D holo-globe with the unknown coordinates. They weren't decrypted, so unfortunately the locations where they appeared on the map weren't the actual locations of the relics; they'd learned that out the hard way when the Japanese government ignored their presence.

"Japan," she muttered, highlighting one of the coordinates. "Handwave a couple of giant talking, fighting robots, because that isn't the weirdest thing in their country."

Laserbeak reattached to Soundwave's chestplates, and Jess stepped up onto the lift to do a brief visual assessment of both Deployer and owner. It wouldn't take her long, Alanna was sure of that at least. The blonde was often loud and quick to experiment, but she was also efficient.

"Soundwave!" Megatron barked, catching the attention of all three occupants. When your leader spoke, especially if it was someone like Megatron, you stopped whatever you were doing to listen. Just a fact of their lives. "If we are to maintain any advantage over the Autobots..." He paused, tilting his helm to the side. He was rewarded not a second later, with the sound (and movement) of what seemed to be an explosion, followed by Knock Out's distressed yell.

Alanna winced. Guess he didn't time it exactly right... she thought, not sure whether to laugh or be worried. He'd clearly gone through quite a bit already today, he didn't really deserve a bomb being detonated while he was in that close of proximity to it.

Seemingly satisfied with the aftermath of the grenade, Megatron continued. "... Decoding the remainder of the Iacon database must be your top priority."

Soundwave had been, as always, listening intently, and gave a simple nod of the helm in response to the last statement.

Jess lowered her datapad, sliding the hand holding her tap down to rest on her hip. She didn't take her eyes off Soundwave, as if silently asking his permission while she spoke. "I'll fix the crack in his faceplate, Lord Megatron. Soon as it's functional again, he'll be out of Med Bay and allowed to resume his duties, sir."

He turned and headed to exit the clinic. "See that you get it done quickly, Miss Burne."

"Of course, my lord."

There was no further reply, save for the whoosh of the doors closing behind him. He'd given orders, he was gone, and that was that.

Alanna crossed her arms over her chest. "By the sound of that explosion," she drawled, "I think I'm going to be up to my damn eyeballs with fixing paint jobs around here. So I don't think I can give you any assistance there. Knock Out's gonna be limping back any minute... and he is not going to be happy."

Jess blew out a breath, shaking her head as she put her datapad and tap down. "That's fine. I'd rather do it myself anyway... more practice. But can you grab me the scanner off my desk in the other room? I need to find out whether it was just the surface plate that was damaged, or if it'd been penetrated deeper. If it is, I'm going to be replacing some stuff and doing a little reconnecting."

"Need to know what you're dealing with." She disappeared into the back room with just a swish of her raven hair, but it was barely ten seconds before she returned. "I hope it doesn't take you too long, honestly," she added, handing her friend the scanner. "Lord Megatron'll get totes mad if he has to wait too long for Soundwave to be up and running again."

Jess grinned, turning on the scanner and calibrating it. "Well, that's because Soundwave is a valuable member of the team." She gasp-laughed when the aforementioned Decepticon picked her up and brought her up to his faceplate. "Aww, I love you too." She leaned over and, nearly falling, pressed her lips to the side of his faceplate. "Mwah! Now, let's see what we can do about that faceplate. You must be in a lot of pain."

"Love you." If she could see behind the faceplate, she was sure he was smiling. He caressed a slender finger over her blonde hair before lowering her down to the table. "In... pain."

"Aw, sweetie, I know." Jess grabbed a pair of gloves and snapped them on, retrieving her datapad and datatap in the process. "But you can handle it, I bet! Who's my strong mech? Who's got the big guns?" A suggestive twinkle in her eye told everyone she wasn't just talking about weapons.

Alanna snorted, flopping down lazily into her own chair and sliding down until she was comfortable. "I think you better do as she says, Sound," she commented, letting her hands loll over the arms of the chair. "You disobey her, she'll trick you into saying 'Ahh' just so she can French you."

She slid her pink hat (the so-called uniform was just Knock Out's excuse to see her in a nurse's outfit every day) down off her head and put it on her desk, keeping her hand there. "Speaking of Frenching, by the way..." She rolled her eyes up to the ceiling as she licked the side of her mouth. "Knock Out better get his aft in here super soon or he'll find that I've closed up shop."

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