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I wake up at dawn, in my temple, lying down with Percy beside me, sleeping comfortably. It has been 25 years since Percy became a god and joined me on hunts.

Actually, some things have changed a lot since that time. The Council of Olympus became more stable and creating fewer accidents in the world, but still the future of humanity depended on how they cooperated with each other. Anyway, it seemed to be a long era of peace, but on the other hand, we have all eternity to know that someday this could end.

The camps were, somehow, finally united. In fact, a great advantage is that on the off chance a demigod in extreme sides, they wouldn't need to have to cross alone with a satyr and one or pair of demigods and thus facilitates their survival even more now that the monsters could not track them by the smell.

The camp of Jupiter, which was the 12th Legion, used to be the only Legion that survived the time. Later Romans, with help from some Greeks, founded several legions across the country, increasing their life expectancy, but which at the same time increases chances of peace among them, could also increase the chances of war that can really interfere in the mortal world, as was the case of the American civil war. Now there are fourteen legions, with Camp Jupiter acting as the main base.

The demigods who have survived the war are still thriving and have their own families, although I am not near to them enough to think too much about it. The Amazon Warriors, led by Clarisse, have become closer to the camps and do not behave as crazy controlling women who want to have men as slaves. The old Roman counsellor was discharged, but their fate I do not care, which I hope, will be more experienced.

And now Rheia Silvia and Tiberius are the new divine representatives of Roman demigods while Lupa had the same end as the other Titans. Now the Romans will learn something real instead of being abandoned to acknowledge being "strong" only to avoid being eaten. Now all the wolves are associated to me.

The Greek camp was also rebuilt. One of the major was that Hera's cabin was destroyed and in her place the Hades cabin was built. There is a cabin for Percy, but according to him, it was not his type. Actually, I had a booth, because in addition to being one of the oldest Olympians, I had to have a place for my Hunters stay.

In honor of those fallen in battle and by the help of the Roman demigods, they erected memorials and temples dedicated to Ares, Enyo and Enyalius, just as there is a temple for them at the Camp Jupiter. Other temples to other Olympians were also created.

My Hunters still had to be maidens, but otherwise, I would leave to abandon my hunt unscathed and actually, from the century before last that I don't violently break an oath punishment for me.

But that doesn't mean I would stop turning despicable men into jackalopes and hunting them afterwards. Anyway, my Hunters seem to have accepted my union with Percy.

Percy and I are not officially married, at least not a traditional festival as mortals undergo, because it wasn't something that was part of my priority. Anyway, it took only five years until we decided to have a child. I decided that this would be no problem. My mother, Leto, only had Apollo and me after all. And I am the goddess of childbirt.

And when Percy awakens, he greets me and kisses me. I said, with a smile:

"Yesterday was a long Solstice. I think we can all go back to my Hunters. "

"I couldn't disagree with it."

So as we raise, we are received by Bianca and Calypso, which had not yet been able to adapt to changes in the modern world, preferred to serve me, because I was close to nature and for being away from more modern things.

After we left the temple and see our young twins in my sacred garden. I was surprised when they were born because I imagined I would have only one child, but yet I couldn't help but love them.

The girl, Zoe, had long hair and black as the father, but had silver yellow eyes like mine. Her appearance could be delicate, but was a Hunter as talented as I am. I would never claim that she was a maiden, but until now has never seemed interested in someone. Now she is in charge of the power over marriage and the family.

The boy, Tharon, had auburn hair like mine, but the green eyes equal to that of Percy. A good Hunter, but not usually participate with my Hunters, to respect their wishes as a maiden and fortunately, he did not follow the path of my brother, Apollo. He became the god of heirs, domain belonging to the former queen of the gods.

"Good morning, I'm already ready, Lady Artemis."

"Today, I will be leaving with you." Tharon said.

"Okay, now let's enjoy this soon era of peace."

And we leave for the Camp Half-Blood in search of my hunters.

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