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Okay, so there isn't much Mike and Rachel fanfiction out there and I have decided to try this story out. Well, I'm not really good at fanfics but I'll give this a shot. ;) The scenes take place after Rachel finds out about Mike and Tess :'( I would probably make this a multi-chapter story. Enjoy!

The first ray of sunlight filtered through the windows when she stirred in his embrace. She felt her body cramped all over, snuggled up against his body on her couch. She looked over to the emptied food boxes with the chopsticks thrown carelessly on the coffee table and then towards the flickering television screen in front of them. They must have fallen asleep right after watching the movie. She smiled, her mind wandering back to the events that happened last night and how it just might change how he felt for him entirely. It did hurt when Mike told her the truth. It made her feel as if she was not trustworthy enough to keep his secret and being lied to all this time. But at the same time, it felt as if she has just discovered a whole new person, a whole new 'Mike' and despite everything, he was still rooted to his morals and values. He was the kind of person who would do anything for the ones he loved and she admire that quality about him.


He came knocking on her door the previous evening, with the intention of explaining everything to her. His mind was a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts, trying to sort them out so he could begin to try to tell her the entire truth. He had enough of all his lies, how it had hurt those close to him, especially Rachel.

When Rachel opened the door, Mike immediately took in her state that she was in. Wearing a faded hoodie and a pair of sweatpants, she looked more than surprised to see him standing at the other end of the door. She was expecting somebody else, and not a certain someone named Mike Ross. She did not take long to realize what was happening so before Mike could even say anything, the door slammed into his face.

"Rachel! Please Rachel, let me explain myself!" Mike put his fist onto the door, knocking on it slightly to get her attention.

Rachel opened the door once more and Mike took a step back.

"What is there to explain Mike? I honestly don't know anymore. First you kiss me, then you kiss someone else just because of what?" Rachel raised her hands in annoyance expecting an answer she knew Mike could not provide.

"You didn't want me. That's the end of the story." Rachel turned on her heel and walked back in her apartment.

Mike had to act fast. He quickly grabbed her arm and gently spin her back around to face him.

"Rachel, I really can explain! I'm not looking for your forgiveness but I think you deserve the truth after everything that has happened between us." Mike rushed out the words fast, afraid of losing Rachel's interest.

"Please." Mike finally pleaded, releasing his grip on Rachel's arms.

Rachel wanted to fight back, she really did. But she was tired of all the secrets Mike had hide from her. After everything she did for him, she really did deserved the truth. Rachel dragged Mike into the apartment and lightly shoved him backwards. She sees him stumble a bit, looking around at the same time, taking in the decor of her apartment. Rachel weakly smiled at his childish demeanor.

"Start talking." She crossed her arms and leaned on one of the walls of her apartment.

Mike breathed out and began his story. He told her how Harvey found him, with all the drugs in his briefcase. He told her about the business Trevor did and how he got involved because he needed the money. How his parents died when he was young and the only family he had left was his granny, how he intended to use the money he earned to provide a better life for her. His story obviously touched Rachel somewhere in the depths of her heart since she gave him a sympathetic look and approached him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

She could relate to his problems in a way because she also had problems with her family, especially with her dad, but that was an entirely different story.

"Mike, who knows about this?" Rachel began, taking a step back from him, giving him his space. Although Mike did not mind her considerate gesture, he rather have Rachel near him than away from him, as if he was some sort of disease.

"You, Harvey, Donna, Jessica."

Rachel let out a long sigh. After all this time, Mike was not who he says he is. She knew right from the very beginning he was different from all the stuck-up lawyers in the firm, but just assumed that was his natural nature.

"So, you broke up with me because you didn't trust me with your secret?" Rachel had the urge to pull up her guard again, but she knew he was going to tear them down nonetheless.

Mike looked up at her suddenly. "No, no. I-I completely trust you but Harvey didn't let me. I owe him so much for giving me this job, I had to do what he said."

Rachel stared at the floor, leaning back and forth on her toes, unable to look at him. Mike approached her and embraced her in his arms. He could feel Rachel startled by his actions but soon reciprocated the hug. "I trust you completely Rachel."

Rachel pulled away from the embrace, not long after. She looked up at him, furrowing her eyebrows.

"What about you and Tess?"

Mike let out a defeated sigh then looked up to face Rachel with an idea in his mind.

So that's the end of chapter 1. I hope I didn't do too many errors in my writing. .

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